When you are busy, you will feel too fast. When I have solved a series of problems after the founding of the Orcs, I will find that it has come to the winter, and I will go to the gods in a few days. I have searched the magic emperor in the magic capital. I haven’t found out what this guy is up to yet. It’s so difficult for him to prepare to fight without fighting. What good will it do him? Just fight or not. Just go back to the mainland of the underworld. Millions of people are here. This old guy has a brain problem. Why can’t I fight this year? I’m not here. Go home for the Spring Festival, the cat has gone in winter, and the gods have been surrendered to the temple by Edward. Edward is ready to rebuild a capital city project, and I have got it. His mine has been exchanged with me. Now our business is everywhere in the Kruma Empire, and it is quite a father’s wind to do business. After two years of business expansion, I quickly greeted Edward and then returned to my Lord’s house in Songfengling City in a blink of an eye. Two eldest brothers, Qing Lin, said hello to them first, and then I took Qing Lin to the Sing Tao base.

Now the Sing Tao base is much bigger than before, and the part of the land has gone deep into the end about two kilometers. After the robot can be built from the base, the star rhyme will expand wildly. Now the reproduction base is getting bigger and bigger. Now several aspects of the base are working at the same time. On the one hand, it is an alchemist’s medicine material, on the other hand, it is also an energy source. In this respect, the magic can benefit the second star rhyme, which is accelerating the completion of the industrial body and making it possible to jump. It is impossible to travel in a long-distance space, and we don’t know what dangers the spacecraft will face in the future. The research and manufacturing technology of the spacecraft must not be too high, so that my life can be guaranteed, and the immortal will die in the vast universe. The third exploration of the star road will lay the foundation for our future journey home. Now Xingyun has launched a universal exploration satellite, and a lot of information has been returned. It can be said that Sing Tao base is now the most important industry of our bit family, and our bit family can rest and worry in the human world mainland.
Now it is said that billion robots are working in the base at the same time because of the star charm. She is not afraid of the shortage of resources. I also heard that she has found a lot of profitable resources in the surrounding stars. Now the base can be built into a spacecraft flying close in the universe. The rapid development of the base has entered the base control hall, I said loudly
Xingyun’s sister and brother, I came to see you, and you didn’t say anything to meet me. The voice just fell and Xingyun’s virtual image is now yelling at me in the hall.
Bai Xuesheng, you dead old ghost, don’t talk to me in such a disgusting tone, or I won’t stop you. Why don’t you sit in the Kruma Empire and come back?
Ma Jin is coming into the winter, and now both the gods and the demons are holding their horses. The demon emperor, a dead old ghost, wandered around the mainland of the human world and went back to the mainland of the underworld. You said something like a spaceship flew to the planet, so I didn’t feel very well about the development of things. It seems that we didn’t think of it. I don’t know what the demon emperor is up to now. What do you mean by tracking that spaceship? I asked.
No, we have lost it. As you know, our technology is not worse than that of Creator, but the development of our industrial system has not yet reached the point where we can build a jumping spaceship. We can take a jumping vacation after losing the bow spaceship. This time, the enemy is our strongest opponent, and we don’t have a good chance of winning. Speaking of this, Xingyun is also a place I am worried about. I brought Qinglin instead of eldest brother and sister-in-law because I want Xingyun to discuss the current situation. The current situation depends on our medical care. Now my star charm is white. The reason why things have come to this state is that I was robbed by heaven, but our purpose is only to strengthen our strength. Who would have thought that this would bring us a strong enemy? This should be the old saying that a blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise.
Don’t think so much. We don’t know when this creator will come. Besides, he may not be our enemy. Qing Lin said aside
You are still too simple. After listening to Qing Lin’s words, I told her that although we are not sure whether this creator is hostile to us, we can’t put our future on my guess, but as far as the current situation is concerned, the possibility that Creator is our enemy is 6. Because it is found that these situations are all monitoring means, I don’t know why this creator should do this, but I don’t feel very good. I will come back this time to improve my strength and charm as much as possible. You should speed up the development of the base and build a spaceship that can jump as soon as possible, so that we can save our lives less. Otherwise, if the
Don’t worry, now the development speed of the earth’s resources is several times that of the previous ones. Now the base is growing faster than that of the previous world for decades. I think we will be able to jump the spacecraft in spring, Xingyun said
No, the speed is still too slow. It’s still three months before spring, and I’m afraid that the enemy will have knocked on the door by then. By then, we will be too late in technology. I’ll give you two months, and you will build a cosmic fleet, even a few spacecraft fleets. Besides, have you found a planet suitable for human habitation? Is it the kind of planet suitable for human habitation but without advanced intelligence? I asked again
Ah, quite a few. How do you know that I have found such a planet? It’s strange to ask. It’s strange to say that I have found many such planets in a star near here, and the closer I get to a certain place in the universe, the more places there are. Moreover, the origins of life on these planets are very advanced, and it’s only a few million years before the star rhyme goes on to say.
