Then the master took out a Dan medicine and put it in front of Qin Chu: "This is Tian Yidan, and your Yuan Shen suffered great trauma because of collecting soul fire. Eating a Dan these days can quickly repair your Yuan Shen injury."

"Day a Dan? Master ….. This ….. "Qin Chu was amazed. Tianyi Dan is a magic medicine treasured by the refined treasure cabinet, and it was awarded by the grandfathers who have soared into the celestial world. From this, we can know the extraordinary place of this elixir. It is a true legend of elixir. Ordinary people will directly strengthen their souls and achieve the cultivation of elixir. After the monks eat it, they can easily break through a level. Therefore, this Dan has always been treasured as a god-class medicine. Qin Chu has only heard its name, but never seen it.
"You yuan god, uniting the demons have also appeared. This a few coma, nonsense all the time, what Ai Lijie, archbishop Anthony, Hussein, Chekhov’s messy things … Alas, if you don’t hurry to restore your yuan god, I’m afraid your cultivation will fall to the cultivation of the then period because of demons … even it is difficult to keep the cultivation of the then period … "The master gave a long sigh and looked complicated." You are a refined treasure cabinet.
Looking at the master’s departure, Qin Chu felt a pain in his head. How did this happen? Why does it feel so messy? Ai Lijie, mother, Hussein and so on, are they in reality or dreaming?
Looking at Tian Yidan in his hand, Qin Chu was deeply moved. The master would take out Tian Yidan, the treasure of the sect, for himself …
Maybe it’s really like the teacher said, because he charged the soul fire, and Yuan Shen was hit hard, he would be attacked by demons … Alas, greed killed people. If I had known this, I should not have charged the soul fire rashly. Qin Chu had such an idea in my heart.
With a flick of a finger, three months passed in the blink of an eye. After Qin Chu took Tianyi Dan, Yuan Shen, who had been hit hard, got a good conditioning. Now he has not only recovered from all his injuries, but also made more efforts than before. After the thrilling experience of subduing the soul fire, Qin Chu’s heart suddenly let go, and he was no longer clinging to his own realm.
Unexpectedly, once the state of mind is released, Qin Chu’s cultivation is improving rapidly in a day.
Qin Chu now devotes himself to refining magic weapons and elixirs. He has carefully studied all kinds of treasure-refining classics collected in the sects, and then, in the process of treasure-refining, he incorporated some of his own ideas and refined countless treasures that shocked people in the fix-true world.
Qin Chu’s reputation in the refined treasure cabinet has been raised to a very high level, and vaguely, he has become a specific candidate for the head of refined treasure cabinet. And the elders of the Refined Treasure Pavilion also said that they are very optimistic about Qin Chu, which has laid a more prominent position for Qin Chu.
However, Qin Chu is increasingly feeling a sense of disharmony. With his more and more achievements, Qin Chu found that he didn’t actually get much happiness, and he also found that his life circle was so narrow. Such thoughts will always appear in my mind from time to time. Qin Chu feels like a big stone on his chest, and he often feels out of breath.
"Is this my demon?" Qin Chu stood on the mountainside, holding the railing and overlooking the beautiful scenery below. The mountain wind blew, bringing refreshing fragrance. Mountain breeze in the distance, with mountains and mountains, is poetic and picturesque.
"It really shouldn’t be like this. It was because I couldn’t control myself at the beginning, and now I often have some hallucinations …" Qin Chu heaved a sigh of relief. "After going back, I should find a few Buddhist meditation classics, practice meditation, and wear away the magic in my heart." Qin Chu was deeply harmed by demons. The so-called fall into a pit and gain wisdom. Now Qin Chu is no longer the one who always does things by sitting.
Doing things rationally can minimize the danger.
A breeze blew, and Qin Chu’s sleeve was blown up and slipped on his skin, causing a tingling feeling.
I don’t know why, Qin Chu’s mind was suddenly attracted by this plain sleeve. Qin Chu’s mind suddenly remembered an allusion said by a Buddhist master. Several Buddhist monks who had attained enlightenment had an argument when they saw the wind blowing willow branches. One said that the wind was blowing willow branches. The other said that the willow branches were moving by themselves; Several people argued endlessly, but it was always difficult to convince each other. They found another master with profound cultivation, and the master said a word, which immediately convinced everyone. What the master said is what Qin Chu is thinking now: "It is not the wind that blows the willow branches, nor the willow branches move by themselves, but the hearts of you."
Another great scholar named Wang Yangming also said the same thing. It is said that Wang Yangming once traveled with his friends in Nanzhen, and the friend pointed to the flower tree in the rock and asked, "There is nothing in the world that is unintentional, so the flower tree blooms and falls in the mountains. What is the relevance to my heart?" Wang Yangming replied: "when you didn’t see this flower, it died with you;" Now that you have come to see this flower, you will know that the color of this flower is not outside your heart. "
Because at that moment, Qin Chu suddenly noticed that when the sleeves brushed on his arm, they didn’t feel itchy, but when he noticed the sleeves, he didn’t feel itchy. Qin Chu carefully recalled what happened just now, only to find that he felt half-hearted.
