"Ha ha! !” Seeing that he was going to kiss Su Wan, he was smashed by his future big brother. ll’s face was embarrassed. He smiled at Su Wan with a blush and then ran back to his room with a hard stare at his brother.

The first volume Chapter 271 7 (5)
Ll have a feeling of being caught jiān in bed at this time. Fortunately, he didn’t do anything out of line. Otherwise, Su Xinghe should have been furious at this time. Ll have natural protection for his sister. This kind of hope will make them think of trying to get close to their younger sister as an enemy.
Of course, Chen Kai has already passed the so-called test period. Even if Su Xinghe catches Chen Kai and his sister crossing the line, it is estimated that he will bless instead of waving a stick to beat Yuanyang. However, if Chen Kai really does something unmarried and pregnant, it is estimated that he will be beaten with a panda eye every day, of course, instead of sleeping hard all night and leaving dark circles.
Su Xinghe quickly communicated the problems encountered in the game with Chen Kai, but sitting in front of him, Chen Kai was very restrained. There was no such thing as domineering in the game. After all, Big Uncle is sometimes the same as Yuezhang’s adult, and sometimes it may be more difficult for him to pass away than his father-in-law.
After the discussion, Su Xinghe didn’t say anything about giving Chen Kai a little attention, so he ran back to his room and continued to enter the game. Chen Kaicai was relieved when he confirmed that his big brother would return to the game in the future. At this time, Su Wan’s door was slightly cracked, and a pair of beautiful eyes explored the situation from this gap. When it was confirmed that his brother was not there, Su Wan patted his swollen chest and was relieved.
Hearing Su Wan breathing, Chen Kai knew that she didn’t enter the game. When Chen Kai looked up, Su Wan pulled the door, but instead of coming out, she smiled at him and slammed the door. Seeing this situation, Chen Kai became depressed when Su Wan smiled.
"Everything is difficult! Keep working hard! " Chen Kai squeezed his hand. He knew that it would take a little time to really turn Su Wan into Mrs. Chen, but at least he was about to take that important step.
When Su Wan entered the game, Chen Kai was left alone in the whole villa. Because he couldn’t enter the game, the only thing he could do now was to accumulate money while searching for information on the Internet or taking care of this period. For Chen Kai and others, after they got their first bucket of gold in the game, they rarely took care of their own financial problems in reality. For Chen Kai and others, although they have become millionaires in reality now, if they really don’t work, it is estimated that they will become poor again in a few years.
"Ah! I knew that living in a villa would be worse than living in an apartment! " Chen Kai looked at a pile of bills in his hand, and the original Chen Kai put more than 200,000 yuan in cash in the fold. After nearly a year of seven deductions, there were less than 30,000 yuan left. The biggest expenditure was water. It took more than ten degrees for a life-sustaining cabin to come one day. Chen Kai and so many of them, together with other equipment, spent two or three hundred degrees a day, consuming six or seven thousand degrees less a month, which was no less than that of those small factories, and paying naturally rose by a month. It is almost the least to spend thousands of dollars, and it seems that with the higher the level in their game, the consumption of the life-sustaining cabin has become more and more large. In the last month, the consumption and price were counted, which surprised Chen Kai, and the high cost of 15 thousand yuan made Chen Kai drop all his bags in his mouth.
"This is too high!" Chen Kai was depressed and looked at the bill in his hand, and then the online banking added nearly 200,000 yuan to the payment account. After all, Chen Kai felt dreary compared with the money that disappeared from his account. Although the gold coin base and cash in the game are equivalent, Chen Kai’s cash in his hand is not as much as that in the game. If Chen Kai and others turn the gold coin department in the game into reality, it is estimated that they will all become less than multi-millionaires. However, it is a pity that they also need a lot of gold coins to maintain the territory construction in the game. Therefore, although the gold coins on hand are growing at any time, they
"I don’t know if the game company has a new life-sustaining cabin. If only the energy consumption was low!" Chen Kai folded the bill and put it in the drawer of his room, and then hit the brain to connect Eyah official website through the Internet. However, because he was used to the way of connecting to the Internet in the game, Chen Kai now found himself a little unaccustomed to using the brain network.
"This is really not funny! The old net worm turned into a brain and became uncomfortable! " Chen Kai looked at the optical screen in front of him gloomily. This kind of virtual screen formed by projection is the final product of brain development in the 22nd century. All chips and hard disks are combined into an object less than a palm. People no longer use the keyboard and mouse to input characters, but directly write or nod their fingers to complete the virtual screen icons to complete the steps they need to type into ā o.
Chen Kai typed the web page very fast and almost found the page he needed. Of course, there are several split screens on both sides of his head. Chen Kai added several separate projection screens to his brain. Of course, doing so allows Chen Kai to pull some pages to the position he wants to see. For example, if Chen Kai turns his head and looks left, he can see his left screen showing the latest batch of life-sustaining cabins of the game company, but these life-sustaining cabins are not much more advanced than Chen Kai’s life-sustaining cabins.