I didn’t know that you found these; I was just asking casually; but as the saying goes, there are three caves for wily rabbits; which is worthy for us. At present, we don’t know much about our enemies; knowing that they are no better than us in searching for science and technology; we can’t just wait for the enemy to come to Xingyun; you just need to build new secret bases on these newly discovered habitable planets as soon as possible and back up our technology in these bases; so if we build more bases on different planets; we will also hide them in case we fail. Being in and making a comeback, Qian Sing Tao base needs a bow to take off and jump at any time. After the spaceship is built, my parents, eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law will be connected to the things in the base’s residence territory for them to conduct remote command. At the same time, don’t forget the base’s defense ability, I said.
Don’t worry, I’ll do it well. Just watch, Xingyun said
I know you are the best intelligent person in the world. I believe you, I said to Xingyun.
I’ll go to work now. I’ll go. No, you said that, and the virtual image of Xingyun disappeared.
Is it necessary to do this? Qing Lin asked
It’s also my fault for my thoughtlessness. The old devil emperor gave me a bad feeling that the old man should be waiting for someone, and it shouldn’t be too long. After a long story, he will withdraw the inferno army to the mainland of the underworld. I’m the old man. Don’t forget that for this world, we are outsiders after all. We must be prepared for the enemy of the universe, otherwise we may die. Go back and tell the pigs about the current dangerous situation. Don’t tell the eldest brother, sister-in-law and parents that I’m here. Ribu is a nine-turn mixed-up array. Now we are spar, not afraid of waves. Besides, if we are exposed, we don’t care. What we have to do is to get into the fast and high strength. You go back and I’ll find a place to arrange the array. I’ll let you know what I said.
Qing Lin teleported back to the territory after listening to my words, and I went to the mountain to find a place full of vitality. I want to arrange a nine-turn mixed-day array composed of 991 small poly-yuan arrays nested with each other. This array can force tens of thousands of miles of vitality in Fiona Fang to gather in a large array to practice. This large array is practiced on the planet. No one dares to arrange it. If it is too powerful, it will definitely lead to conflicts in practice. The most fundamental need for practice is to forcibly rob others of their vitality. However, in this world, I don’t have this taboo. After the large array is arranged,
I found a small mountain peak full of vitality hovering in the middle and right hand, and pressed the edge of the small mountain to form a Fiona Fang. The platform fell on the platform for several miles, and I took the spar from the object ring and arranged it according to the azimuth. I haven’t finished arranging it yet. Qing Lin has taken the pig Daqing and his family of three to Mao Mao to meet me. The pig opened his mouth and asked.
Villagers, is it really so serious this time?
It should be more serious than you think, and I won’t talk back.
Why did you make such a judgment? Pig asked again.
We have long judged that the Creator clan has a very high-tech level, which is no less than that of us. Now we know the word "true master" from the inferno, that is to say, in the Creator world, there have been such registration criteria, that is to say, in the Creator world, there have been such masters. Don’t forget that our enemy is a race with a history of millions or even tens of millions of years. You said that compared with us, how much chance do we have? We all know this is called creation. The gods of the world can’t be alone, so there is little possibility that the race will disappear in the universe. I believe they are still far away from here, but those arrangements outside them say that they are still watching here, and no matter from that point of view, we may become their enemies.
We are indigenous people on this planet, and our ability to grow to this point may threaten their interests on this planet and their rule. Although I don’t know what their interests are on this planet, our ability is definitely that they don’t want to see us choose consciousness from their leadership, but become their people. If we lead from them, we will lose our Lord. Are you willing? There is no doubt that we will become their enemies, wisdom and life, and exclusivity. Are you still not famous now? I asked.
Yeah, I don’t think you’re neurotic. If you’re not there, your strength will always be the first. The greater the power, the greater the possibility of survival. Stop talking. Hurry up and arrange your array. Let’s all close up quickly. The strength can rise by one point. If these rabbits are really hostile to us, we’ll be ashamed that Baihu Qinglong hasn’t found the words to find them. We’re not afraid of these rabbits. Baidu search piggy words said that I had placed the spar at hand according to the position and listened to the pigs complaining. Juyuan array is not a good arrangement. You need thousands of pieces of spar for light, and you also need other minerals and metals that you don’t see for a long time. This time, you have drained all my accumulated resources over the years. Fortunately, we listened to the pig’s complaints and my heart moved to ask.