Is it really because of the move of the willows? Qin Chu mind with a doubt.
Qin Chu’s eyes swept the sleeves, slightly lost in thought, and inadvertently eyes swept his arm. Qin Chu suddenly remembered a little thing. He raised his left hand and his eyes rested on the inside of his index finger. If Qin Chu remembers correctly, there should be a small mole here, but in my dream, I don’t have such a small black mole on my finger.
How did this happen … Qin Chu was amazed to find that his index finger was white and there was no small black mole at all.
Qin Chu closed his eyes, calmed down, and then opened his eyes again, but there was a small black mole clearly on his finger.
"What the hell is going on?" Qin Chu was distracted. He just saw clearly that there was no small black mole on his finger, but when he opened his eyes again, he saw that his finger had the same small black mole as he remembered.
"There shouldn’t be," Qin Chu thought. What surprised him happened under his nose, and the little mole disappeared out of thin air.
"There is no dream, but there should be one in reality …" Qin Chu flashed the idea in his heart, and a small mole mysteriously grew on his index finger
After repeated several times, Qin Chu collapsed and became confused: "How did this happen? Is it really like what Wang Yangming said? When you didn’t see this flower, it died with you; When you come to see this flower, you will know that the color of this flower is not outside your heart. "
Qin Chu repeated Wang Yangming’s words several times, and the problems that have been bothering him for a long time reappeared quickly in his mind again.
"These days, although life is free, there is no pleasant feeling. On the contrary, I feel a bit discordant. Now that I think about it, it is this feeling. I used to feel a little weird before, but I didn’t find out what was wrong. Now I have found "Qin Chu".
These days, although he had a good time, he didn’t feel much happy. On the contrary, Qin Chu often feels that he is living in a space that is not suitable for his life. Just like a fish living in warm water, although it is the same water as a river, it is not suitable for its own survival. In this warm water, there are not so many small fish and shrimp, and there are no different kinds of aquatic plants to accompany them. When fish live in it, they feel lonely and discordant.
Qin Chu has always felt that there is something missing around him. He often finds this, but he just wanted to carefully check when it was missing, but he found that there was nothing missing at all.
"If it’s what I think, then … there’s always one thing that can’t be faked." Qin Chu closed his eyes and mobilized his own Yuan God. He is now to mobilize the crystal wall shenhuo in the body.
Crystal wall shenhuo doesn’t exist in this world. If Qin Chu can motivate crystal wall shenhuo, it can only mean one thing. This space in which he is located is fictional and just a realistic dreamland.
"Why? How can there be no response at all? " Qin Chu was surprised. He found himself using the Yuan God to communicate with the crystal wall, but there was no response in the abdomen.
"This dreamland is really powerful, and it can affect" Qin Chu reacted quickly, which is definitely not like what it seems. His own Yuan God failed to communicate with Crystal Wall Shenhuo, not because Crystal Wall Shenhuo does not exist, but because he didn’t communicate with Crystal Wall Shenhuo at all.
Qin Chu is not ignorant of the dreamland. On the contrary, he has his own unique views on the layout of the dreamland.
The reason why dreamland can kill people invisibly is that it will affect a person’s judgment and give people a false and true feeling. A person who is caught in a dreamland makes sure that there is a wall in front of him. When he touches it, he will also find that there is indeed a wall there. But this wall is not real, but because of the influence of the dreamland, I think that there is really a wall in front of me. Even if I don’t believe it, when I touch it with my hands, I will feel that I really touched the wall. It is this that makes the dreamland powerful. It can make a person think from the bottom of his heart that everything he thinks is correct and exists.
That’s why at the beginning, after that Assius fell into the dreamland arranged by Qin Chu, even if he hit the ground, he always thought that his direction was right, and he always hit the ground there until his head was broken, but he never looked back.
First-class dreamland can confuse all the sensory organs, including his soul, and make people trapped in it feel like living in a real world, with ups and downs. Sometimes they doubt that they are in a dreamland, but they will be sure that their doubts are unfounded guesses. After a long time, they feel that they are living very truly. Second-rate dreamland can confuse people’s eyes, ears, nose and tongue, and make people linger in it. Even if they find themselves in dreamland, they can’t get rid of it. Third-rate dreamland can only confuse people’s eyes and make people not distinguish between true and false.
If you feel that you can’t understand the dreamland, then you can try to recall how your conscious activities are in the twilight. Many times, people feel that they have got up, dressed, washed and gone to school to work. All the details are vivid, but when they wake up, they will find that they just had a dream. This kind of unconscious activity is the feeling of being in a dreamland.

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