In the main hall of the Temple of Inflammation, Moro stood with his hand in his hand. His sight was also looking at the huge light mirror of the sky, and his eyes glanced slightly in the light mirror, and finally he stopped at Huachen Xuxiu’s body

This kind of fluctuation is an alien, these two guys
Moro’s eyes narrowed slightly for a moment and then slowly opened. It was already cold and cold in his eyes. He appeared in his force induction and was in the measuring mirror. It was obvious that Huachen could not escape his detection.
The two men are very strong in a red robe and inflammation. Moro, the elder of the temple, emerged behind him. He frowned and looked at Huachen tightly. They sank a way.
Yes, it’s still a long way to go for the two of them to win.
Moro’s eyes also flashed a dark color. Soon he looked up at the blue sky and said faintly, we are waiting for the target. If it is found that Lei Zufu is a fake again, this plan will be considered a complete failure, and it will be more difficult to attract them again.
Now I can also hope that they can stop Hua Chen from doing it. The elder sighed.
Well Moro nodded his head.
Lord Green Pheasant, they can arrive in the red robe, and the old man is a little worried. No one knows that this time there will be such a level of magic, but it must be unusual for them to face such a level of magic when they want to come to Thunder Zufu’s temptation. Even if they inflame the temple, it is hard.
Don’t worry. If the demons show up, they will show up.
Moro said lightly, of course, if our plan fails, the pheasant will not be present.
The red old man nodded slightly, and his white was as strong as the peak of heaven and earth for the green pheasant. Those demons would surely pay special attention to it, and maybe they would stare at it as soon as it appeared.
The most important thing now is to let the plan go ahead, or let Lei Zufu fall into the hands of Hua Chen, and those different demons hidden in the dark will be real hands.
Moro took a deep breath and stared at the measuring mirror. His eyes moved slightly, and then he looked at the peak. A thin young figure clenched his hands slowly.
If Lin Dong fails, they may be able to rely on you.
I hope it won’t come to that. After all, they are also very strong
Clouds and mist filled ten towering peaks, and ten figures looked down at them like a measuring mirror, and the world was at their feet.
In the center of the ten peaks, the peak of the main peak, Lei Guang, flashes, and a terrible fluctuation is emitted with low thunder.
The eyes of all at the summit are also gathered to the main peak, and many people’s eyes are burning thunder Zufu is close at hand.
Hehe, it’s an honor to be here with a young and powerful player in the sea of chaos
A peak dressed in black Huachen line of sight from Lei Zufu back and then look at the people around him with a slight smile turned out to be slightly humble.
Lin Dong Tang Xinlian Zhou Ze three people look on coldly. This Huachen strength is so terrible that it makes people feel cold.
Other people who didn’t know the origin of Huachen glanced at him obliquely and immediately curled their lips. Although they all knew that the people who could walk here were definitely not ordinary people, their previous attitude made them feel a little disdainful.
I have been longing for this thunder ancestor for a long time, and I very much hope to get it back. Everyone can fulfill my wish. Huachen continued to smile, and soon his body movement was directly swept to the main peak.
It’s not your turn to be a thunder ancestor.
In Huachen’s hand, a sneer sounded, but a strange man with a slightly strange appearance suddenly and violently rushed up and rampaged. Yuan Li turned a horse to practice and went straight to Huachen, where he practiced and died. This person turned out to be a stepping into a dead Xuan.
Hmm. How interesting
Huachen looked at the hand and smiled even more. Soon, he didn’t flash or avoid being severely bombarded by that force, but the violent strong breeze swept through his body without any damage.
The strong hand looked at his face and suddenly he felt something bad. However, just as he was about to retreat, Hua Chen’s figure was distorted in front of him now.
It seems that this friend has a lot of opinions on me. Since Hua Chen smiled at that man but it was instantaneous and ferocious, then you can go to hell.
Black Huachen’s fingertips suddenly and violently surged, and immediately his palm penetrated like a claw, which landed on the top of the male skull. Immediately, his eyes were fierce and he grabbed it.
In a low voice, the man’s head burst instantly and blood was mixed with brains, followed by a golden light rushing from his body.
Hey, hey, want to run
Huachen grinned with a black mouth, and the explosion of suction directly swallowed the Yuan God Jin Guangsheng into the body.
With the golden light of the Yuan God swallowed by Huachen, the abnormal squeal of fear and screaming just made this sudden chill through his teeth.
Other peaks strongly looked at this scene, and the face suddenly changed dramatically. Deep in the eye pupil, a dead Xuan was coming in horror. In the hands of this Huachen, it turned out to be fragile. Is this guy sacred?

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