Master Zhou didn’t good the spirit way "self-immolation, can’t live, if it weren’t for the first time, I wouldn’t give Meng’s mobile phone."

"That’s so said, but it’s not easy to clean up this mess. When Tianjiang’s family and Zhong’s family all know it, how can you criticize me sometime? Hum, you are the best hiding in Huadu to enjoy leisure."
"I enjoy my leisure fart. I still have to figure out how to make amends with Sheng. Don’t say how hard you seem to force me not to know you. I’m used to pretending to be deaf-mute. When the time comes, no matter who comes to see you, you can say that you didn’t know anything when you slept, so why don’t you push it clean? Who can be serious with you? They can eat that dumb loss no matter who is not angry, but they are not clean with each other! I really want to thoroughly investigate the old man. The first one wants to ask why I am given the grandson medicine? "
Master Fan couldn’t help laughing when he was poked. "It’s just that I’m asking random questions."
"But you have to find someone to reveal something about the Jiang family. Don’t let them mistake it for chills. Then it’s wrong for the Meng family. They want to sit quietly and watch the tigers fight. There’s no way!"
"When I do this, let the Jiang family and the Meng family bite each other. Hey, hey, let’s take advantage of it?"
"Come on, I didn’t think about taking advantage of anyone. Jiang’s jokes are not good-looking. That girl in Jiang’s family is a brainless Jiangnan, but she is still young and shallow, but that his mother is not easy to handle and protect her calves. Hum sometime will make trouble."
"No matter how noisy it is, you can still stop her if you go to Jiangquan."
"Hum, that depends on whether Jiang Quan helps or helps."
What happened in the manor is still unknown to outsiders. After Fu Yunyi got off the plane, his mobile phone rang at the first time. He looked at the eye number and hesitated whether to answer the bell. After half a ring, he still couldn’t help answering the sacred voice from there. "Big Cousin, I have two news for you. Which one do you want to hear first?"
Fu Yunyi heart is pulled up for a moment and whispered, "Listen to the good news first."
Sacred and cheerful, "are you surprised that we will never stare at that potted flower day and night again?" Not surprised? "
Fu Yunyi "…"
Are you sure this is good news? What, he has the guts to be overwhelmed by pain and despair?
"Big cousin, are you okay?"
Fu Yunyi took a deep breath. "What’s the bad news?"
Holy wow cried out, "Didn’t you hear Hua Yin when that flower died?"
Fu Yunyi "…"
He heard his own heartbreak!
After crying for a long time, Fu Yunyi listened for a long time, letting him vent his feelings. He was not soaked in tears, but he couldn’t cry. Sitting in the car back to Fu’s house, he tried to close his eyes and had an impulse to miss conan the destroyer.
After a long time, the sacred stopped crying and sobbed, "Big Cousin, in fact, it’s all right. We won’t be entangled anymore. Sooner or later, it’s a knife and an early worry."
"I can’t stand it …" Fu Yunyi dumb muttered.
"If you can’t stand it, you have to get it. Let me teach you a way to cure it a little."
"You’ll feel better if you think about your third brother’s heart. That’s what I’m doing. Woo hoo … The genie’s junior masters are sleeping in a warm room, and he hasn’t even ordered some soup. Who has his grief?"
The verification group 14521715 doesn’t want the water group sister to poke Muhe privately, and then send the welfare.
☆ Chapter 21 Show off early in the morning
Many people have insomnia this night. Some are * * a moment’s worth of money. Some are tossing and turning, and others can’t sleep at night. Fan Zhenhai’s mind is wondering about things, of course, and he can’t sleep well. At four o’clock in the morning, words rang around him.
That’s the landline in his bedroom. I know that few people naturally belong to important close people. If you don’t pick it up, you can’t. He got a fright. He quickly sat up and looked at his watch. He was even more nervous. It must be something big that happened so early. He was so scared that he hurriedly picked it up without even looking at the display. "Hello? What’s wrong? "
Hearing his tone, Zhou Hanhan was also strangely dazed. Is this master asleep? He doesn’t know he’s calling people at this point. Anyone would have to be surprised, okay? When everyone is ready to sleep like him?
"Come on, what’s the big deal?" Can’t hear the sound Fan Zhenhai more nervous.
Zhou Hanhan was lazy and said, "It’s no big deal. I just want to tell you-don’t let anyone bother me today. I want to borrow your place to sleep for a while. And I have to tell a kitchen to prepare some food. I’m not sure when I want it."
When he finished, Fan Zhenhai was dumbfounded for a long time, and he couldn’t smell the shortness of breath, which indicated that he was stimulated.
Zhou Hanhan didn’t feel that he was doing something wrong and continued, "Are you clear about what happened last night? Give me a copy later … "
"Shut up!" Fan Zhenhai suddenly yelled, "Are you a little boy who doesn’t sleep in the middle of the night and quarrels with the old man?"
Zhou Hanhan asked, "In the middle of the night? It’s past four o’clock, okay? Don’t you always get up early and say whether it’s noisy or not when I call you very much? I’m very busy … "
Fan Zhenhai gasped and followed the novel. "I used to get up early before, but I also had to sleep last night." You’re messing around on my site one by one. I can’t clean up for you, okay? I’m too old to talk to you about this. Let me ask you, what are you busy with? What else do you want? It is better to have a psychological preparation with the old man first … "
Weeks not cold strange way "what do you need psychological preparation? I’m just going to sleep. Didn’t I just tell you to lend you your place so that no one can disturb me? "
Fan Zhenhai suddenly raised his voice. "Say it again?"
Zhou Hanhan took his mobile phone away from his ear. "I’m just sleeping. Is it worth your fuss?"
Fan Zhenhai directly scolded his mother for a while before gnashing his teeth. "If you believe me in front of me, I will whip you to death?"
Zhou Hanha suddenly smiled lazily at the thought of something. "It seems that men need to purge fire when they are old, or their yin and yang disorders will become more and more eccentric. Do you want me to help you find one?"
"You, you …" Fan Zhenhai didn’t know what to say when he couldn’t understand the teasing and showing off in an ostentatious manner in this small talk. Bullying him without a wife and showing off his own spring breeze?
"such as? Do you want to find someone to score twice? " Zhou Hanhan is in a good mood and has fun.

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