Old k announced PIS’s heavy joining before the 23rd round.

And at the press conference, it was specially announced that when PIS joined, it was the day, the time and the second.
Two days before the pace of the 20th round of the G League, PLU ended the season, and NV won the championship with the perfect performance of PIS this season.
Even in the penultimate round of the game, it was already a suspense to kill the final champion in theory.
And this player who was going to play G League in the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium as an EH opponent last season.
This rising DOA star in Ran Ran is reputed as DOA history, and it is most likely to play a rare GANK man like VIGOS.
However, the core of NV team was dug up when the curtain of PLU League just fell on the NV champion’s ass and he didn’t sit still.
This season is definitely a champion.
At one time, with the announcement of PIS joining by Lao K, not only did the first many clubs throw olive branches, but they failed to take away the transfer news of various clubs of PIS smoothly.
There is also the news that PIS has set a new record for the transfer price of PLU team members, although Lao K has not been in the press conference.
However, sensitive reporters are still chasing after the problem and hitting the old K at the press conference like a storm, but the old K or the old department all flashed by.
However, Lin Feng still knows the value of this PIS transfer from the Ministry.
Five million
The knife
Plus 10% profit for the next transfer.
The sky-high transfer price is suffocating.
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Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Value-back fare
Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Value-back fare
Lin Feng knew the details of the transfer from Xiaoru’s mouth, and then she was not so surprised when the media broke out.
However, the highest transfer in PLU League so far also marks that PIS has become the fastest club star to reach a million dollars in history.
D and INFI were worth 700 thousand and 100 thousand when they left EH
ruan mei bi
Compared with 30 times, the gap simply makes people feel that it is one day at a time.
When the transfer was first known to the public, it also made many people who could not eat grapes and said sour grapes say something frustrating.
For example, it is unhealthy for EH to burn money in transfer instead of focusing on its own echelon training.
There are also some questions, such as whether it is debatable for some EHs to invest so much money in such a new person, or whether it is a risky decision.
After all, now EH is the most expensive pig’s head dish, which is only 50 million soft sister coins, that is, one million samples, which is already the top level of G League players’ worth.
This was the latest price quoted at the time of poaching. Although the pig’s head dish and the EH club finally knew that no matter how much the other clubs paid, EH would not move the pig’s head dish or be tempted, this price still surprised many people at that time, and it was about to fall to the ground.
At present, the highest price in G League is that A clown KS once paid 10 million dollars, which was close to 70 million soft sister coins to hook up with this A-headed Hua Dan to make up for the lack of strength of MOUSE in the third position.
However, this is also a valuable market. After all, the iconic figure of his team wants the G-League team to have no brains, or wants to demote and make fun of his team’s record. He will not sell himself as the master of Hua Dan.
However, in the latest transfer transaction, PIS’s $5 million totaled more than 30 million, and it still sounded like a yellow bell and a big Lu, and it also became a huge thunder for EH opponents.
EH is rich!
Still willing to invest in the key is still willing to buy the right person.
G-League teams are not short of money. Both A and KS are sponsored by old consortia, especially because of national reasons. A’s behind-the-scenes financial consortia are in a benign fortune, so that the annual income of world-class clubs is astronomical. The transfer market is also very willing to spend money to add A to the G-League echelon qualification, but most of the high-level professional team members are newcomers in China land leagues and semi-professional leagues. In this respect, A, a foreign team does not have a natural advantage when introducing these players.
In the transfer market, A has never been stingy with spending money, but the PIS transfer brought by EH can still be worth an annual A transfer. A is not short of money but also willing to spend money.
But not everyone can be seen by A, and A is willing to go to the A team and there is no one worth it.
Besides, KSKS is a well-known young rich legion, and its background is unfathomable, but after all, it is a rich second generation. What is the second generation?
That is to say, the time has not yet come for the financial resources to be plundered.
You want to spend money, but you have to have a legitimate reason, otherwise the family is not a super crocodile at the printing press level. KS invests a lot every year, but it is also relatively low-key
IG is a team that has sprung up recently. It’s not that no consortium has taken a fancy to the development potential of PLU league teams, but it has the patience and means to manage a team and the vision and goal to plan a team for a long time, and bring the team from PLU into G league to tie their hearts with rich contracts. At the same time, it also gives them development and how long it takes for new players to be patient with themselves in the top gold G league. IG is the first, so there are super consortium backgrounds and professionals to run professional G league teams and clubs as a company.
From this point of view, IG and EH have something in common.
But the gap between IG and EH is
EH development is that team members decide whether it is a referendum.
Public vote
When the PIS transfer case was put in front of everyone, before Lao K and Xiao Ru tried to say everyone, the five members of the team had passed by four votes.
The only thing that failed was that DCGDCG had reservations about whether PIS was worth NV’s transfer at that time.
EH at the meeting place was still in the twentieth round of the competition, when the tight schedule had become the most obvious shortcoming.
Come feel field has never been so much.
I also gradually feel that more and more results of my last game have turned into failures? Failure or failure!
Losing emotions will be infected. When a game changes the result by itself, you may feel that you can make a comeback.
The second time, I still felt that I was not good enough.
However, the third, fourth and more than a dozen failures brought disappointment and complicated emotions when they played well but their teammates played all kinds of flaws.
Lin Fengxuan chose silence.
When EH was stripped of pants and kicked in the ass in a Rainbow Sugar Gymnasium, Lin Feng looked at the comings and goings in front of him in the lounge, and his teammates kept their heads down until sweat and tears mixed into a pile of complicated liquid and entered their throats. Pig’s head hugged this five-year-old boy who missed himself.
Don’t take it too personally. It’s all part of the game. You have to learn to accept it. No one can guarantee that their team will be unbeaten in the long league and believe that everything will be fine.
That game was the first time that Lin Feng played a super-god level in G League career, and she entered a hot state from the first minute.
Lin Feng feels that every pore has entered the state of GANK keen mode. Even when she was finally ended by a clown, Lin Feng still took away A’s wild mystery and supported the ice girl with her WL drastic change in the wild area+fatal connection and chaotic rain.

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