The next day, Zhang Chengyuan woke up at the twilight of cesium. He still remembered that he said last night that he would be responsible for waking Jessica up and sending her back to the dormitory. She missed her notice, and even though he had no trip today, he got up early.

It’s too early to see you when you get up. He’s not in a hurry to wake Jessica up. Instead, he goes to the kitchen to make breakfast so that she and Crystal can sleep more.
Twenty minutes later, he made breakfast, which called the Zheng sisters up, and then urged them to wash their faces and brush their teeth. In addition, seeing that Jessica was depressed, he also spent a little qi to help her.
But after Jessica had the spirit, she stared at Zhang Chengyuan with a suspicious eye. He was very uncomfortable and asked, "What’s the matter? Why are you looking at me like that? " At the same time, the in the mind also some worry, for fear that Jessica is aware of something.
Jessica said, "Brother, didn’t you say last night that you would talk to me when you came back from Sister Ji Xiu?"
Zhang Chengyuan breathed a sigh of relief and said calmly, "Well, I said this and I did look for you after I came back last night, but I didn’t wake you up because you slept soundly."
Jessica said, "Did you do anything to me last night?"
"What did you do?" Zhang Chengyuan a face of startled heart is tight again.
Jessica saw that his doubts in his face suddenly disappeared. "When I slept in a daze last night, I felt that someone seemed to be talking to me and was still groping around me."
Zhang Chengyuan smiled a smile. "Did you have a nightmare in a bad spirit to have this illusion? You won’t let me secretly hit you while you are asleep, will you? " At the same time, he secretly blamed himself for being too careless last night. "If I had known this, I should have ordered Xiuyan’s sleeping point directly, but I wanted to see her reaction and let her sleep more heavily."
Jessica thought for a moment and nodded, "It shouldn’t be you. If you want to hit me, you can hit me when I’m awake. You don’t have to wait until I fall asleep. Besides, when you hit me before, you just hit my head at most, and you won’t touch me."
She has lost some memories. How can she really think that her brother Zhang Chengyuan, who has always made her respected and trusted, will take advantage of her while she is asleep? It should be noted that Zhang Chengyuan has always been quite principled despite his good cesium, and he has never played cesium wolf tricks on his own woman.
After pondering for a while, Jessica asked again, "Brother, what’s so important that you have to tell me this time that you have to leave me here?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Well, you haven’t seen anything for a long time. You just want to talk to you about the latest situation. Oh, by the way, why haven’t you come to see me for so long?" To avoid her getting to the bottom of it, he hurriedly changed the subject at will.
Jessica wondered, "We used to meet for business, and everyone was busy at work. It’s normal that we haven’t seen each other for months?"
Zhang Chengyuan was a little dumb and said, "Aren’t you curious that my brother just moved to a new home?"
Jessica said lightly, "I’m a little curious, but your new home won’t run. It’s also called watching it later."
Zhang Chengyuan couldn’t help sighing and feeling that he was really lovers with Jessica after losing part of his memory, because she regarded him as her brother and he regarded her as her lover and sister. It seems that the tacit understanding between the two sides is not as good as when they were just brothers and sisters more than a year ago.
So he didn’t want to say more, "All right, let’s eat, and I’ll send you back to the dormitory after eating."
Jessica saw his one eye and felt that his mood seemed a little low, but he nodded and walked to the restaurant without saying anything. A year ago, she was so indifferent to get along with Zhang Chengyuan, and even if she sometimes wanted to say something to him, she would try her best not to say it.
When they walked into the restaurant, they found that the small crystal had already sat at the table and began to eat.
Small crystal asked, "Brother, why are you so slow? I took a hot bath faster than you. "She went to bed without a bath last night and got up early to make up for it."
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and said, "Your sister didn’t sleep well. I was delayed for a while by my true spirit to wake her up." Then Jessica sat down and ate.
As one pleases, a small crystal, laughed and said, "My sister’s health is too poor. If she sleeps less for an hour or two, she often has no spirit. Unlike me, even if she doesn’t sleep at night, what will happen?"
Jessica said coldly, "I don’t know who fell asleep first last night."
