It’s Duke’s motto to cut bss in advance and never let the other side be 1%.

But sometimes duke gets emotional, like now.
Feelings: He may allow someone to be a servant of the Lich King for fear of death and eternal life, but he definitely doesn’t like this kind of so-called eternal life, selling teammates, masters, and even selling his own people into undead guys.
Duke told himself, "I’m going to give him a complete destruction!"
Duke’s sword!
Ordinary militia who have been trained for three months can do a good job of holding a sword and stabbing it straight. The sword with a strange spiral shape is like a screw, so it stabbed rivendell’s head. It was like rivendell delivering food himself.
With a sword, Duke burst the pale aristocratic face and head with crazy words like a watermelon, and the already dry brain and shrinking brain tissue exploded all over the floor.
No drop or piece of carrion can break through Duke’s [Ice Shield] and stain Duke’s blue and white mage robe.
The layman looks at the lively pedestrians and the doorways.
Liadrin and Magny could feel as if something was wrong.
Only Vanessa and Queen Bush are sensitive to the fact that Duke’s moment seems to have disappeared.
Duke can still be perceived, seen, heard and smelled, but it just feels like Duke disappeared for a moment.
"This is …"
"Well, a little skill in soul luck."
This is due to the skills that Duke learned when he was a virtual Lord. The dead can hardly talk about the outside world. Because of death, the five senses of the living are no longer sensed. They can only rely on the soul.
Everything in the world has a soul
Even if mortals believe that there is no life, there are still a lot of bacteria and microorganisms in the stone. These creatures form a soul combination, and the soul fluctuations they emit can still be perceived by the undead.
In the world of the undead, the world remains the color of soul.
What Duke did was to block all his souls from escaping at that moment.
So Duke didn’t do anything in mortal perception. Actually, Duke Ravendale had disappeared from the horizon for a while.
As a result, rivendell almost foolishly sent his head to accelerate the stabbing of the spiral sword.
"Ahhh!" That was the last scream of rivendell’s soul.
This strongly stimulates the eardrums and souls of onlookers.
"Is this guy rivendell completely stunned this time?" Queen Greek asked her if she still remembered that Quel Danas had "killed" rivendell once.
"base is"
"base?" Queen Xi is curious.
"alas!" Duke sighed, "The Scourge guys are the most troublesome. I can really destroy their souls with the holy light. If their souls were not complete before I destroyed them, such as preserving or hiding a part, then they can still be sure that the remaining souls will participate in its’ resurrection’."
Chapter 1271 Apocalypse Knight End ()
"resurrection! ?” This word made Queen Greek very unhappy.
It sounds like this is endless.
Duke considered it for a while and continued, "it is difficult for a living soul to multiply. You can think that if you lose your soul, it will disappear forever with some memories."
"What about joining its soul?"
Queen Greece’s question feels like asking Duke himself a question!
Duke smiled wryly. "Generally speaking, an independent soul is very exclusive. It is like water and oil can never be mixed together, but the Natural Disaster Corps seems to have some means to forcibly sew different souls together. For example, when Kel’ Thuzad first discovered that he was an undead wizard, we once purified his soul by Shengguang. It is reasonable to say that his soul is missing and talented …"
"That what …" The queen awkward and awkward.
"He has long lost himself. If it is a soul fusion, it will inevitably introduce its soul will. Even if it is merged with a white baby’s soul, it will dilute the original soul concentration, while the soul strength will affect a person’s strength. If the soul is too weak, it will directly reduce its strength, and if it is too strong, it will lose itself, or even he can’t figure out which will belongs to himself."
In fact, there is another example: the lich king Nero-Zu and Arthas face Nero-Zu, who has been seducing fools to fall and drag his soul into the abyss of despair. Nero-Zu is too soft.
From the moment I met Kilgardan, I was afraid of this and that, and I didn’t dare to take responsibility. This led to Gourdain’s position, and then I became a big chief. It was because I was afraid of Kilgardan that I desperately attacked Azeroth and was finally directly bombed by Duke.
From the beginning to the end, this guy is afraid of death.
You can’t do anything without being abused by Kilgardan for ten years.
Now it’s time to lure Arthas into his soul. Who knows that his will is too slag? As a result, the will of the great chief and the first generation of the Lich King is almost swallowed up.
That’s why Arthas, the second generation lich king, will have a lich king Nero Zu from beginning to end if he gives some strength.
Shidu someone’s will is not strong, and Naiduk’s soul is good! Most of the integration is the soul (moral integrity) of famous saints, and now people call it’ St. Duke’
Duke sighed softly.
When Duke’s team was in a daze, the other two sides fought at the end, and they just changed their targets once more.
Send the door and hit Rio with Seriek’s head. Gavin Ladd dragged Braumoux’s lost soul and remains. Fifteen heroes finally gathered.
"Solved" Gavin Rudd gasped gently.
At this time, Aurelia, Leo and Kalia came together.
Seeing that they are awkward, Duke can say, "What’s the matter?"
The beautiful and dignified female elf first said that she was like leaving the valley. Oriole’s voice had a rare dignity: "Shi Braumix and Seriek are silver Lebanese."
Leo is a very honest man, and he also has something to say directly. "When they were death knights, we should undoubtedly destroy them, but now …"
Kalia said, "Can you save their souls like Thaddius?"
Duke listened to the first one leng.
A travell and an old player, unless it is an impressive game, who will care about that historical background of each bss in a large subsidiary with more than a dozen bss?
The three of them can’t afford Duke’s ignorance of the background of these two apocalyptic knights.
Duke didn’t know until Leo explained it in detail
In fact, this is also a crime committed by Kel ‘Thuzad and Naxxramas.
The land of Lordaeron, which was polluted by natural disasters and plagues, has shown signs of recovery.
The problem is that general manager Ke always tries to fly fortresses to do things everywhere. After greatly strengthening the alliance, the main cities of various countries are of course not a big problem, but due to insufficient power and low visibility at night, there are always remote areas affected.
The alliance’s high-level officials ordered to shrink the defense line, but it is a pity that the reconstruction of the blood elf kingdom Sindore is equally amazing for its dependence on the outside world.
After discussion, Karia and sylvanas windrunner decided to maintain the supply line from Stansom to eversong woods.
The most important fulcrum of this supply line is to build a strong fortress in the southwest corner of Stansom, the northern fortress
Beidi fortress was formerly Beidi sentry tower. Later, Duke ordered the alliance to expand this sentry tower with considerable manpower and material resources, forming a small fortress covering an area of 3,000 square meters with five towers in the east, west, south, north and middle.
The other fulcrum of the supply line is Salas sentry post on the border between Lordaeron and Sindore, which is guarded by Silver Lebanon, an independent force not subordinate to the two countries.

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