If the monster breaks through the wooden door and rushes into the altar to destroy the help token, then everyone will have life to defend their homes and place their souls on the club Xuanyuan League, and it will become history among the kings.

"Don’t …!"
"No … not …! !”
“……! !”
Despair floated in my heart at the same time when the monster hit the gate! ! Especially at this time, I felt a sense of guilt in my heart, and I felt even more sorry for those players who died defending Xuanyuan City. Bare failed to trust her. He expected him to give such an important thing to himself, but he failed to finish it. I deeply blamed myself for this silly girl’s fault and felt that everything was his own fault.
Two clear tears slipped from her eyes unconsciously.
Everyone was desperate, but the monster was excited to see that it was a few steps away from the gate to break through the wooden door, which was not very strong at first glance. Father God told me that even if I finished this, I don’t know how to reward it. I was even more excited when I thought of this. Maybe I will mix a senior boss Dangdang, or maybe it doesn’t require much. I want to be a fast armored beastmaster and lead those who usually look down on myself.
So it was full of hope and quickly jumped on the simple wooden door.
"Boom …! !”
"ouch! !”
With a roar, it seems that everyone can’t bear to see the duke’s mansion being broken, and they twist their heads to attack the monsters around them. They want to vent their dissatisfaction and frustration in those monsters, and the players will be inspired by the blink of an eye, so they will put the monsters that they can’t do at ordinary times in their own feet.
Caused a brief virtual Fiona Fang two meters around. For the time being, no monster was annihilated by their angry fire because of being close to the monster.
"No! What do you mean? " In despair and anger, people suddenly realized that something seemed to be wrong and looked at the door involuntarily.
Chapter 455 infatuation falls like a dream (two more)
How did this happen? Everyone was stunned by the present situation. Seeing that the swift armored beast fell to the ground with a knight’s sword in its throat, it was still bleeding out. It seems that it was bombarded by weakness.
Not far from the swift armored beast, a petite figure leaned against the wooden door and sat with her chest stained with blood. The corners of her mouth smiled with relief, and the blood flowed slowly with her smile. Every time she twitched, there was a blood sword flowing out.
These things happen in a flash!
"Eldest brother with the wind! Hehe, I can help you, too. Although Rumeng is an outsider, but … Ahem, I still helped you with my body, big brother. Come back quickly. I need you here …! " Fall on the ground like a dream, looking at people in surprise, smiling and saying to themselves
"What’s going on? She … She who is she? " Players are surprised to ask each other because they are unfamiliar with infatuation.
Fell to the ground in everyone’s suspicion like a dream, shed the last drop of blood, and then slowly turned into a white light and disappeared. She left peacefully and happily because she gave all her lovers her best efforts.
Yan ran’s look was complicated, and she was so restless when she fell to the ground. Since bare came back from abroad and brought it back to this woman, her heart has not been calm. Although bare didn’t say who this girl is and what he is, she knew that they would not be so simple by the woman’s perception.
And bare didn’t come to explain to her in detail, so I went to apply for the guild headquarters and made preparations in full swing. Although I was uncomfortable, I didn’t think about those things temporarily until bare assigned myself and infatuation here.
Although Yan ran, she didn’t want to see her stay here like a dream, but after all, it was arranged by her lover, and she wasn’t talking about what it meant to put her aside, so she was ignored, and the infatuation came for a short time. Everyone here knows each other and stays quietly alone
Seeing that a large number of monsters are constantly attacking, although they have the heart to help, they can’t insert their hands. Although they are worried, they can’t stay aside and secretly worry.
The level of infatuation is not low, so it is not low to upgrade with bare, not less monsters. Although her level is not the highest, it is not necessary for others to be poor. When I was in Europe, I was trained by one person, and my skills were not bad. Otherwise, I could not be hunted by so many people and still be alive.
I came here with bare, but I didn’t have a chance to play my heart. My personality is stronger. At the moment she saw Yan Ran, she knew it was difficult to have her here, but she couldn’t bear to leave bare, and she was not familiar with it at all, and she had no foothold.
