Immediately, everyone went out to meet them, only to see Gesar leading a large number of wild yaks at the door, and there were thousands of them, all of whom were polite and docile without saying a word.

Peng Yingyu was surprised to see such a large group of yaks. "Where are there so many yaks?"
Qi Yufeng laughed and was very happy in his heart. He called Gesar and said, "Come in and come in."
Gesar, however, faced Qi Yufeng seriously without losing etiquette and immediately bowed down and said, "Master Ba Rong Pazhu asked me to send a gift. I hope King Wuwei would send people to Baita Temple to do business."
Qi Yufeng nodded and said, "I’m also a man with an eyebrow and eyes. If you have to talk, I’ll find someone."
He turned around and introduced Gesar’s religious dignitaries. Gesar heard that several people behind Qi Yufeng were the King of Five Scattered Men’s Wings Bats. These people were all famous, and immediately they couldn’t help but salute in shock. But his face was flat, and God Se disdained and never smiled. It looked very perfunctory.
Peng Yingyu called on all the officers and men to drive the yak into the original racecourse. Looking at this prospect, the yak herd couldn’t help nodding and laughing for a long time. "It seems that how much food we need to transport this winter is enough for us to eat His Holiness Sakya’s gift."
Wei Yixiao, the king of green-winged bats, also nodded. "The most tenacious yak skin needs to be tanned, that is, making good materials for leather armor. You can earn a lot this time."
Hard to say, "Choosing some gentle people to send to the poor people’s homes can also solve the labor hardship in the coming year."
Qi Yufeng arranged Gesar over there to lead him into the hall. When I saw these people dancing in the Se dance, I discussed how this man could lead so many yaks. I couldn’t help laughing. "What are these? Let’s have a stable eye. I’ll ask you to see some strange things again."
When Wei Yixiao first arrived, he immediately asked, "What’s new?"
Hard wry smile way "let’s the little report there are many new things is not too" he thought of Qi Yufeng this half a year YouZi concerned immediately sigh.
Qi Yufeng doesn’t care, "Why not? This is the future development direction. Isn’t instant noodles delicious?" Is the assembly line not good? Why are muskets and mines not better than broadswords and spears? “
Hard to shake his head and deliberately wrangle. "It’s not easy for us to eat pasta here in Xiliang. You can boil fried noodles and add soup. Ordinary banquet guests can be too extravagant if we March to fight. Where do we get so much hot water? If you can figure out how to transport beef and horse meat for a long time, it will be a great achievement. "
Qi Yufeng nodded solemnly when he heard this. "I forgot that it is really not easy to get some peanut oil these days. No problem. Fine porcelain can be deserved, and it is also wrapped in me."
He said, "There are quite a lot of porcelain fields with delicate soil in this place. I should be able to reissue this fine porcelain in minutes."
It’s hard to see that he promised so easily. Then jǐng said, "You mustn’t spoil eggs this time!"
He remembered that when Qi Yufeng just remembered what instant noodles to send, no one supported it except Duan Sixie, who had eaten this stuff before. He felt that this instant noodle in Qi Yufeng was bound to be difficult to succeed. Unexpectedly, Qi Yufeng couldn’t even knead dough for a while, adding water for a while and ruining several eggs. In the end, he actually made this instant noodle.
This instant noodle has become a snack in Wuwei city, and many soldiers will go out with several bags of instant noodles when they travel. If conditions permit, they can eat it dry. If there is a hot water soup pot, they can cook noodles, which is much better than the cold highland barley noodles.
Qi Yufeng shook his head and smiled. "This time, it’s simple. Let’s order a batch of porcelain bottles, put beef and mutton in the bottle, cork the bottle, heat it in the steamer, and then plug the cork and seal it with wax to ensure that the food will not go bad in March."
While Wei Yixiao was surprised, "It’s so simple?"
Qi Yufeng nodded. "In fact, it’s simpler. Let’s peel off the fascia salt and marinate the beef, and then air-dry it to leave the place. This air-dried beef jerky saves the place and is easy to carry. I heard that Genghis Khan marched on this food?"
Peng Yingyu laughed. "If bacon and dry rations have to die of thirst, it’s also a good idea to pour porcelain beef. It seems that there are some clues to success."
Qi Yufeng waved his hand and said, "You can rest assured that I will try everything."
Zhou Dian said with a drum of eyes, "Then why didn’t you say anything before?"
Qi Yufeng spread out his hand and said, "No one asked me. How many things do you think I am busy with in a day, especially if that musket can be built and its end is a sharp weapon?"
Zhou Dian pie pie way "far but two hundred paces can’t penetrate real y and n days can’t rainy day can’t you this musket is far less than the bow and arrow"
Qi Yufeng sighed, "It’s just such a thing. It’s just such a situation. I’ve tried my best." His army is busy doing these things, but it’s just fun, but his math foundation has long been lost to nowhere, and he has never been able to make a simple machine tool.
Zhou Dian nodded and said, "Let’s just say that Yan’s skill is just a trail, and we don’t have to care much." He remembered that Qi Yufeng had made a big move to send something, and he couldn’t help but be concerned. It was a cannon, so he didn’t know how many times it had been blown up. If he encouraged him, he would have to poke a hole in the sky.
Who knows that Qi Yufeng shook his head when he heard this? "How do you say it’s a trail? These have a big field in the war."
Zhou Dian said, "I think if there is a big field, it will be your long sword."
Qi Yufeng laughed. "You don’t believe I’ll teach you vision after three ri."
Zhou Dian asked curiously, "What horizon?"
Qi Yufeng sleeve hands looked up at the heaven "fly!"
Zhou Dian heard the word "fly" cried one leng immediately shook his head in disbelief while Wei Yixiao was skeptical and silent.

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