Small crystal retorted, "That’s because I want to be held by my brother to sleep, so I pretended to be listless. Oh, no, I let it slip, sister. You are so bad that you deliberately dared me to tell the truth."
Jessica laughed. "Who told you to make fun of me first?"
Small crystal gave her an angry look and then looked at Zhang Chengyuan with a smile. "Brother, you won’t blame me, will you?"
Zhang Chengyuan pinched her face and didn’t care. "If you blame your brother for this little thing, it’s too stingy."
Small crystal immediately beamed, "Brother, you really hurt me more than my sister, and she will bully me." She also spat out her tongue at Jessica with a smile.
Jessica gave her a grumpily stare, bowed their heads and ate Zhang Chengyuan’s breakfast and ignored her. Zhang Chengyuan had no choice but to pick up the small crystal after she got home.
Zhang Chengyuan looked at her sisters and felt as if she had gone back to more than a year ago. At that time, Jessica had scruples that he never taught Xiao Crystal a lesson in front of him. But four or five months ago, because Zhang Chengyuan was very close, she no longer had scruples too much. She almost reprimanded Xiao Crystal if she wanted to reprimand her, but it would not be too fierce to knock her head if she wanted to. However, now it seems that everything has returned to its original state, which makes him inexplicably uncomfortable.
After dinner, Zhang Chengyuan drove Jessica back to the dormitory, and at the same time, he also sent Xiao Crystal to school, because it was not seven o’clock after sending Jessica, and he was still early from class, so he was not in a hurry to send Xiao Crystal to school, so he drove around in circles while Xiao Crystal talked to amuse himself.
During the conversation, Xiao Crystal suddenly asked, "Brother, do you feel that my sister is a little different these months?"
Zhang Chengyuan is not surprised. After all, Xiao Jing is the most familiar person with her sister in the world. It is normal for people in Jessica to detect something strange about her sister when they ask, "What’s different?"
Small Crystal said, "It’s all right in other aspects, but it seems that her attitude towards you is very different. A few months ago, she was very fond of sticking to you in private and contended for me to sleep with you several times. But last night, she slept alone in the guest room, and her eyes changed a little. Before she looked at you, she was very hot, but now she is a little indifferent."
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and patted her head and said, "I can’t believe your observation is quite good."
"That’s me but your sister." Small crystal got up in an ostentatious manner and then asked, "Brother, what happened to you and your sister? She used to like you, but now she suddenly seems to have no feelings for you? Sister ing, I know that she would never be so fickle. "
Zhang Chengyuan sighed lightly and asked again, "Crystal, do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing that your sister likes her brother?"
Small Crystal said, "It’s naturally a good thing for my sister, but it’s a bad thing for me. I don’t want to have an extra competitor." Although she is only 16 years old this year, she has been with Zhang Chengyuan for a long time, and she is no longer ignorant in love and has a little opinion of her own.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Is that good or bad for my brother?"
Small crystal thought, "It should be a good thing, because my sister is a good girl and you are not afraid that more women will affect your relationship with Yuri."
"Then can you accept your sister as a brother and a woman?" Zhang Chengyuan asked
"Brother and sister will not have become your woman?" Small crystal immediately notice asked
"You answer my brother’s question first!"
Small crystal leng for a long time some unhappy way "don’t accept it? Will you not accept your sister if I say no? Brother, you are so bad that you secretly hide it from me and my sister! "
Zhang Chengyuan sighed, "Yes, I have decided to let your sister follow me. It is meaningless to ask this question again, but you must accept the crystal happily and don’t tell your parents."
Small crystal depressed for a long time and finally said, "It’s not that I can’t accept it, but you have to be fair to me. If I want to follow my brother when I grow up, can you not accept it?" For Zhang Chengyuan’s words, she habitually obeyed the private affairs between the two sisters and Zhang Chengyuan. The two sisters had agreed not to tell their parents anything even if Zhang Chengyuan didn’t tell her.
"If you really want to follow me for a generation after you are five years old, I will definitely think about it." Zhang Chengyuan nodded and said, I don’t know whether it is to deal with the small crystal language temporarily or really intend to do so in my heart.

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