The only place that these life-sustaining cabins are better than Chen Kai’s old life-sustaining cabins is that they are more beautiful in appearance, and then they absorb the nutrient solution in the life-sustaining cabins more thoroughly, but other functions are hardly increased and the energy consumption is very high. Fortunately, at this stage, unlike at the beginning of the century, due to large-scale tension, the power facilities will be pulled at both ends for three days in summer. Now the power should be much better after joining the development sequence, and Chen Kai’s local foundation can’t stop because it can be connected to the grid. Kay has their own solar panels installed on the roof. Unfortunately, even with solar panels, Chen Kai is a little overwhelmed, and this high energy consumption is also the most unfavorable place for the network to evaluate the life-sustaining cabin. Most players still choose to make helmets play games instead of life-sustaining cabins.
After all, it is not cheap to buy a new life-sustaining cabin, especially like Chen Kai, who ordered a batch of new nutrient solution for this luxurious life-sustaining cabin, so Chen Kai gave up browsing and searched for all kinds of information of the current Hanseatic Empire.
Chen Kai found that the whole Hanseatic Empire should be a calm place now, which is calm, but the lively place is simply boiling water, bubbling constantly. For example, Chen Kai, the leader of Hugo Di, now finds that after he was killed, the Zall, which had been rampant, has shrunk into his lair in Y and N. Chen Kai, the Xianghu Brotherhood, is now in chaos, because the news of Li Xiang Rong’s collusion with Count Hugo Di passed through Zhao Tiezhu, and soon it was handed to all players’ ears, and it was proved to be true. News that the players of Xianghu Brotherhood directly fried the pot, the number of players who retired that day was as high as 3,000, but today is the second day, and more than 2,000 people chose to retire. However, Chen Kai found that he was muttering about the biting degree of this uncle Li Xiangrong, because he just appeared in the online post, showing that this uncle simply joined the Zall J Ο ng spirit camp as soon as he didn’t come, and the players immediately became miserable in the eyes of other players.
That moment was dull, not only for the players of Xianghu Brotherhood, but also for many players who were sitting in hotels or walking in the streets with them. Although these players only appeared in red and soon disappeared, it did not prevent people walking beside them from seeing that after that moment of doubt, some players tried to ask the members of Xianghu Brotherhood around them, and then they got the news that surprised them, that is, they had changed their camps into drow j: ng spiritual servants.
Before these things were finished, street soldiers and some security thugs in the hotel surrounded them, and at the same time, the original residents of Xianghu Town also wanted to escape from the town at home. Unfortunately, they were all turned back by Li Xiangrong’s diehard players. At this time, other players got some rescue. Unfortunately, the original residents trapped in Xianghu Town are now stationed in nearly 3,000 drow besides Li Xiangrong’s hands. It is impossible for more than 1,000 tauren to attack here, although players are very friendly. Some players who were unwilling to join the Zall J: ng spirit camp tried to sneak into the city to save people, but the result was not so good. Almost a dozen unlucky people were hung by Li Xiangrong in Chengtou that night, and Li Xiangrong was also called crazy by these players.
Because in the eyes of these players, Li Xiangrong is on the opposite side of most players after these actions, but in fact, he is on the opposite side of most players now. Even if he doesn’t hang the players who sneak into the city to save the aborigines from leaving the city, he may take his head as a payment in exchange for experience and bonuses.
Seeing such a lively scene, Chen Kai would like to get involved. It’s a pity that he can’t even get into the game now. It’s too enjoyable to look at the web page. Of course, compared with a little chaos, Hugo, the whole Hans Court is the most lively or Yadog in the south. This place has become a large-scale battlefield area. Although there are not many military achievements in killing dead creatures, it is enough for many players to get knighthood. Now Lin Lei’s knighthood is a higher-level title. After this period, the battle is about to rise to the level of baron. Even the lowest-level third-class baron is higher than
However, compared with getting the title, which makes players in Yaduoge feel miserable or fighting continuously, you have no idea how high the level of skeleton soldiers will be when they appear on the battlefield at one moment, and it will make players even more afraid. It is still that huge Bito Ruschi has now appeared a new variant of blood, Se to Ruschi.
The same is true of a large skeleton puppet composed of bones, but the blood Se Torusky is much smaller than the white Se of the first generation, but it is also nearly seven meters tall and huge, and holding the gun in his hand makes many players feel that whether they have crossed the century of the universe or not is because the gun in the other hand is not a cold weapon, but a magic weapon, and it is a deadly beam.
Although the power is not particularly powerful, that is, three or four players are strung into a gourd with one shot, this is definitely a long-range weapon. When it first appeared in front of players, most players were absolutely so low in height. Maybe it was a soft persimmon. After rushing away, it was found that the J Ο ng English team composed of more than 100 sixth-order players was completely wiped out at a distance of 100 meters, and even the other side’s skin did not touch the horrible red Se. The è line has become a player’s nightmare. Even the aborigines are extremely headache when they encounter this red Se Tuo Ruschi. At present, Count Adolik has turned over a red Se Tuo Ruschi puppet, and there are more than a dozen such puppets active in Adorgo.
