General Tatar said firmly, "I brought more than 2,000 warriors who have fallen to the battlefield. Since I have no ability to bring them back, I can continue to accompany them and be their commander in chief."

In the Tatar army, if the commander is killed in the battlefield, the commander’s bodyguard will be killed because of poor protection even if he leaves the battlefield alive.
As soon as the general had finished gathering the guards around him, he shouted, "The generals’ minions will follow you wherever you go."
"Follow the general to protect the general to the death of the slave"
The general’s firm face showed a hint of relief. After a very decisive smile, he waved his hand and then said firmly again, "You are all confused … don’t you think that there are not enough warriors who died with white flags today? I order you to follow the troops to retreat. Baylor won’t be difficult for you. "
"Don’t forget that I am still your general. I order your horses to retreat and go back to Baylor to tell him what I just said."
"But the general …" Opposite the guard with a full face of unwilling continued.
However, before he finished speaking, he was decisively interrupted by the general, "Don’t just execute the order …"
After that, the general turned his eyes to the only one left in front of him, Niu Lu Zhang Jing, and ordered,’ I order you to take all the warriors and horses left in the battlefield to retreat and find Baylor, who will report the situation here truthfully and ask Baylor to avenge us …’
"It’s the general’s slave who will definitely bring your words to Baylor …"
Chapter one hundred and twenty Dourgen hesitation
After the elite attack of 3,000 cavalry, Dourgen did not order the main force to move forward. He was full of confidence and directly ordered the troops to camp on the spot and wait for the department to win the good news for himself.
Although a few miles away can’t let Dourgen witness the shocking picture of thousands of cavalry charging together, it can’t stop the shocking horseshoe caused by thousands of horses running at the same time
When Dourgen heard the roaring horseshoe from near to far and finally stopped slowly, Dourgen’s confident face directly showed a look full of arrogance and cried excitedly according to his wishful thinking.
"If we win, the cavalry warriors must have defeated the tiger and leopard army, otherwise the battle would never have ended so quickly."
All of Dourgen’s advisers thought that if the department had lost the battle or if the Tiger and Leopard Army was hiding something, they didn’t know the plot battlefield horseshoe would never disappear so soon, because no one including Dourgen believed that the Tiger and Leopard Army could defeat the 3,000 invincible cavalry elite in such a short time.
As Dourgen looked forward to waiting for the good news, the roaring horseshoe reached Dourgen’s ear again.
However, it is surprising that after the horseshoe reached Dourgen’s ear, Dourgen’s face not only did not show a smile, but also his confident expression dissipated.
Because he is familiar with cavalry, Dourgen can judge the number of cavalry who are beating horses and running wildly just from the horseshoe.
"What’s the matter? How many hundreds of cavalry charge sound "
"If they beat the butch army to send someone to report the good news to me, it is impossible to send hundreds of cavalry. If they haven’t defeated the butch army, they will send hundreds of cavalry to attack the butch army at a time. In front of the powerful firearms troops of the butch army, the tactics of refueling are to die …"
"Don’t we know what happened on the front battlefield …" The thought of these bad feelings quickly flooded Dourgen’s heart and made Dourgen’s face slowly become dignified from confidence and arrogance.
With the horseshoe getting closer and closer to himself, Dourgen finally saw hundreds of cavalry figures with a monocle in his hand.
However, Dourgen was battle-hardened and despaired. Instead of seeing high morale after victory, he saw some dead and low morale after defeat.
Hundreds of cavalry seem to have escaped from hell, their armor is disheveled, and they are running to the barracks with a full face of panic and madness.
Seeing this, if Dourgen can’t judge the general situation of the front line, then Dourgen’s military career for more than ten years will be wasted.
A pair of eyes full of differences watched Dourgen throw a monocle and ride a horse and rushed to the gate of the camp.
Hundreds of defeated Tartars saw Dourgen at the gate of Zhengli camp, then they pulled their horses and jumped on their knees with a full face of horror. In front of Dourgen, they cried with a face of pain, "Baylor lost, we failed … We are the only three thousand warriors left, and even the generals died and attacked the battlefield of the butch army …"
"Baylor conspiracy all this is butch army to give us a set of cloth …"
"It’s too cunning for the butch army to dig a trench in front of the army and cover it with boards to lure us to rush to the front of the trench …"
"After rushing to the front of the Tiger and Leopard Army for a hundred steps, we can’t rush through this trench. We can attack all kinds of firearms of the Tiger and Leopard Army and be passively beaten. Please ask Lord Baylor to make our decision and avenge the warriors who died."
Everyone’s answers were messy and a little confusing, but there was one sentence that Dourgen could hear clearly.
I sent three thousand elite cavalry, and now there are only a few hundred people left in front of me.
At this moment, the expression on Dourgen’s face has long been invisible. Just confident, from his face, everyone saw shock, which is heartfelt panic and anger.
After suppressing his anger, Dourgen roared, "Shut up and say it one by one."
Angry dourgen, pointing to kneel in front of a cow record Zhang Jing ordered, "You say I want to know how the three thousand invincible cavalry elite defeated the butch army and took the initiative to attack the butch army. What did dourgen set for me to directly lose nearly three thousand cavalry elite in just one hour?"
"It’s Baylor’s slave who must tell the Ministry."
In Niu Lu Zhang Jing’s methodical report, Dourgen finally knew how resourceful he was facing his opponent, Wei Zheng, the commander-in-chief of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Covered boards are specially used to block the trenches of their attacking troops.
Shooting speed far exceeds your imagination, gun and musket …
A narrow battlefield where you can attack head-on and crush head-on …
Every reason, with one exception, is a conspiracy of tiger and leopard troops to seduce themselves and give themselves a fatal blow at the key moment.
