As soon as the breath sinks out, Cang Lan closes his eyes and sets off, it’s really cold and hot. Like two snakes, it spreads through his arms, and the cinnabar marks on his forehead and heart gradually shine, and the blood mans.

He didn’t open his eyes and hold the golden gourd. As soon as he threw it, the little gourd was humming and spinning, hanging over Jiang’s sorrow, and his body was destroyed. The strong suction and qi pushed to the ground.
Kirin’s marrow extinguishes Cang Lan’s movement, hands are soft, palms turn back and forth like a flood, and the brow suddenly wrinkles and flashes this thing. I must know its origin well.
Destroy the surging billows, sink the thunder, and start the spirit, strength, blood, purple magic light surging from every meridian, and wrap his worries in a rippling lotus flower.
At this time, the broken light of the number of sutras whizzed and spun in the mourning platform, and the mourning platform was vigorously mobilized to absorb the original holy qi. The movement method unfolded the number of sutras in the mourning platform, and a vast illusion of the Milky Way suddenly stretched like a nine-day galaxy pouring down.
The howling wind flashed across his frowning front in the ear of Canglan, but he didn’t put the gv 10 through the broken light layer by layer, but he didn’t feel strange.
Destroy the surging billows slightly, and there is a magic light stirring in the gv 10, but you can still faintly hear the rhythmic water drops crisp and the continuous speed has not changed.
Well, I don’t think it’s good to destroy Cang Lan’s heart. Am I wrong? But I did practice for ten days in the secret room of Yan Yan, and I didn’t realize that since the conversion of the law in the holy place should also push back the mana rapidly.
The broken light of the gv 10 became more and more intense, and a burst of stabbing pain surged out of Cang Lan’s temple. The ethereal but lingering dripping water was still half-dead. Cang Lan took a deep breath and changed his fingers to move again. The blood and fog filled him with anger, and the sorrow of the river in front of him was blurred.
Leader Jiang can no longer be in a coma, but also depends on him to manipulate the Aegis of Heaven. Unless it succeeds, Cang Lan’s eyebrows will be destroyed. Ivylinna Lee mobilizes strong qi to push the cold and hot air to paddle quickly. He just barely heals the injured body and feels the sharp pain, but his eyes are idle.
In the destruction of surging billows, I suddenly felt the pain in my right palm when I was sensing the broken light of the gv 10. I couldn’t help but see that magic eye’s speck slowly flickered like a star with a dark red pupil.
It’s a cold whistle. Suddenly, I looked up and saw through the vast illusion of the GV. A strange and ethereal feeling has gradually filled my limbs. He suddenly got up and seemed to be waiting nervously for something to prove the idea that flashed in his heart.
As if the heavy bell and drum sounded in the farthest place, through thousands of heavy clouds and clouds, it crashed into the heart of Canglan, which actually made his heart stand up hot.
The vicissitudes of life in the world are turbulent. Chapter 65 Sophistication breaks the wind and rain.
It was the solemn sound of Zhuang Yan, who seemed to come to dry Kun’s reign, which carried the vast sea and sang the tranquility of mulberry fields, and poured a sense of sacredness that had experienced Qian Fan into the spirit of destroying Cang Lan. He seemed to be led by that sound to the sun, the moon and the sky, and wildfires ravaged the earth.
Evil spirits, poor bodies, cold bodies, hot air, collision and erosion cover the sky, and the illusion of the Milky Way becomes more and more vast. When the stars are crushed, they generally rush to a place to destroy Cang Lan. Suddenly, a light flashes through the body and suddenly rushes from the deepest part of Yuan to the forehead.
The cinnabar seal on the forehead seems to be drowsy but suddenly wakes up the eyes. Suddenly, a piece of it, together with magic eye’s spot on the palm of the right hand, makes a shocking explosion. For a moment, it seems that thunder is raging and the rain is pouring down. A strong whirlwind will destroy the illusion of Canglan Lingtai Galaxy. After the broken light, it will blow up in the opposite direction, and a surging magic light will roar and extend before his eyes.
Destroying Cang Lan feels that the body has been gradually cut out. Generally, a light inspiration will go away at any time. I can’t help but immediately mobilize the true qi to stabilize my body and follow the mysterious call of the loop to launch cold and hot air.
The cold rolled into the wind, the hot air burst, the clouds disappeared, and Cang Lan sat in the two days of cold wind, burning clouds, ice and fire. It seemed that he had returned to the moment of absorbing evil spirits in the sea of secrets, and the moment of memory was also like this. In the middle of the vicissitudes of life, he saw that the transformation of Kun was boundless, and the illusion of the heavenly spirit and the Milky Way became more and more complicated and complicated.
Well, destroy Cang Lan’s low-thoughtfully fingers and wave the true qi, forehead, heart, cinnabar seal, vibrate and spray a blood mountain and suddenly hit the center of the magic light shield.
With the airbag filled with water, it suddenly pierces a large piece of blood-purple magic light, surging up, and the cold wind and burning clouds also rush to the extreme cold and heat to melt the purgatory wind.
In this roaring and angry storm, the surging billows fiercely open the blood pupil, the magic light shines, and the pupil rotates and rushes to two black holes. The normal fingers are rapidly transformed and the fingers are pushed and pushed to quickly synthesize a ball of flashing and exploding light.
Destroy the central part of Canglan, and the gods recognize the sound. At this time, the solemn call seems to be getting farther and farther away, and the clouds are blown away by the wind. His heart sinks, and he decides to move his eyes to the most dazzling light in front of him, and he will push the ball in his hand quickly.
