Isn’t this a little too sick?

However, before Su Ying could finish thinking, he listened to the system and continued, "What is the system that can’t be a holy soldier?" For the system, the holy soldier is also a small toy. "
Su Ying’s mouth became bullish after the upgrade.
He thought for a moment and said, "You said there were holy soldiers. Please show me what holy soldiers are inside?"
"Please wait for the host"
Su Yinggang said that the crystal screen suddenly changed in front of him, and an interface appeared. The interface was divided into one hundred pages, and each page had nine boxes. Each box had a pattern, a sword, a sword, a halberd, a flag, a sledgehammer and so on.
These are magic weapons!
Not only that, but these patterns are also introduced by these magic weapons. Su Ying was shocked at random!
"Mixed day twill? Dragon column? Gankun bows and arrows? "
Sue should swallow saliva murmured "how do these things sound so familiar? Are they all holy soldiers? "
He still didn’t believe it for a moment, so he continued to look at the first box on the second page. Su Ying looked at it and introduced it. He wrote, "The holy soldiers of the Stars Banner on Sunday belong to refining and chemical industry. This flag can control the power of the Stars on Sunday!"
"The sacred soldiers of Gua Hulu belong to Gankun and Jiuyang fire, and everything in the world can be destroyed in three moments!"
"Ruyi Gankun bag prison kill god gun too empty plough ring? Are they all holy soldiers? "
Su Ying rubbed his eyes and was shocked. The pages turned out to be holy soldiers!
He has seen only a handful of holy soldiers in his life. Although not long ago, he saw two thousand holy soldiers coming together, but this page in front of him is really shocking!
"Yes, they are all holy soldiers."
The unified tone sounded at the right time and then said, "When Su Ying builds a more advanced store system, there will be magic weapons for sale."
Isn’t it a treasure that Su Ying rolled the sacred soldiers in his throat?
However, he is not qualified to see any treasures yet. He wants to calm down his shock and asks, "What about the third part of the upgrade?"
"The third part is the lottery of characters."
After the unification, Su Ying saw that the crystal screen changed, and different avatars appeared when they met. These avatars rolled slowly with the naked eye. Then he said, "After the unification and upgrading, the character extraction is no longer in a single boundary, which means that even if the host is opening the heavens at this time, there is a certain chance to extract characters higher than three realms, but there is one front. When the host extracts characters with too high a level, the host has two choices."
"Two choices? Which two choices? " Sue should quickly asked.
"For example, if the host extracts a person who is three realms higher than himself, the first is to choose to accept the other person’s mana, and the second is to choose to accept the other person’s skill method and have it at the same time."
"Of course, the biggest highlight of this upgrade is the designated acquisition!"
"What do you mean by designated acquisition?"
Su Ying said strangely that he was a little strange in his heart. Before listening to this speech, it was cold. However, after this upgrade, it was somewhat humanized
"The so-called designated acquisition means that the host can name a character or you want to extract the character type in the lottery, and then you can designate the extracted host to choose, but it still cannot be higher than three realms."
"I can still do this?"
Su Ying shines at the moment. No wonder Tong says this is the biggest bright spot. This is simply the biggest bright spot!
Former Su Ying was randomly selected in the lottery, and there are many restrictions. Some characters are very good and should be of great help to Su Ying, but some characters are simply chicken ribs to Su Ying.
However, the existing designated acquisition does not mean that he can designate and draw the person he wants or a certain type of person in the next lottery?
In this way, Su Ying can maximize his character skills and mana.
Su Yingtong listened to the introduction for a moment.
Generally speaking, this upgrade is a great change in three aspects: the unified sale of magic weapons in stores and the designated acquisition in character extraction.
Store things need to have enough luck points to get magic weapons, and they can be traded at the same price in addition to luck points.
Of course, the happiest thing is to specify the characters, which is the biggest surprise for Su Ying.
"After the upgrade, does the host choose a lottery?"
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Three altars sea will be a great god
After Su Ying was sure, she added, "Can I specify the acquisition this time?"
Just now, the system has introduced that designated acquisition means that you can specify the person you want to extract or a certain type of person and then the system will extract it.
Su Ying prefers this kind of designated extraction to random extraction because she can get the people and skills she wants.
With the introduction, it is added that "the host can consider what kind of person type it wants or specify the name of the person, and will estimate the level of the person and then extract it"
"That’s good."
Su Ying thought for a moment, and then a picture of each character flashed in his mind. He thought about which character is the most helpful to himself at present. After a while, he suddenly thought of a character when he brightened at the moment!
"Nezha, I want Nezha! Is there? " Sue should rub hands hey hey say with smile
There was no direct answer. After a moment, the crystal screen suddenly changed and saw a child about nine years old appear in front of Su Ying.
A red Chinese-style chest covering arm Rao Gankun circle and a mixed day twill pedal hot wheels holding a fire-pointed gun
Who’s not Nezha?
Nezha is the third son of Chen Tang’s company commander Li Jing. Jin Bai and Mu Bai’s younger brother are the reincarnated mother of Lingzhu. Mrs. Yin was pregnant for three years and six months and gave birth to a meatball. Li Jing was a monster and split the sword. The baby inside was Nezha. Later, the immortal Taiyi came to congratulate him and named him "Nezha"
Although Nezha is small, he has magical powers. His father, King Tota, and others are the gods of the Three Tanhai Society. Once the demon king descended 96 holes and captured Niu Mowang.
Not only that, Nezha also has three heads and six arms that can hold the same weapon. One powerful opponent has six eyes. The original eyes become gods. The scorching sun is not afraid of strong light. In the dark night, everything can be seen clearly. A pair of eyes on the left head can see a hundred miles. A pair of eyes can turn to see the ninth heaven. This can prevent magic weapons from hurting people. It can prevent the hidden sneak attack. It is better than Yin Jiao and Luo Xuan. It shows that the leader is superior in strength and miraculous. It can be called the world’s double jiepai stabbed Bao Wang to death through the clouds to burn Ma Zhong, killing Long Anji Tong wounded Bian Ji Mianchi City
Even after entering the heaven, there are several masters.
"The host designated to acquire the character Nezha’s character mana value of 3,500 years and the attached skill" Three-headed and Six-armed Jade Qing Immortal Method "

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