I can also stay in Xuanyuan League for a while. When I came to Xuanyuan League, she realized that the person she likes had such a great achievement, not only the first king, but also the first player to establish a formal guild. The players are full of talents and all of them are elites.
She never thought that the person she likes would be so powerful. Listen to him and start from scratch. Unlike those rich brothers who rely on their family background to achieve their careers, they secretly admire this seemingly indifferent man and love him more. The only regret is that this man has a lover and is also a very good beauty.
All the people who were dismayed by her roots melted into the lively crowd and could quietly hide in the corner and watch secretly until the swift armored beast broke through the defense line and rushed out and attacked the gate of the Lord’s mansion.
Although I have no experience in building a city, I know that a bear gate has been broken and destroyed, and all my efforts will be wasted, and all my secret worries will be lost. I don’t hesitate to start the knight’s skill to charge and block in front of the wooden door when I see the rapid armored beast attacking the gate.
And her weak body is hard to resist the rapid impact of armored animals. There is an idea in her mind that I want to stop it, and I can’t let Brother Xiao work hard to build a guild to destroy it, even if his own life is destroyed.
However, the rapid impact of the armored beast is too fast, and it is impossible to stop it. The only way is to use your body to make a hard bar. In this way, the knight’s charge and the monster’s rapid impact are accompanied by a roar, and one person and one beast collide together.
At the moment when the monster’s horns hit him, accompanied by a pain, he could swing his sword and quickly stab him in the throat of the monster in front of him. Even if the rapid armored beast had a high level of defense, the huge impact caused the knight’s sword to stab him in the throat smoothly and killed him.
Brothers can imagine in their minds how powerful it will be when two cars collide head-on. As soon as the sword in their hands is stabbed, they feel a great force coming from their chest, and then they are knocked out and fall behind the wooden door.
"Why is the battle not over yet? Whether you can hold on depends on us!" The first thing to react is to smile and have a complicated mood. Look at the place where infatuation disappears like a dream and go back and correct it.
At this time, she is more confident to stick to it, even if she fights to the last person, she will not let the monster step into the door, even if it is not a step. The infatuation and dreaming performance have a great impact on Yan Ran. A newcomer has given himself so much, and there is no reason not to stick to it.
She believes that she can’t be worse than her. Now there is no jealousy in her heart, and she is not jealous of that leisure. Now she has noticed that some women show that women are sometimes a strange animal. The change of mind is a moment, but she insists on it until the support staff arrives or when she can.
"Where are you! You know, Brother Wind needs you here! ! Come back soon! !”
Yan ran with everyone’s hard attack on monsters while secretly blaming that irresponsible person for not coming to that road. Do you want this Xuanyuan?
After what happened just now, the attack of Xuanyuan League members became even more tragic. Yes, it was tragic. Now the disabled people don’t have any body that is not bloody, new injuries and old scars. All kinds of drugs are constantly increasing, and they are desperately trying to control their eyes, that is, they can live more, kill more monsters and fight for more.
But bare still didn’t come to reinforce and didn’t come at the right time. Is this really unbearable? The monster’s impact is getting bigger and bigger, and it is possible to break through the defense line and destroy the help token at any time …! !
Chapter 456 Liu Wei (outbreak of the night)
Finally, there are less than 100 people who insist on facing the tens of millions of monster attacks at any time, which may be worse. There are also several high-level boss who are leading the team like a lonely boat in the sea struggling desperately in the storm.
Monsters attack crazily, and they have been compressed to the last bottom line. They are tightly guarding the wooden door at the gate of the duke’s mansion to resist the monster attack. There is no suspense in fighting until now, and it is only a matter of time before the army is wiped out.
Even in the heyday, they may not be able to hold on to the worse situation. Now they have run out of ammunition and food, and each body has different injuries, and one medicine has been consumed early to not replenish it.
The situation is already very critical. Although it is less than a minute before the siege ends, there are many things to do in this minute, such as hanging out in the strange group boss Michelle, level 2. It can be said that it is the leader of boss. Today, it was ordered to lead people to capture the city so that those human players could fail to establish a base.