The sound was instantly shattered and scattered into several chaotic reverberation fragments, and the magic light shield became more and more turbulent and fluctuating. The illusion of the Milky Way rushed in from the blood pupil.
At the same time, the Cang Lan was destroyed, and Huo Ran stood on his feet in the blood fog and floated slightly. He was lucky enough to combine the cold, heat, blood, blood, lust, magic and light in one place, and the meridian symbols of the gv 10 department were also turbulent, and the luck and strength merged into Tao Tao Chao, which involved the fragments of the part in one fell swoop.
Destroy the surging billows and suddenly give ear to the little drops of water as fast as the frenzied drums, as if it were a torrential rain, knocking on the forehead, cinnabar, printing hot heat, and at the same time, a cold wind pierced the gv 10 in the opposite direction, breaking the light of the melted meridian with a bang, and jacking up a dense bloody meridian from it.
Drink out Cang Lan’s heart, move immediately, chant incantations and tactic constantly impact this piece of sutra, listen to a crashing explosion, and a large piece of rotating broken light goes straight to the magic light shield, and the lotus flower lang tide gushes and covers a circular pool.
Destroy the surging billows, feel wailing, and rush across my ears, washing away the senses. Everyone is shaking slightly and expanding, and heading straight for the split boundary.
The chaotic water drops are falling off more and more quickly. Canglan crouched down in a torrential rain to recall and separate the cold and hot air that had been brewing for a long time. Pure cold was poured into the meridians of Jiang Yu, which were tiny and frozen at the same layer, and spread to overlap several cracks and scars of Jiang Yu.
Destroying Cang Lan, while holding Jiang Yu’s wrist to convey cold air, resisted this fast-moving array of magic techniques. This array was not obtained from Saint. His abacus was indeed misspelled, but the call hidden in the depths of his soul made the sea incarnate. The strange power turned out to be the instantaneous fusion of the extreme magic power of the Milky Way illusion into the evil spirit body, which distorted everything.
But this kind of magic is not in the hands of destroying Cang Lan, and he clearly feels that with the call, the magic array is gradually weakening, and when it is rapidly pushing, the power and practice are all in the mysterious sound, and when those sound fragments are broken, they will roar with control.
That is to say, the destruction of Cang Lan will be crushed in this chaotic water drop.
Cold sweat kept dripping out Cang Lan’s pale face, which hit Jiang Yu’s body like drizzle. The extreme cold has already flushed with silvery white aerosol and crushed ice, which gradually entangled and accumulated in the fingers of Cang Lan.
Destroying Cang Lan knows that he can’t relax and immediately release several black and golden demon lights, but he rushes up and grabs the gourd suspended in gold, slamming it into pieces and spraying white nectar with pure light.
These nectars are not scattered into the wind, so they are pushed by Cang Lan’s hands, and all the strength is wrapped in them. When they rise to the extreme, the water polo flies and spins a little dust, and they are quickly inhaled. Cang Lan holds Jiang Yu’s wrist and palm.
A large piece of Kirin pulp immediately merged into the rolling cold and quickly penetrated into Jiang Yu’s blood vessels, which has formed a little bit of ice crystals. Both of them scraped their skin to destroy Cang Lan, but they did not care about pulling Jiang Yu up with one arm and facing the lotus flower to spray the highest point, ready to return to these gas strengths at any time.
Jiang’s leader snuffed out Cang Lan’s breath, mixed with the breath of ice, cold and hot poles, and crossed Jiang’s ears like a sharp blade. You have slept too long, so wake up.
As if sensing this call, Jiang’s sorrow left me with a heavy weight forward, and a stagnant and haunting spirit pushed his chest high, and the same small meat mound was instantly broken and generally rushed to the throat.
A diabolical, ghostly, direct spray directly across the eye pupil of Canglan, hissing like corrosion, and the hot air suddenly blew away and destroyed the eye pupil of Canglan. It was a pain, and I immediately pulled up Jiang Yu and reversed my body shape, while running my right hand to make a stroke of clouds and draw a lang shape to atomize the blood all over the sky.
Blink of an eye, a mass of blood collapse and gas burst in the palm of Cang Lan’s palm, and it was pushed by its palm and crashed, breaking the splash corrosion and something congenial.
At the same time, the surging billow suddenly stepped on the edge of the lotus platform, almost dragging Jiang Yu, suddenly pressing his body and calling him the leader of the Daojiang League.
Jiang Yu’s chest heaved up and down, gasping for breath. Several meridians clearly encouraged the bluish-white lines. You can see that Shui Ying, the Kirin pith, is sparing no effort to repair his broken meridians.
Destroy Cang Lan grabbed Jiang Yu’s wrist and continued to convey the cold. A piece of ice debris fell from his fingers and suddenly heard a roar and whirled in the ear, calling for a weaker tremor to destroy Cang Lan’s dark call, and it was hard to stabilize a turbulent gv 10.
The broken light of the warp is already in chaos, and the illusion of the Milky Way is going from the central depression to the synthesis storm. The surging billows are out of control, and the mind is firmly stabilized. Listen to the rapid beating of water and blood, and the pupil is coagulated and muttered, I have to stop this distortion quickly, or I will be finished when it explodes.
Er, suddenly I heard a groan in my arms and put out Cang Lan. I immediately felt blue and purple in my wrist, but I saw him holding down the painful temples and slowly opening his eyes. His eyes were still dignified but a little weak, and the gray light was spinning in his eyes.

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