You have to die now.

Xia Yan and complete drinking just fell in front of him and suddenly came to a binge drinking with roars, and then roars roared to the sky and hurried back to see Xiaoyan’s crazy body peristalsis at this time. It turned out to be a huge black giant tiger, and the black light was so crazy that it swept through and filled with fierce power.
Monty tiger family that Xia Yan saw the black giant tiger’s body strange grain eye pupil suddenly shrank with way
The heavenly fiend turns into a tiger, and the ancestral star palm is broken.
The deep roar is filled with monstrous ferocity, while the black giant tiger slaps its palm angrily, and the black light turns into black whirlpools in its palm. Those black whirlpools seem to be connected with each other and infiltrated from it with an extreme terror and ferocity in ancient times.
Jinshan Shendian Jinshan Town Tiandi
In the face of Xiaoyan’s amazing offensive, Xia Yan’s complexion is also drastic, and he dare not neglect the body’s chalk force. The overwhelming surge of golden light turned out to be a golden mountain peak and then slammed at the black giant tiger that was violently plundered.
At this moment, black and gold are sweeping across the crazy sky, accounting for half of the sky.
Terrible power ripples spread, and the complex words body is inverted hundreds of meters on the spot, one mouthful blood KuangPen and breath rapidly languishes, while in contrast, the small inflammatory black giant tiger is abruptly resisted by the monster beast constitution.
Fight to the death and make a high and low judgment.
To resist the impact, the scarlet flicker in the black giant tiger’s eyes suddenly jumps and flashes, that is, the tiger’s paw whizzes past in front of Xia Yan and slaps it hard on the back chest.
Xia Yan’s body shot backwards again, but the golden light of his body quickly faded, and finally he shot into Fang Linhai mercilessly, dragging a deep trace hundreds of feet long on the ground.
The ground was covered with blood and mud. Xia Yan struggled to get up. At this time, the face was arrogant and dispersed, replaced by a horror color. Soon he turned and fled directly.
But just as he turned around, the black giant tiger came in a flash, and a hill stood in front of him, like a tiger’s paw flashing, and Xia Yan’s head snapped angrily. After the earth trembled, everyone was photographed in the depths of the earth, and then the deep crack hole was flooded with deep red blood, and Xia Yan’s breath was also instantaneous.
Clap Xia Yan’s black giant tiger to death with one hand, and it’s just that the light is surging and it’s human, small, inflammatory and grinning, and the face is fierce and the shura is chilling.
Good, good, cruel means
Xia Yan’s tragic death was obviously caused by the ginger alum’s old eyes. When the eyes were splitting, the eyes were filled with thick hatred and growled, you will regret Yuanmen’s anger and you will regret Daozong.
Don’t worry, old Zamao, the news here won’t be half a sentence to face the old growling mink with ginger and chalk, but it’s a light smile.
I admit that I missed the target this time, but although I can’t pick you up, if I want to be your qualification, I will stop Jiang Chang’s alum from laughing angrily.
Since it’s all about solving, why don’t you want to hide your identity?
The handsome face of the sable spread with a smile, and soon his handprint turned purple and black, and his body chalk swept away, and then a pair of huge purple and black bat wings covered the sun behind them, and at the same time, a terrible fluctuation belonging to this family also spread
this is
The ginger-long chalk old gold ghost owl’s eye pupil instantly contracted when he saw the hundreds of feet of huge purple and black bat wings behind the mink, especially when the latter face suddenly turned white, and his eyes were filled with thick horror.
Demon mink
With some fear, the two men’s mouths are dry at the moment.
Third more
It’s ten minutes late. I’ll try my best to finish it before I order. Chapter seven hundred and forty The strength of the day demon mink.
Chapter seven hundred and forty
The purple and black light is still thick, and the clouds are shrouded in heaven and earth. Even the sunshine is blocked at this moment, and a particularly terrible coercion pervades the sky.
There are many monsters in this mountain range, but at this time, those monsters are all shrinking and trembling, and their souls are trembling because of the coercion.
It’s an absolute pressure on the top of the food chain to look down on the creatures.
Even in the face of those ancient and powerful dragons, they are still not afraid that they are really at the top and no race can become their natural enemies.
And this kind of monster beast, like the top of the world, is rarely present in the East Xuanyu, but this does not prevent the strong monster beast from holding fear for them here.
In the East Xuanyu Qiangyuanmen, a super sect, dare not be too arrogant in the face of the fashion of the Scorpio mink family, because they all know that although Yuanmen is rich in knowledge, the Scorpio mink family will be more horrible than them.
In previous years, Touyuanmen also corrected some super-sectarian Scorpio mink wars, but in the end they didn’t win much. Both sides were top-notch and fell, which also led to hatred between the two sides.
However, generally speaking, due to the huge influence of Yuanmen in the East Xuanyu, it is rare for the Tianyao Sable to be alone. If the Yuanmen go to the Yaoyu, they must also shrink their tails because they all know how much trouble it will cause once they reveal their identity.
However, it is also because the Scorpio mink clan is extremely rare in the East Xuanyu. When the ginger-long chalk old gold ghost owl saw the huge purple-black bat wings stretched that day, his heart was shocked and he couldn’t help but break through the wisdom and emerged in their faces.
Damn it, this guy is a mink
Ginger long chalk old face horror after continued for a while, it always becomes extremely gloomy. The strength of the mink may be similar to his, but he knows very well how terrible the fighting capacity will become once the fairy mink moves with the body.
Ginger long chalk old eyes flashing immediately glanced at one side of the gold ghost owl at the moment, and the color behind it was almost white. The body was constantly trembling, and the monster beast, the sable, threatened him, but it was magnified a lot. I’m afraid this gold ghost owl would have turned around and fled.
What’s to be afraid of? Even if he’s a mink, it’s hard for you and me to join hands with him. If we fight separately, we’ll die. Ginger, long chalk, old face, yin and complete drink a way.
Listen to him drink the gold ghost owl pale face just slightly replied to some bitter nodded his head, he never thought that in this east XuanYu would meet the demon sable this evil star these guys but even those high-order dragons are quite a headache.
When we fall down together, there will be a lot of noise. This guy will be alarmed. Hum, he is really a demon domain when the East Xuanyu is a demon domain. It’s impossible to go to see me. Yuan Menqiang won’t let him die and return to the old cold way of Jiang Chang Chalk.

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