However, it never imagined that these seemingly low-level and weak human players would be so strong in the face of the army, not only uncompromising, but also fucking fighting back and killing a large number of their own hands. This is unforgivable and unforgivable
In its eyes, these humans should be vulnerable, and even if they fight hard, the result will not change. It is confident that it will successfully take this small town in the next few minutes and look at the few players who hinder itself. It smiled and was very heart-felt because victory was beckoning to it.
He is a cautious boss, but also a leader Michelle who thinks he has great wisdom. He knows that these human players are not afraid of the small number, but their fighting capacity is not bad at all. What’s more, they occupy favorable terrain and are not suitable for the impact of a large number of monsters
Now there is not much time left. It seems that it is time to end this fight. Thinking of this, boss Michelle moves forward. It is carefully mixed with the attacking monsters and approaches Cong step by step. It doesn’t want to shake it head-on, even if it has the strength.
And is trying to resist Yan ran and her hand brother root didn’t find the danger is approaching, in fact, even found that they are also able to spare so much.
"What should I do? There are more and more monsters. I’m afraid we can’t stand it if the supporters come or not!" Liu Feng, who is beside Yan Ran (played by a fan of friendship), asked after flying in an attempt to sneak up on the monster.
I really don’t know what to do when I hear the good sister Liu Feng’s question, but she can’t show weakness. She can wry smile, "Let’s hold on for a while. I just informed everyone on the trade union channel and told them the situation here. I believe they will come soon."
"Look out!"
"Ah …!"
Just to start and discuss with Liu Feng, I hung out in the strange group and pretended to be an ordinary monster boss Michelle. Its goal is to start this sly guy and see at a glance which human girl with a strong bow is these people. If the leader wants to kill her, it will end the battle.
I didn’t expect this monster to know how to catch the thief first. boss Michelle is a combination of a fast armored beast and a cunning blood raccoon with strong physical attack ability and no less than human wisdom.
As soon as it is near, we can tell who is strong and who is weak, and we can tell who is primary and secondary. Seeing Yan Ran and talking to that beautiful girl around her quickly waved that sharp claw to guard against Yan Ran. If it is hit, even if Yan Ran is strong, it will have to fall into a fragrant field.
Seeing that the human girl is going to be killed by herself, boss Michelle laughs. She knows that she can’t escape this rapid attack on her this time, and she is confident that she can solve this guy who has brought a lot of trouble to herself.
Sharp claws flash at a general speed, and the distance increases. It’s near to start and prevent the roots from dodging. At this time, I heard a charming shout and felt a huge force hitting me. When I arrived, I threw myself into her arms.
The huge impact made Yan ran’s chest hot and a blood arrow sprayed out. How could this be? Yan ran did not wipe away the blood from the corners of her mouth. She quickly looked at the jade man in her arms and saw that Liu Feng’s back reflected a wound more than a foot long. The blood could not help but go out. Bai Sensen’s spine was exposed with bloodshot blood, and the flesh and blood on his back had been torn off by that claw.
Then a white light flashed across the girl who persisted until the last moment. She was killed by Michelle and returned to life. She hugged the body that had not yet disappeared and cried sadly, "Liu Feng …! Liu Feng … You are so stupid! "
Now the game has been ignored by many people. This is not real life, but a game. Many people regard it as a reality, and Yan Ran is no exception. At this time, she also forgot that it is a game. It is not terrible to die here, but it can be resurrected after death.
It turned out that Michelle’s confident blow was discovered by Liu Feng first. After shouting out caution, she quickly turned her body and stood in front of Yan Ran to pick up the blow.
"I’ll fight with you!" Grief and indignation, Yan ran and let Liu Feng’s body bite the jade teeth, and the cold face frosted up, and the strong bow and the proud skill were shot at Michelle who was still numb.
Michelle is a little confused. Why did the human girl hit another person when she was shooting at the bow? In fact, it’s all the same to kill anyone. It’s not white. Why would a human player block its blow?
That’s the price of life. I really don’t understand what human beings are doing. In their world, there is mutual devouring, and there is no such thing as sacrificing oneself to save others. It has no less wisdom than human beings. It is a little confused and can’t figure out what is going on.
Is it a monster that human feelings can be clarified? If it is colloquial, then it is not a monster.

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