Taro looked at a face of calm eyes and nodded slightly. Then he ran out of the door. He was already stunned. Sinian studied in the courtyard every night and never went back to his room to rest …

Taro once said to Si Nian, "Can I be like you, senior? Stay in the courtyard for self-study. "
Si Nian said lightly, "If you want to imitate me, I will kill you myself …"
Taro stupefied on the spot.
Si Nian added, "If you don’t know what to do, ask your own sword …"
Taro asked him about the sword, but he kept silent, brushed his hand and stroked the sword to tell him that it was cold …
Walking through the lonely road into the dark cave, dressed in white like snow, but when I came out, I was stumbling all over, mixed with myself and the monster’s blood …
Ximen Chuixue once told me from the other end of the cliff that "white as snow, white as blood, loneliness in those years told me that there was indifference …"
Taro doesn’t know loneliness, but he knows loneliness and understands the world’s human feelings.
Si Nian never smiled at him, but his cold face made him feel unusually warm. Once everyone else laughed at him, it was a stinging ridicule …
Today, he learned how to win dignity, so another brother who bullied him fell in a pool of blood …
"Yo, little brother, I almost didn’t recognize this dress brother. Gee, I don’t know which brother is it." A brother who just finished from the outside met Taro Taro on the way back to the genre and stared at him without speaking.
This man has been away for more than three months and has been running around and tired. Now he is back, but he just plays with this little younger brother who has been bullied by his younger brother.
After nearly three months of painstaking cultivation, Taro accepted the guidance of Si Nian on his martial arts moves. Not only did he have a high level of martial arts, but he also had a little experience in swordsmanship. It has been three months since I saw him for three days.
Blood pain training is a baptism of will. Since the incident of Flower Shop, I have stayed in the genre, so no one dares to bully him, because that is comparable to the big brother in their eyes …
This brother who just came back doesn’t seem to know what happened three months ago, and he still looks at Taro with a playful face.
"No one is born to be respected …"
Although Taro’s heart is throbbing, he still draws his sword. He has never fought anyone, and he doesn’t know his own strength, but he doesn’t want to be humble and reborn.
The sword light flashed in the brother’s surprised eyes …
Taro covered his left arm with bleeding wound, and his eyes were slightly mottled, staring at the unsatisfied person and then turned and walked home.
Bowing his head in silence and laughing at the sky all the way is arrogance, catharsis, indulgence and depression. He finally grew up and defended his dignity for the first time. A string of tears fell on the dusk Woods, and a group of dim crows screamed and scattered. Taro’s heart never had a good time. Once he was wronged, it seemed that after this sword, it all melted into smoke.
"Once bitter is so insignificant that I am laughed at by myself now …"
Yes, how insignificant it is. Let this string of tears pay homage to yourself. From now on, I won’t let the tears take my eyes away …
It was already late at night, and Taro had already entered the room to meditate and practice. When silver moon hung high at the highest point, a beam of moonlight fell straight down to cover Si Nian’s body.
Si Nian opened his eyes and slowly got up. In the courtyard, there was a light breeze blowing all over the garden. The black and white figure fluttered lightly like a flying phoenix, falling lightly on the eaves of the street and disappearing into the night.
A dark alley suddenly drew a person from it, and the faint scent of turmeric and flowers drifted away in the dark alley.
Si Nian raised his slender right hand and slowly knocked on a door, "Knock, knock!"
"noting ….." the wooden door seemed to be about to fall off, and was gently beaten by an elderly man, who appeared in front of Sinian with a lantern on his back and looked up at Sinian.
A slight cough made the old man say, "There are still thirteen excellent clothes that have not been collected this week." Excellent clothes are the name of Si Nian in this organization. At the same time, he told Taro that it is also the name. He planned to adopt this name in Japan before he recovered from injury.
Si Nian nodded indifferently and said, "The bonus is the highest."
The old man said, "Sasaki is the name of the family in the northern land."