At one time, a large number of organized players, J and NG British troops, were beaten. Every time they encountered this kind of blood, Se puppet players did not dare to fight before, but directly chose to run away. Because at present, the players’ troops with the best performance, that is, the J and NG British regiment formed by Raytheon Guild, just rushed to the other side, but the thing that made these players collapse at one moment was that this kind of blood, Se Tuo Ruschi, not only had the ability of long-range attack, but also was as horrible as close combat. The most important thing was that its mobility was not bad.
Therefore, this team Raytheon J: ng Rui was unfortunately planted in the hands of this red Se Ruschi, and the number of swords he drew from behind was split into pieces. The huge strength gap made most players choose to run directly when they saw this monster, and because of this, the original suppressed undead actually expanded again.
For Lin Lei, his biggest headache during this period is estimated to be that the loss of players is too large, even the players of J and jīng British troops have suffered heavy losses, which makes him depressed. It is also that even if the losses are so heavy, the battle given to him by Count Adolik has not decreased, but has increased a lot. Compared with the difficulty of replenishment, the replenishment and recovery speed of aboriginal soldiers and players is much faster.
However, even if the player recovers faster, he can’t stand the intense and huge consumption. Fortunately, if the player dies once, he will lose at most one level. If he dies once as in the past, it is estimated that the reduction of the player’s combat effectiveness will be even faster. Even if he dies now, the players can’t stand the loss. After all, not all players are life-sustaining cabins, and not all players can be online 24 hours a day. What matters is whether all players are fighting in bloody mode. Compared with aborigines, it is a question whether three players in non-bloody mode can fuck an ordinary aborigine warrior of the same rank. When they meet a J Ο ng British skeleton soldier whose bones have been strengthened, it usually takes four or five players to dry a skeleton together.
At this stage, the ordinary skeletons wandering around Yadog have almost no base, unless they are dead bodies that have just been resurrected, most players will encounter J Τ ng British undead, so the loss rate of players in every battle is very high, almost rushing out of a squadron, and players can finally return to the town alive, perhaps leaving only one team and a half.
In such a high-intensity battle, the level of players around Yadog has not been greatly increased due to large-scale battlefields, but it has been continuously reduced due to combat reasons. Some unlucky players have not upgraded their levels during this period, but have decreased by nearly seven levels. This situation has also led some players to choose to move to other areas from places they liked very much. After all, no matter how good their military skills are, they can’t withstand the pressure of negative growth for a long time.
After browsing these web pages continuously, Chen Kai got a general idea of the situation of the Hans Court Empire during this period. Of course, this understanding is not careful, because if you want to finish reading the online posts in a few days, some of them may be meaningful, but before the point, you don’t know what it says. Chen Kai spent more than three hours browsing the posts, and the real things add up to more than 20 posts. Others are either junk posts or some merchants or display equipment posts. Chen Kai even saw his own picture of a winged lion armor appearing in the posts.
When Chen Kai went to his brain, he found that he had been browsing for several hours before he knew it, and he forgot to pick up the communication from Xu Fei. When he entered the life support module and reconnected to the game, his body was still wandering in the corridor of the resurrection, that is to say, he still could not be resurrected, which made Chen Kai extremely depressed. Although he could enter the game, being unable to resurrect was actually similar to not entering the game.
The first volume Chapter 272 7 (6)
A whole day in the game world is equivalent to ten hours in reality, so when Chen Kai got up from his big bed, a whole day passed in the game world. Although he just didn’t enter the game for one day and two nights, the game world has passed for nearly three days, and the third night will pass. The horse is the early morning of the fourth day.
Of course, even in the early morning, it’s a little bit. Most of the characters in the game are either sleeping or staying up late, but sleeping is definitely more than staying up late. However, Xu Fei is definitely one of those members who stayed up late because he has been here for three days. However, Prime Minister Capello is still left in the palace, and those big people actually discuss things just like Chen Kai knows the information in reality, that is, the affairs of Adog’s undead.
However, the message delivery in the game is not necessarily better than Chen Kai’s understanding of the information by browsing the webpage. It is very unfortunate that there is a cloud around Chen Kai that earns a lot of private money by publishing some special information. Of course, he has also become the target of others except Chen Kai to fight local tyrants.
It’s a pity that Yun, a local tyrant, has no money in his pocket now. After all, he is simply worthless compared with Chen Kai. Although most of the income is shared equally by everyone, Chen Kai still owns what he earns privately. But now even Chen Kai, a local tyrant, is facing bankruptcy because if Macra cannot be settled? Dupuy, the old man, then maybe Berkner will face very huge compensation
This amount of compensation is definitely not at this stage. You should know that the value of those carriages that have been taken away is as high as 10 million gold coins, because those are all types of carriages, not ordinary wagons that pull goods. It takes months for the carriage to be engraved with magic lines and arrays, and the materials are worth millions of gold coins. Even if more than 50 wagons have been scrapped, the value is also tens of millions of gold coins. If you add those magic scrolls that lose arrows, once compensated, it will really hurt Berkner Town.

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