Than strange green light as if to eat other people’s souls, see such strange power. Obese thought in a shock.

"This is the power of ghosts and gods? Lin Ze proved to be a person who inherited the power of ghosts and gods … "
But Mr. filia has no strange feeling. The girl has a kind of intimacy for the green light of Lin Ze’s hand, but compared with Obese’s shock to Mr. filia’s intimacy, the monster’s reaction is much bigger.
Obese, Mr. filia and Lin Ze three people feel a shaking almost unstable, and climb the Ala people on the forehead of the giant beast in the sky, and many people fall to the sea in this vibration …
Is the monster’s aversion to ghosts and gods still so obvious? Lin Ze naidi shook his head. This is his last attempt. If the forces that erode ghosts and gods can destroy this spiritual control ring, then he really has no way.
The green light symbolizing the power of eroding ghosts and gods suddenly touched the back of the lost believer’s head, and the power of eroding ghosts and gods went straight into the lost believer’s body as if it were pervasive. The lost believer who was struggling on the ground was eroding the power of ghosts and gods and suddenly trembled violently when he entered the other body.
In addition to Obese, he is still resisting the attacks of other lost believers. filia and Lin Ze are staring at this lost believer tightly … Lin Ze consciously manipulated the corrosive force of Prumont to corrode the head spirit control ring of this lost believer, while the long-legged roters spirit control ring is eroding ghosts and gods, and the corrosion finally melted …
It seems to be really effective. Lin Ze is slightly relieved. If he can really get in touch with the control of these lost believers, it will not be white if he has spent so much effort …
But just when the spirit control ring is about to be completely melted, an angry sound comes out of the spirit control ring.
"Ghosts and gods hateful ghosts and gods you should appear in the day curtain beast back! Is that what you want? You want everything to follow the predicted direction and you will regret it … "
The angry sound disappeared at the same time when the spirit control ring completely melted, but Lin Ze felt more shocked than before. Was that the first apostle’s "long foot" roters sound? What does it mean to say this sentence? What do you mean, I want everything to go in the direction predicted? What will I regret?
Chapter 493 GBL teaching prophecy
Lin Ze took out a few tubes of magic potion from his ring and handed it to Mr. filia.
"Mr. filia, this kind of attack is still too big for your spirit consumption. Don’t make it until the key moment. This is Lin Ze’s ability to recognize the apostle roters’s anger with a hint of unwillingness. Don’t you also have a prophecy on the back of the beast? What exactly is the direction of prophecy said by the apostles?
Linze looked down at the melted spiritual control ring with full of doubts, only to find that the lost believer had lost his breath of life.
No? Even if we understand the spiritual control ring of believers’ heads, can these lost believers restore their consciousness?
Lin Ze looked at a face of sadness, Mr. filia nai shook his head and said softly.
"Mr. filia, the spiritual control ring of these believers has been linked with their vitality. If the spiritual control ring is destroyed, these believers will die. I can’t help you …"
Mr. filia knew the result immediately after the death of this believer. She wiped her face, tears and sadness were deeply buried in her heart. The girl looked up slightly and said to Lin Ze.
"Since the law to save them, let them free! I believe that believers who pursue the great blue truth will not want to be a puppet themselves … "
Said Mr. filia’s face was full of indifference. She looked at it coldly and was blocked by the sword wall of Obese Rochebach. A spiritual storm of gbl believers rolled up around Mr. filia
Lin Ze felt the pain contained in this powerful spirit, pulling Obersen to hide this spirit storm, which has just been blocked by Obersen outside the sword wall, and the gbl believers’ department was caught in Mr. filia’s spirit storm. In this spirit storm, the heads of this group of gbl believers instantly exploded.