After the report of Niulu Zhangjing was completed, Dourgen’s mouth had been stunned and stunned for a long time.
After taking a deep breath, Dourgen took the last glimmer of hope in his heart and looked straight at Niu Lu Zhang Jing in front of him with murderous eyes. "What you just said is true. You didn’t lie about the military situation and exaggerate the enemy’s situation. Tiger and Leopard troops are equipped with firearms. You have to know that lying about the military situation in front of me means beheading."
Niu Lu Zhang Jing’s face expression did not panic at all, and his tone firmly answered, "What Baylor slave just said is not false. Please ask Baylor to examine hundreds of soldiers behind me and give me a certificate."
The voice just fell a few hundred, and he was still in a state of fear. He said, "Please check Baylor …"
At this moment, Dourgen, who was young, seemed to be several years old, and his face was decadent and motionless at the gate of the camp, because the defeat in front of him was like a loud slap in the face, which not only hit Dourgen’s face, but also wiped out his fighting spirit in this attack.
In the face of more and more powerful strength, the Tiger and Leopard Army has just experienced a defeat, and Dourgen directly fell into a short period of hesitation and anxiety.
At this moment, Dourgen doubted whether he could command 25,000 people to wipe out the tiger and leopard army that had brought him shame many times.
However, as soon as his doubts and doubts rose, they were dispelled by the counselors who dared to come later.
In the face of low morale, the counselor Dourgen said with a full face of confidence, "Please don’t be discouraged, Baylor. Although the butch weapon is powerful, it has a shortcoming. It is absolutely no problem for us to take advantage of this shortcoming and destroy the butch army with mushrooms."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine Crack firearms
Dourgen’s eyes lit up and he asked, "What can you do to figure out a way to crack the butch weapon? When I get back, I will definitely ask the emperor to give you an official position."
The counselor didn’t speak, but with a full face of mysterious fingers pointed to a bodyguard hanging waist cowhide water bag around him.
Then Dourgen looked at the mouth with a pair of puzzled eyes and said, "The way for Baylor to defeat the Tiger and Leopard Army and crack the Tiger and Leopard Arms is in this bag."
"Water …" Dourgen answered with a puzzled expression on her face.
But as soon as he finished speaking, he quickly flashed a surprise with a thick puzzled face.
Others still doubt and don’t understand. Looking at them with a full face of excitement, I cried, "I can break the butch weapon with water. If the butch weapon has water, it won’t work. If the firearm doesn’t work, there will be no way to shoot lead bullets at us to kill us … Good idea, really good idea …"
At this time, Dourgen’s look at the counselor around him has changed from just contempt to attention, and even his address has changed.
I have pinned my hope of defeating the Tiger and Leopard Army on the counselor’s body. Dourgen asked with a full face of expectation, "Sir, I don’t know if you have any specific measures."
Get dourgen’s attention, I’m secretly glad that the counselor didn’t hesitate to put his ideas out of the tray. "Baylor’s slave just observed it for two days, and it will rain in our battlefield. Although it won’t be very heavy, it’s still no problem to lose the firearms in the hands of the Tiger and Leopard Army. We can wait until the battlefield rains to attack the Tiger and Leopard Army and destroy the Tiger and Leopard Army with mushrooms."
"What if it doesn’t rain? We have so many troops waiting for nothing outside the mushroom margin …"
The counselor shook his head and replied, "Besides waiting, Lord Baylor, we have an important matter that must be solved immediately."
"It is absolutely impossible to hide such a big thing that more than 2,000 warriors died in the battlefield. If we let the men know that we lost the first battle, and it is still a field battlefield, 3,000 cavalry elites lost to more than 1,000 butch infantry. Whether the whole army is a cavalry elite or an infantry, it will be a big blow. It is full of fear for the butch army."
"So we must find a way to improve the morale of the soldiers before the real decisive battle starts, and it is best to defeat the Tiger and Leopard Army on the battlefield to restore the confidence of the soldiers."
"Win a battle …" Dourgen said to himself with a twist of eyebrows and a puzzled face.
"Sir, you just said that it will take rain to crack the tiger and leopard munitions. Now, if there is no rain, can we attack the tiger and leopard army?"
"Of course …" The counselor answered without hesitation.
"Baylor, don’t you forget that I commanded the troops to attack until the mushroom Yucheng fought? I believe that if we can break through the tiger and leopard army and build one or two lines of defense outside the mushroom margin, the morale of the soldiers will be restored. When it rains, the soldiers can launch a general attack on the tiger and leopard army and take the mushroom margin at one stroke."
Dourgen’s eyes lit up and he cried excitedly, "How can I forget the infantry follow-up service and the next battle? This time, I have made sufficient preparations. Even if the infantry follow-up service launches a attack force against the butch army, the loss is definitely not as big as once … Let’s do it …"
Speak dourgen excited facial expression has been unconsciously covered by serious.
Compared with the low morale of tens of thousands of Tatars and infantry, Yucheng, a mushroom, was in jubilation
More than 1,000 soldiers of Tiger and Leopard armed with firearms not only defeated 3,000 elite Tatar cavalry in the field battlefield and wiped out more than 2,000 people, but also damaged all the troops and returned to Mushroom Yu without even losing a musket.
It can be said for sure that the result of this disparity in strength is unprecedented in the battle between Da Chao and Tatars.
Just still skeptical about this initiative, Kelly Y Zhou has left feelings about Weizheng Qinpei and the strong fighting capacity of the Tiger and Leopard Army at this moment.
For those who are like soldiers, especially those who have just joined the Tiger and Leopard Army, the faces of the former big loyalists are left with heartfelt excitement except for the unprecedented shocking expressions.

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