The more solemn and terrible it is in this fierce wind and strange snow.

"Hukaka …!"
"Woo Kaka …!"
The angel of fire appeared on the surface of the shrine of ice and fire
Kay and God have fought the flame angel in recent months. Both Kay and God know that this fire cabinet is powerful and brave, which is by no means comparable to ordinary monsters.
"Woo Kaka …!"
"Woo Kaka …!"
The flame angel looked at the short man in the snow and cried in the strong wind.
"How did they get in?" Kay suddenly asked.
"This angel of fire is an ice and fire shrine. If the previous one dies, the ice and fire shrine will automatically make one three hours later," Princess Sofia said.
"The Ice and Fire Shrine is a huge machine?" Kay suddenly asked.
"It’s not that much that we Terrans know," said Princess Sofia.
"Action is the result!" Kay laughed
God smiled, too. These two crazy men like to laugh before they fuck.
"Blare …! Wow! " Desperately, a roar flew out and jumped at the flame angel.
Kay looked at the middle school and suddenly and violently sent out a "purple aurora of the magic emperor" and shot at a huge face of the flame angel in the past. In the long night, the flame angel’s face exploded and the fire magma fell to God. At this moment, it just flew to the face of the flame angel, and God flew a surprise attack. Everyone saw a string of Fei Ying flashing from it, and Ling Fei caught up in the flame angel’s anger and blood.
God was happy all night.
One night, God is very happy.
God is very happy for one night.
But God is God! In this snowstorm, he suddenly felt that he had almost lost himself. The ghost growled and growled, and even grabbed and killed the flame angel crazily.
"Woo Kaka …!"
"Woo Kaka …!"
The angel of fire roared a few times, and tons of magma fire leaked out, and God was smashed down.
Sophia added blood to God, and Nami Xiaoruixin Yema added a gold shield to God in recent months.
"Ah …!" God cried in pain, and God cried in pain? It seems that the last night’s spirit was really consumed.
Kay suddenly shot a magic fire from the ground and hit the flame angel. At the place where the two fires collided, Kay wore it into the flame angel.
"Woo Kaka …!"
"Woo Kaka …!"
The flame angel pressed heavily against himself, and the fire flow quickly squeezed into a heavy compression shape.
Nami Xiaorui Core Horse added "Ice Heart Water Shield" and "Life Net Lake" to Kay by feeling.
In the sky, Kay bounced out of the body of the flame angel. It seems that even Kay Yunxi Haier can’t stand the abdominal high pressure and fire of the flame angel
"Blare …! Kill Lin Hong Sha Lin Ga! " God roared a pair of hands to create a different halo.
When everything stops and everything stagnates, look again. In recent months, God has rushed to the middle and madly ravaged the flame angel.
"Darkness …
Heaven’s Gate! "
Kay binge drinks and sucks energy to destroy this world, and the "dark kingdom gate" broke out.
At this time, God seized the flame angel in recent months and ravaged Kay. Yunxi Haier sucked a large piece of flame angel magma into his own "Dark Kingdom Gate". The flame angel roared a few words in its big iron cabinet and waved every hand. The huge blade of flame swept over Kailian.
Nami Xiaorui saw that several huge torch blades dragged Mars and swept towards Kay’s heart. Nami broke out again with the "sacred golden eyes" flame. Although the angel flame giant blade was powerful, it was not until the third blade swept that Nami’s "sacred golden eyes" were cut off.
Kay had discovered the weakness of the flame angel at this time.
Kay flew forward and rushed into the palm of her hand, spitting out the staff of destruction and cutting a "dark magic knife" in the arm of the flame angel.
"Woo Kaka …!" The flame angel yelled, but Kay Yunxi Haier cut off its arm, and the flame giant blade slammed from the middle.
"ouch!" Nami exclaimed.
Only to see the flame angel jilted to jilt arm unexpectedly and grow a hand to hold the flame giant blade in his hand.
By this time, God had finished his big move and danced in the middle, catching the angel of fire and falling rocks.
Kay flew left in the middle of the first half, and made a sudden burst of violence. The "dark magic knife" suddenly cut the arm of the flame angel.
It turns out that this flame angel arm is different from other creatures. This flame angel arm is made of magma fire. If it dances out with a knife, its arm will become relatively slender. At this time, this arm is the easiest to be cut off.
Nami Xiaoxin was happy to see Kay’s peace, and kept giving Kay and God a small red flower blow and a small spark blow. The two men were hit by this pure red-hot small force and attacked more and more crazily.
The flame angel suddenly withdrew the huge flame blade and turned very quickly. At this moment, Nami Xiaoxin looked at this half-baked flame angel and felt that it was a super fire tree with a few huge flame blades inserted in it.
God was accidentally involved in the fire tree, and Princess Sofia was in a hurry to add medical care to God.
Kaili burst into hellfire in that half-bent hand and smashed it into the body of the flaming angel in the ice and fire shrine.
Kay flew to the Ice and Fire Shrine only to see that the palace was closed, and the flame angel’s body was actually ejected from a huge chimney in the Ice and Fire Shrine!
Kay didn’t hesitate to make a move. Hellfire hit the chimney.
The earth shook, and the ice and fire shrine buzzed and echoed.
The fire tree in the middle school suddenly breathed in and turned into a short and chubby Hercules, wrapping Kay in it.
Nami rushed to add blood to Kay’s madness
Kay knew that this big chimney must be the lifeblood of the flame angel. Kay held it to the big chimney by feeling in the fierce fire. A magic that belongs to me penetrated into the flame angel through Shi Zhuan.
At this time, the angel of fire has been injured, and this fire gate is its weakness. The angel of fire roared a few times in the middle, and his head tilted from the middle.
As soon as god drinks heavily, he sucks up the flame angel energy and gets up …
15 Frost Bison
Kay, God and the cold toad ate the angel of fire. At this time, both of them felt like they were trapped in a sea of poverty, and the three creatures got together to mediate with magic.
At this time, the door of the ice and fire shrine was gently hit … A long distant sound came out of the ice and fire shrine.
The two of them digested the flame angel’s body, and the fire energy felt like eating a big meal, and the body was full of energy and strength.
Kiah looked at the two ice and fire gods Gong Bing as the gates of snow sculpture and said, "We fought!"
"Compatriot!" The Terran Princess is excited. It is the easiest and most exciting for children who have grown up in the palace without experience.
"Butterfly!" Nami small core virtual ground scratched his head in the two doors.
Andy, the little hellhound, shook his head and rushed in.

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