"Give you delicious? Go do something, help me to see what the trees are like, and tell me about Poké mon. "

Qiuyuanshi patted Gengar on the shoulder, but the fruit passed through it.
Embarrassed, I took my hand back and stared at Gengar at Qiu Yuan. Then I didn’t good the spirit. "Go quickly or I won’t give you dried meat."
"Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo ~ gnome male-"(let’s go ~ this thing is called dried meat ~ wait for dried meat ~) "
Gengar’s bloated body floated lightly in the middle, and his body color gradually faded, and the cold breath was also put away by it.
It’s all over. Barbecue jerky. Uncle Gengar is working!
Gengar hey hey smile is still in the aftertaste mouth jerky taste moving but not slow around the trees.
Take a look at Alidos, who is arguing with each other. There is quite a disagreement and they fight.
Gengar looked at a joy and sat directly behind their ass without making any sound, so he watched the play.
Conveniently also picked a fruit.
It’s just a few little guys. This strength is not enough for me, Uncle Gengar.
I don’t know what Qiu Yuan is afraid of.
Gengar lazily ate the fruit of the tree and glanced at it at the same time, which became more and more noisy.
Qiuyuan waited for a long time and finally waited until it came back and quickly asked, "What’s the situation?"
Gengar heard Qiuyuan ask first to show pride, then stopped and held out his hand to Qiuyuan.
Qiuyuan stared at it and slapped a piece of jerky in its palm.
Who raises what temperament!
It seems that Qiu Yuanyang …
"Ahem, hurry up and say that everyone is waiting."
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa."
Gengar took a slow bite of dried meat before he began to talk about finding something in the tree.
And Qiu Yuan doesn’t have some doubts after listening to it.
You hung them four with one hand?
It’s not blowing, is it?
Qiu Yuan is very suspicious that this guy Gengar must be exaggerating. According to it, how is it possible that four Alidos can defeat more than a dozen knock-knock rats with bases at level 5?
Chapter 189 When expelling Alidos,
Alidos Bug Poké mon will be very powerful in the face of Gengar.
It is normal for Gengar to say so.
Alidos can only do harm to Gengar by making special attacks. Physical attacks will be evaded by Gengar through entity transformation.
Being able to face more than a dozen knock-knock rats and win, Alidos Qiuyuan guessed that their strength level should be around level 4, but the specific strength cannot be inferred by level.
The level is determined by giving a general strength level with reference to the strength of elements contained in Poké mon.
If we let them lose to Gengar, who is already a quasi-king, it is natural, but it is not like Gengar said to hang up and fight with one hand.
I don’t know who Gengar learned from.
However, since we can determine what level their strength is, there is no need to make any war plans.
With Gengar involved, and with the help of Xanadu Axodon.
If there is no accident in this battle, it should be easy to take it.
In that case, why don’t you just start straight away?
Qiuyuan told the drumming rats about this decision, but they got their suspicion.
Knock-knock mouse is still a little concerned about Alidos, and he doesn’t know the strength of Qiuyuan Poké mon
They know the strength of Pikachu, but obviously it is impossible to defeat Alidos by Pikachu.
It’s not good for Qiuyuan to let her Poké mon demonstrate their strength here, otherwise it’s easy to startle Alidos.
I am helping them. Why is it like Qiuyuan asking Knock-Knock Mouse for help now?
The order is reversed. Hey!
In autumn, Yuan repeatedly assured the drumming rats that they simply let go of their fear of Alidos.
If they lose, they lose. Anyway, their home has been occupied by Alidos, so what will they lose?
If you really win, you can get your home back, and that’s everyone’s happy.
Thought of here, the drumming rats also ignited their fighting spirit!
Looking at drumming rat cheek airbag constantly emitted golden arc Zi ring is obviously has entered the state of combat.
At this time, the drumming mouse is no longer a cocoa-loving mouse, but a line of high voltage devices.
Small bodies contain great atmospheric energy, and each of them has the ability to split autumn flowers.
But why does Qiuyuan want to make his own shape object?
Qiuyuan released the axe tooth dragon, who was still sleeping in Poké Ball, and let it participate in this battle.

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