Si Nian said, "What’s your name?"
The old man knew that Si Nian was puzzled because their cherry blossom organization accepted the Wulin list and never took over military figures.
The old man said, "Although Sasaki is a well-known family name, he has assassinated other famous names in Hokuriku with high martial arts in the dark. People in Wulin are inextricably linked. The day before yesterday, someone offered 30 million silver to buy his life and organized it. After considering that Sasaki’s trip belongs to Wulin, he took this."
Thirty million silver is a big number. Si Nian nodded to the old man and asked him to come to the blacklist. He put a handprint on his face, then jumped away.
As early as when Si Nian’s martial arts recovered, he found this killer organization because he needed to make money. He was not content with living in poverty, although he was always cruel to himself … Now the house he bought in Kazutaro and the usual silver ticket are the proceeds of his murder …
It’s already late at night in Houfu, and a figure appears lightly on the eaves several times in the middle of the night. It’s a ninja dressed as a masked man. When the masked man is about to cross, his eyes freeze and his eyebrows stare at the eaves in front of him, and he sees a slender figure standing upright with negative hands and flapping slightly in the cool breeze.
"Who is the pavilion?" Masked men asked warily.
The slender figure stepped out slowly and came to him with a faint sound. "Your name is really good and you go out to blow at night."
The masked man’s body immediately shook and he knew his identity!
Of course, the newcomer is Si Nian.
The masked man looked straight at Si Nian with cold light in his eyes. "If you know who I am, is that pavilion coming for me?"
Si Nian walked slowly, but he finally reached the front of Sasaki ten paces away. Sasaki dared not let him get close to him. He could get to the top position as a player by being cautious and decisive.
"Swish swish swish! ….. "A series of broken Sasaki was flying out of the hands of more than ten ninja darts.
Si Nian’s figure flashed several times to avoid most darts, but when there was one dart left, Si Nian suddenly felt that he was struggling to move. His left hand quickly raised and caught the last dart, which had entered the forehead …
Si nian frowned slightly and his injury limited his strength. Now his strength is greatly reduced.
"seize!" When Sinian’s left hand lifted, the dart disappeared from his hand. At the same time, Sasaki quickly stepped back for a moment, and the dart got stuck in the ground where Sasaki had just stopped.
Sasaki also frowned. Just now, he didn’t find the trajectory of the dart at all. He avoided the dart by his sense of danger. He knew that this opponent was very strong …
Chapter 10 Zhang San
Si Nian shook his head and sighed. Just now, the darts were too slow to shoot. Sasaki’s right hand fell to the ground with one hand. Suddenly, a flying claw shot straight for Si Nian’s throat. Si Nian’s feet jumped on his left foot. The clogs were lighter than the flying claws. Both feet ran straight along the flying claw rope to Sasaki Sasaki’s left foot, lifted one foot and kicked Si Nian’s lower abdomen. Si Nian’s right foot wrapped around the rope. Suddenly, the flying claw was pulled back in a reverse direction, and struck Sasaki’s head. Sasaki jumped to avoid the ….. "A few sleeve arrows shot out several times faster than darts.
"Dangdang Dangdang! ….. "Continuous SiNian right hand holding a flying claw to quickly block a few sleeve arrows.
Sasaki saw that his hidden weapons was blocked by Sinian, and suddenly his face sank and he didn’t want to fight again. A black bead was thrown at Sinian, and a ninja met it. He knew that it contained toxic smoke bombs and immediately waved his sleeves to block his face.
"Bang!" The explosion rang, and a cloud of black smoke enveloped the whole roof. At the same time, the Houfu ran, and hundreds of guards appeared, with bows and arrows and guns pointing straight at the roof.
When the black smoke slowly dispersed, a man suddenly dropped from the roof and hung in the middle. His neck was wrapped by a rope, and a flying claw was buckled in his throat, and the end of the rope was at the corner of the eaves.

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