They gathered around Mike again and suddenly said, "Was this a care division fight just now? Don’t the care division fight all the landslides? "

As soon as this guy said something, it seemed that everyone nodded and looked at me and Muhammad in confusion.
Muhammad didn’t feel bad because he lost so easily. He seemed to be very happy. He walked over and said, "I thought so before, too. Because of high-level skills and incantations, there are usually less preparations for release. It is usually low-level magic. It is rare for you to find an opportunity to prepare a high-level magic. To win or lose, you will usually fight for a long time. The final result is often persistence of perception. Most of them are that someone has no mana and another person has a hard time winning."
Muhammad said that people around him kept nodding their heads, which was very similar.
"But what I just said is the general situation and the Lord’s adult competition has completely subverted my cognition ~ Because the Lord’s adult root is not a general magician, not only can he master compound magic, but also can instantly send high-order magic. Perhaps the soul strength can be compared with that of the Dharma Saint, even if it is not as good as it is, it will not be too bad. Facing the Lord’s adult, I have no chance to release magic ~ What is there like that? And I’m sure it will be very easy for the Lord to kill me! "
Muhammad looked at me as if he were asking. I grinned and nodded gently. It is true that it is easy for me to kill him.
Everyone around me looked at me with a shocked face. It seemed that Muhammad’s words made them a little scared, but then several people did change their faces with excitement, and these people were just the ones I was going to stop me with Muhammad when I left.
"Muhammad, the competition is over. You can tell me what you asked for, and I will promise whatever it is!" I looked at Muhammad seriously
"Lord Lord, Muhammad, the wizard of thunder, asks to be your follower and asks Lord Lord’s permission!"
I was thinking about what this guy would ask for, but I didn’t expect this guy to bend his body to 9 degrees directly at me and say sincerely ~ shrimp? Have a competition with me and then be my follower? What’s the situation?
"War-mad Mike asked to become a follower of the Lord and begged the Lord to agree!"
"The great knight Harris is willing to follow the Lord’s side and ask the Lord’s permission!"
"Berserker Robert asked the Lord to accept my loyalty!"
Chapter 31 A group of followers
I haven’t realized that after Muhammad, there are six people who want to be my followers on one knee ~ what is this situation? Is being a follower promising?
Staring at the seven knights of the National People’s Congress, two war maniacs, and a hidden career, Berserker has also achieved epic strength, one shooter and one magician. After I thought about it, there is also a Brent anyway, and I am not afraid of more. Isn’t that just a little salary?
It just so happens that our territory needs management, doesn’t it? Isn’t the army in command? It’s you!
"Are you sure you want to be my follower? Just like Brandt, he is also my follower, but I can’t take him with me at any time, and so are you. Maybe I need you to stay in the territory and command the army more! "
"Lord, I, Mike, have decided that I have no problem with whatever the Lord wants me to do!"
"But by the Lord’s adult arrangement!" Several people unanimously replied ~ "well, since you have decided, I agree!" "
"Lord Xie!" The seven people smiled and thanked them ~ The unified sign also rang, and the number in the column of accepting the loyalty of Muhammad, Mike, Harris, Robert, Ji, Seth and Simon became.
After seeing the highest level of people is Muhammad and Harris, the 7 th level care teacher and the 7 th level knight, Brent, Mike, Robert and Seth are the 75 th level knight, and 73 rd level Simon is the 72 nd level shooter.
The commission is not high. Muhammad is 2 gold coins a year, and everything else is 1 gold coin. It’s not a problem.
"Since you are loyal to me, I have to arrange something for you first. Tell me which oasis you are from."
"Muhammad Lop Nur Oasis!"
"Harris Baikal Oasis!"
"Brantslow Oasis!"
"Mykos Oasis!"
"Robert Baikal oasis!"
"Lop Nur Oasis!"
"Sistersala Oasis!"
"Symondsala Oasis!"
"Well, now I’m ordering Brandt to lead the new Sloan City Guards; Mike new Coase city guard commander; Harris is the new commander of the guards in Baikal; Seth new Sarah city guard commander; New Lop Nur city guard commander! The five of you will be responsible for organizing your oasis combat power during this period. "
"Yes!" Five people should be ordered unanimously.
"Muhammad Lord mansion bodyguard battalion commander and manager! Responsible for selecting powerful fighters from various oases to enter the bodyguard camp and manage the affairs of the Lord’s house. "
"Robert and Simon, generals and lieutenants of the Emerald Army!"
"Remember that everyone in the city guards, the Emerald Army or the Lord’s House Guard Camp must reach the advanced professional level. The main soldiers, knights and shooters of the city guards are the same as those in the Lord’s House Guard Camp. The Emerald Army needs to recruit wizards in addition to the warriors, knights and shooters."

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