O’ filia’s attack is no longer merciful. Her cold attack is the greatest relief for this group of lost gbl believers …
Obersbach was surprised to see a cold face of Mr. filia. She seemed to know this girl for the first time. Generally, Obersbach never thought that Mr. filia could make such a fierce attack. In her heart, Mr. filia will always be the little sister who needs her help, but Lin Ze saw much more than Obersbach for that scene. He knew that this attack was an attack by Mr. filia, which was extremely sad. Perhaps this is the first time that the girl Mr. filia made the spirit kill .. Although it looks extremely bloody, it also opened a new chapter in the manipulation of Mr. filia’s spirit ..
The former Austrian filia can make the spirit control others and make the spirit defense. Now she teaches lost believers in gbl to stimulate her and finally learns to kill! But sometimes killing people is also a relief for those who are killed.
I have to say that Mr. filia has grown a lot at this moment, but I’m afraid this spirit storm can’t always make it, but this time Mr. filia’s face has become very pale … I’m afraid she can release three spirit storms now?
But this spirit storm is really lethal, and it is really worthy of being a different kind of wizard.
"This is a friend of mine who will speed up the recovery of your spirit after refining the magic potion. Don’t mess with your spirit storm. You can try to make a small amount of spirit attack to attack the heads of these lost believers. The effect should be similar to that of your attack this time. Although your spirit storm is very lethal this time, there are still many spirit storms. Don’t do this again."
Lin Ze didn’t care about Mr. filia, but he had already taught Mr. filia how to make his own spirit before he recovered from the shock of the first killing. I have to say that Lin Ze’s personality is completely different in the face of fighting. In normal life, Lin Ze’s personality is very gentle, but in the fighting, Lin Ze’s personality is extremely indifferent, but even Obers has to admit that Lin Ze’s personality is very suitable for fighting. She also hopes that Mr. filia will not be greatly affected by the first killing.
However, Lin Ze and Obese both underestimated O ‘filia. For O ‘filia, although the scene just now was very bloody, she didn’t think it was murder, but that it was redemption. She was redeeming these gbl believers who were manipulated by the first apostle "Long Foot" roters …
Girl indifferent took the magic language potions handed by Lin Ze with a tube of potions and gulped down the remaining potions. The girl stuffed Mr. filia into her robe. This column moved without any delay. Looking at Mr. filia’s face, he smiled indifferently and patted Obess on the shoulder and said.
"Let’s move on? There must be more lost believers waiting for us ahead! "
Hearing more lost believers, Mr. filia’s indifference still flashed a trace of pain in his eyes, but this pain brought more strength to the girl. This is a kind of revenge power
Holding the dark moon, Lin Ze, holding the ghost fire elf’s execution sword, Obese and Mr. filia, wearing the gray gbl teaching robe, continue to March towards the depths of this peripheral temple …
Along the way, three people met groups of lost believers, Lin Ze, three people no longer had mercy and no hesitation. The dark moon, the dark fire elves executed the sword and directly carried out the beheading action. The gbl believers’ strong anti-strike ability can also be turned into dust without heads, and Mr. filia’s spirit is as lost as precision shooting. The performance of gbl teaching has been suddenly noticed by Mr. filia’s spirit …
In addition to meeting the lowest-level lost believers of gbl, Lin Ze three people also met the gbl cult god officer wearing a green robe, the red octopus monster, and his tiny claws were manipulated by the believers, but what surprised Lin Ze most was that there were elves with initial elements in this gbl cult peripheral temple.
Elemental elves are extremely rare in the whole Arad continent. Only in some extreme environments will some initial elemental elves be born. But on this day, there are many initial elemental elves on the back of the curtain behemoth. Along the way, Lin Ze and the three of them met several initial optical attribute elves, such as Leivos and the initial dark attribute elves. You know, these initial elemental elves have the opportunity to evolve into high-order elemental elves like Aurora Graylin or dead Merkel.
However, the chance that the primary element elves can evolve into high-order element elves is too small. However, these element elves seem to have been controlled by the apostle roters. They can also make the spirit destroy these primary element elves …
However, after dissipation, these Reevos and Thermoturk will leave light and dark crystals, which contain pure elemental power. Although Lin Ze didn’t know what these things were for, he still put them away …
Lin Ze felt the power of this pure element, and his doubts became deeper and deeper. Why would these initial elemental elves appear on the back of the giant beast? Isn’t this something only in the magic age? This abnormality reminds Lin Ze involuntarily of the first apostle "Long Feet" roters’s roar. Do these things have anything to do with roters’s prediction? Lin Ze clenched his hands and turned to look at Mr. filia and asked.
