"No, I’ll blow you up with one hand when I come to you," Anthony said with his back hunched and his mouth full of disdain.

"hey! You are quite arrogant, old man! " Jones then rubbed his arm and said
Anthony looked at this little black brother named Jones, who looked only a meter long, and his back was almost the same as his. He shook his head and said, "You are not my opponent, so let your boss come."
"Don’t you where the old man needs our boss?" As Jones said, he took off the short sleeves outside to reveal the vest inside, and the solid muscles of his arms were slightly raised, which showed that his physical fitness was not bad
"Are there rules?" Anthony turned to Wright and asked 1
"There are no rules, two wins in three games," Wright said faintly. In fact, Roger bullied people all the time, but because O ‘Connor even turned a blind eye, he did it very well for Anthony. If he really lost in the end, he could blame Anthony for running around and an old man and a woman dared to come to the public park!
"There are no rules, right? No problem, "Anthony said, sticking out his tongue and licking his lips. He was also worried that he would make a mistake on the opposite side because of anger. That would be the best."
Jones also looked at Anthony with a playful face. First, he swung his arm, and then he rattled his fingers, preparing for abusive driving.
With the surrounding of Jones Field, black people also gathered around the nearby field to play, and black people also consciously withdrew from the field.
Anthony wore extra-large long sleeves and trousers to cover his body, and now he walked straight to the venue without taking off anything.
Jones was stunned when he saw Anthony’s dressing field, and then he couldn’t help laughing. The black people around him also gave a playful laugh mixed with whistles.
Obviously, they are very disdainful of Anthony, an old man who plays ball in a long-sleeved trousers court.
Street basketball is street basketball, and this is where strength speaks. It is not surprising that Anthony is treated like this.
"Hey old man, are you sure you don’t want to take off your clothes?" Wright saw Anthony field, and he was a little stunned. Now he couldn’t help but wake up and say
"I can’t sweat without hitting him," Anthony said lightly.
"shh! ……”
The black people around were very neat and hissed. Obviously, Jones and Roger, who usually played in this stadium for a long time, should have a good strength. Now they are despised by an outsider like Anthony or an old man, and they suddenly feel unbearable.
Wright couldn’t help showing a curious look on his face when he heard Anthony speak. From Anthony’s tone, he didn’t feel any panic, which was beyond his expectation.
"Ha ha, good old man, you have the first ball. I’ll let you attack first." Jones said and threw the ball at Anthony’s side.
Anthony also said nothing, reached for the ball and walked slowly outside the three-point line.
After waiting, Anthony said to Jones, "Is that all right?"
"Please," Jones made a gesture of please with great grace.
Anthony saw Jones move and looked at the basket again, but he didn’t talk nonsense. He picked up the ball and hunched his back and jumped up directly, so he made a three-pointer shot.
The ball spins and outlines a beautiful arc and goes straight to the basket.
A crunchy ball fell into the net bag when everyone was caught off guard.
The scene was silent.
Jones even kept a "please" gesture.
After Anthony made a three-pointer, the horse’s back bent. When he shot just now, he unconsciously straightened his back and almost got stuck. It was not easy to pretend to be hunched, but this three-pointer was too challenging for him.
At this time, watching from the sidelines, Wright saw Anthony hit the three-point pupil easily and suddenly closed his eyes, thinking that the old man was not talking big!
He couldn’t help being interested at the moment. You know, although Anthony just spoke very pretentiously, it is obviously necessary to have strength to pretend.
Chapter sixty-one Applauded face
"You old fool!" Jones couldn’t help cursing.
"I cheat?" Anthony smiled and said, "Is there? I asked you again just now, didn’t I? "
"You …" Jones was speechless to say that Anthony did ask just now.
As soon as this was said, the black players who were going to boo Anthony stopped for a while, but they still thought it was a lucky ball in their hearts. After a while, someone shouted, "Jones, he is lucky to blow him up!"
Jones came to feel a little depressed that Anthony took the first ball so easily. Now he woke up when he was called by people around him. It was just his carelessness and the old man’s luck.
"Hey, I didn’t expect you to have two balls just now, even if I let you," Jones said unhurriedly. He picked up the ball and walked out of the three-point line.
Anthony also smiled and didn’t speak. Jones’s words were a step for himself. He didn’t have to entangle this, but turned around and turned into a defensive state.
Jones walked outside the three-point line and made a few fancy hips with the ball, which immediately attracted cheers from the black people around him. Some people even shouted excitedly, "Jones, you hit him with a butterfly step!"
Applause obviously, Jones’s dribbles look very good to these people.
"butterfly step?"
Anthony chuckled for a moment, and it was ridiculous that this clumsy dribble was compared with Iverson’s butterfly step.
But Anthony didn’t sink his eyes to Jones dribbler.
Judging a person’s offensive motivation, most people will choose to look at it from the shoulder, because shoulder movement is a necessary process for both hands to exert their strength.
But Anthony didn’t do that. He mastered his own unique judgment skills, that is, watching his hands.
The hand is the starting point of dribbling, and you can’t escape dribbling even if you play fancy and fake. This trick often gets good results.
But it takes a lot of concentration, which is why most people don’t, but it obviously doesn’t take much energy to deal with Jones and Anthony in front of them
Jones broke through the side after dribbling a few fancy dribbles, and his eyes were full of disdain. If it weren’t for Roger’s inconvenience, he would think it was an insult to play bullfighting with a half-century old man.
"Jones told him to tell him! ……”
Black people are shouting louder and louder. In their opinion, Jones’s gorgeous dribbling has already stunned the old man in front of him.
Just then, suddenly, suddenly, there was a crunchy sound, and Jones just took two steps to carry the ball. Suddenly, he felt that he had a light hand, and when he looked back, he didn’t know when the ball had reached Anthony’s hand.
Suddenly stealing the black players around, they suddenly showed a pair of "damn" expressions. They didn’t even see how Anthony moved the ball, and it got into his hands inexplicably.
"Mei … Grandpa is great!" Su Xixi shouted excitedly, and I almost shouted Anthony’s name, but fortunately, the response was fairly fast.
Wright frowned and looked at Su Sunseeker as if he had caught something, but he didn’t know what it was and finally shook his head.
"Jones, you mix to give me focus! * * If you capsize in the gutter and see me go back, you can’t get up without beating you! " Roger’s face was livid on the sidelines. Jones was careless about the first ball, but Jones dribbled the second ball too casually. He really wanted to kick Jones’s ass.
"I see." Jones felt that Roger didn’t say it as a joke. He suddenly shrank his neck involuntarily. He is very easy to die as a younger brother.
"Don’t blame me, old man!" Jones then looked at Anthony with resentment in his eyes and said
Anthony smiled and didn’t talk much, holding a racket for two times.
Jones had a lesson before, but he didn’t dare to let Anthony go. He opened his hands and pounced.
"Jones break him break him! ……”
Black players around continued to cheer for Jones.
Anthony looked at the basket and smiled and said to Jones, "I’m coming."
When he finished carrying the ball, Jones couldn’t react with a sudden acceleration and a quick first step. By the time he felt Anthony passed him, Anthony had already done his best.
Although hunched back, although the posture is not as picturesque as usual, but

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