There are no valuable planets near this planet, let alone other life planets, which is also the main reason why this planet is in this state.

In bullying and kingliness … They want to enter the normal human society alive and not be controlled by the human alliance government. They can temporarily cooperate with Lin until they are safe.
After the special training for peace arrived on this planet from Lin.
And Xinghe Heping has been away from special training since he was eliminated.
"What’s the matter? We and the Galaxy have stayed out of each other for a hundred years. Why would the Galaxy’s army make a big siege of our Star Wolf Interstellar Pirates?"
"Is it because we didn’t kill it in special training?"
"That’s definitely not the reason. If that’s the reason, then we must be surrounded by more than the Milky Way."
"Yinhe … our recent contact with Yinhe, that is, we had a brief contact with the old dragon in our hometown in special training. Is it because the stars assassinated him in special training?"
"That old dragon can’t do this to us in reality because of such a trivial matter in the game."
"What would that be? We haven’t offended him since this incident? We have always been very friendly. "
A group of leaders of Star Wolf Interstellar Pirates will meet to discuss the encirclement and suppression of them by the galactic army … because none of them thought of it.
The cause of the incident was that Lin killed the old dragon and his group, and also spilled the disaster on the Milky Way, which led to the emergence of this war
Lin didn’t report any hope at that time, that is, he tried to say a few words when Lao Long was poisoned.
After all, the role death in special training is just being eliminated, not really dead.
"We can run away, too. We can’t be military opponents. After all, we are just a pirate group."
"I really can’t bear to part with such a big inheritance!"
"It’s hard for us to be ruined, and they can’t get any benefits from us."
"md must find out what this is all about. We star wolves have never eaten this kind of dark loss."
There has been no speech at the meeting, and the stars suddenly said, "Is it possible that it is a trick?"
Xinghe asked, "Why do you say that?"
The stars said, "I didn’t feel anything strange before, but now I think of the Galaxy Dragon and a group of them who think something is wrong."
Xinghe asked, "What’s wrong?"
The stars said, "There is something wrong with the old dragon. What do you think the old dragon is like? He will attend the fifth special training? And in special training, he has been wandering around. Before that, we have been looking for him, but what is the truth? He must not be looking for too many places where they have been, and he has almost turned the whole planet around the places where it is possible to go. Is it just one? "
Xinghe frowned and said, "It can’t be. If we are really looking for it, we and those mercenaries will be enough … He must be looking for the reverse growth gene!"
Star’s facial expression said, "Yes, he must have known for a long time that the anti-growth gene was looking for the real name. The purpose was to find the anti-growth gene."
Galaxy exhibition large-scale association "we don’t know in advance, it is even more impossible to know, but revealing the anti-growth gene to np is revealed in things …"
Chapter four hundred and forty-nine Overbearing Wake up!
Galaxy Exhibition large-scale association "We don’t know in advance, it’s even more impossible to know, but revealing the anti-growth gene to np is revealed … and all our players have not found or seen the old dragon after being taken away by np. It’s very likely that the old dragon has been found and killed, and it has also been exposed that they are looking for the anti-growth gene, so that they can know that the anti-growth gene is there and disclose it to np."
"That’s right!" The star nodded and said, "The most important thing is that it is very possible to say something in our name before killing the old dragon and turn us into suckers."
"This possibility is very large," Xinghe agreed. "In special training, those mercenaries can’t kill the old dragon hand, and we are not the old dragon opponents. There is a possibility that they can kill the old dragon."
"This damn …"
Star Wolf Interstellar Pirates vanished in just a few days.
However, it can also be said that there is still a galaxy army out to encircle the Star Wolf, but there is no way to completely uproot the Star Wolf or to escape by senior members of the Star River, Spark and Stars.
In special training!
The forest belt was sent to a safe place with ten np kings and bullying.
Wang Dao said, "You can let us go now!"
"Ha ha!" Lin didn’t look at the king but looked at the bully and said, "What do you think of your mental state now?"
"Yes, there is a feeling that I am about to break away from the shackles of fate." The state of hegemony and kingship is very different. Even if I have practiced "Star River Tai Ji Chuan" for more than ten years, I can always feel my strangeness even if I practice deeper than kingship.

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