Piggy, now that we have found the white tiger, can you five tear it apart?
The white tiger veins have awakened, but it can be done once. After all, the veins of the elders of Longdao haven’t really awakened, and Mao Mao’s strength is too poor to tear the anti-addiction. It’s not that it can withstand the white tiger now, and it’s also the same problem. The white tiger Mao Mao’s strength now is that it’s not a problem to tear it four or five times. It’s not a problem for us to really wake up and tear the dragon veins. Then it’s not a problem for the gods to come and kill them. We can also throw him into the cracks and trap him for tens of thousands of years. The problem is that it takes less Xuanxian strength for immortals to live in cracks. You said that it is impossible for a large cosmic fleet to escape the tearing and attract the tearing, and then a storm will tear up everything. Piggy said proudly.
I can’t believe it.
Really, why did I lie to you? Said piggy.
Well, after the layout of the nine-turn mixed array is completed, you can go to the celestial mainland to find the white tiger’s blood, and then go to Longdao to find the dragon elder. This guy should help us anyway. We are not afraid that Genesis will have a large fleet of spaceships, so I can take care of it. In this way, we can at least fight for it in a few months, and then our chances will be even greater. When we are short of it, I will say.
On the contrary, we all listen to you and do what you say. Piggy doesn’t care. It took me a few hours to put a few large and small SPAR in the corresponding position, and then I said to the other guys.
Pay attention, I’m going to start the array, and protect myself carefully. I will input the purple fairy element into the spar, and all the large arrays will shine instantly. It’s the kind of light that is not dazzling. Do you want to gather in the large array or slowly? As time goes by, it will become a rapid gathering. In a few minutes, it will become a rapid gathering, and the range of the large array’s absorption will change from a few miles to dozens, and then it will become a few hundred miles and a half. When it disappears, a big storm has formed, and the center of the storm is this nine-turn mixed day gathering array Yao this is because the vitality of heaven and earth was quickly pumped into pneumatics. On this day, all the mainland people felt the strong weather changes in the northern part of the Maltese Empire. On this day, all the magical elements in the mainland became chaotic. The magicians all controlled their own violent magic in the practice room. Even Aaron Habis, the dharma god, controlled the land in the imperial city’s home. Because he is a fire magic element, then it is not good for the mainland to practice quarrelling, and the receiver does not control it. This is because the massive movement of the vitality of heaven and earth broke the balance of each element.
Jade Emperor, who stayed in the mainland of the human world, felt that he was out of balance, and all the magical elements changed. When the great pressure came, he couldn’t believe it like other protoss. Looking to the north, the protoss felt that a large group of protoss generals came to Jade Emperor.
Can you tell us what happened there? Is this the time we felt that force in the divine world? A general asked Jade Emperor.
I don’t know exactly what happened, but I can tell you that this power is definitely not the second time. We feel that the second power is absolutely full of destructive power. It is capable of destroying conan the destroyer power. I don’t know why this power was born and what it is going to destroy. I know that I have no resistance in the face of this power. I once suspected that the object of this power’s destruction is Liqi 86 bits, because up to now he is the biggest human being I have ever seen. I have tried to compete with him and lost to him, but I didn’t do my best. I think Liqi 86 bits is similar to my real strength, but here we are.
Although this force is powerful now, it is not as powerful as that force, and it is not destructive. Moreover, I feel that he was forcibly gathered by something. It is because he was forcibly gathered that he could not be manipulated that we feel this pressure. Is it difficult for human beings to be cared for by Creator? However, it was difficult for more than 2,000 years that human magical ability has reached this point? It will not be long before human beings can compete with our protoss. It seems that we really should take care of human beings. It seems that it is not enough for temple intelligence workers to do it. You all should practice Jade Emperor while we are at it.
This elemental chaos lasted for three days and three nights. The formation of Juyuan became a huge vortex. From time to time, there was no black cloud in the vortex. It was the main body of the vortex. I really wanted to be an eye. People saw that it was a demon’s eye. Then the demons were going to die everywhere in the mainland. This was just a trick played by the Dark Temple. The Light Temple was not to be outdone. It was the true god’s eye. He was watching the mainland and believed in the light gods. He was showing the light. The rapid movement of heaven and earth also caused some disasters to a repair place. But this has already happened.
In three days, the scope of the array was thousands of times higher than that of the outside world. There was a white fog and I couldn’t see clearly. These white fog just liquefied the vitality of the sky and the earth. I led everyone in and felt a little pig’s long breath and said

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