"Mr. filia, do you have any predictions about gbl teaching? I remember in your dream that Lord Judge Marcel seems to have said that you are a prophetic girl. Do you know what that prophecy is? "
Looking at Lin Ze’s serious expression, Mr. filia nodded obediently, although she didn’t know what Lin Ze would ask about this.
"In Oracle Temple, we gbl did have a prophecy that there was a sage named Heyasis in gbl. He was a prophet who once predicted the future in gbl, but I didn’t hear anyone talk about this prophecy in my teaching, and Lord Marcel said that I was a girl in the prophecy. I don’t know what it was. I’m sorry."
Mr filia shook his head apologetically.
After hearing Mr. filia’s words, Lin Ze nodded slightly. He didn’t expect to learn anything from Mr. filia’s mouth, but gbl really passed through the prophecy. But what exactly is this prophecy? What? This prophecy made the first apostle roters so frightened …
Lin Ze felt as if something was out of his control. What did Hyacis, the forerunner of gbl, predict? Lin Ze’s heart with doubts about prophecy and Obese and Mr. filia continue to move toward the depths of the peripheral temple.
As Lin Ze three people go deeper and deeper into this peripheral temple, the gloomy atmosphere of this temple becomes heavier and heavier.
"It’s almost the center of the peripheral temple." Mr. filia looked at the changes in the surrounding buildings and said softly, Lin Ze and Obese consciously clenched their weapons when they heard Mr. filia’s words. The closer they got to the building center, the more serious the lost believers became. Lin Ze suspected that the center of the peripheral temple should be guarded by at least a powerful gbl believer …
What will come from the outermost brown-red low-level gbl believers to the gbl religious officials wearing green clothes? Three people along the peripheral temple road came to the front of the central hall.
A mixed sound came out from all around. Lin Ze and Obese are already ready to continue this sound. They have heard too much today. Are lost believers going to appear again?
Chapter 494 Li Dao Shi
At this time, Mr. filia is also holding his breath and preparing to free these lost believers in the first time …
However, it seems that the following situation is not quite the same. These lost believers did not attack Lin Ze three people in the first place. They saw four low-level believers wearing brown-red gbl robes in the road ahead. Two dragon guns followed the four low-level gbl believers and pushed the two dragon guns. The whole team was in good order.
Why would this happen? Everyone is very confused …
However, the next scene made filia, the orphan of gbl, consciously open his mouth. A gbl believer wearing a light blue gbl robe and a dark blue mask appeared in the team. Finally, it seems that this light blue gbl believer is the leader of this team. Generally speaking, his status is different from other believers …
Mr. filia, a "teacher of Li Dao Normal University", heard his trembling voice in Lin Ze and Obese’s ears!
Hearing the sound of Ophelia, Lin Ze and Obese fixed their eyes on this believer wearing a light blue gbl robe. This is the back channel teacher and called the four Taoist priests of gbl a Li Dao teacher? I didn’t expect this Li Daoshi to be controlled by roters. Is he the Lord guarding the temple outside gbl? Very likely …
Mr. filia looked at Li Daoshi’s figure with emotion, and his eyes were full of pain. At the sight of Li Daoshi’s Mr. filia, he thought of his escape and sacrifice of the tunnel master … Once he was controlled by roters’s spirit control ring, he was destined to become an apostle roters puppet, even if he was as powerful as Li Daoshi …
In the face of the old elder Mr. filia, the blood in his heart is boiling and slowly getting cold, and he revenges gbl. Even if the andao Normal University is reborn in front of him, she can purify it.
This time, Mr. filia took the lead in the attack, which far exceeded the expectations of Lin Ze and Obers

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