He thought that before killing Godzilla, each of them was rewarded with trading points, potential points and evolution points, and earlier, after killing Hydra, they were given a "Hydra Alienation and Transformation Medicine".

This time, in the face of more difficult blood phoenix, if there is no reward at the trading point, then the reward for the explosion must be rich!
Sure enough, after browsing, he was somewhat surprised.
[Blood phoenix parasitic culture sample]
Introduction to the cultivation of blood phoenix parasitic on the contractor’s body by devouring the enemy to take the enemy’s life j Ο ng Hua can cultivate the parasitic phoenix. When the parasitic blood phoenix grows to a certain extent, you can summon it to help you fight.
Parasitism requires possession of the D-111 ancestor virus.
The parasitic method is unknown
Su Hao was also surprised when he saw it. "This … turned out to be cultivating a blood phoenix of his own?"
If you can get the help of a blood phoenix, the attack will be greatly enhanced and the defense will escape. Because of its speed, it will become extremely convenient, so you will be invincible first.
Although the blood phoenix is extremely powerful, it is only a culture sample at present. To really cultivate, you need to have D-111 ancestor virus reinforcement … The blood phoenix culture sample and D-111 virus reinforcement have both these conditions to cultivate this blood phoenix.
At this time, Su Hao also has the culture sample, but it still lacks the D-111 ancestor virus reinforcement. However, this time, it is necessary to follow Alex to kill Robert or Elizabeth, so the ancestor virus sample will always get its share.
Alex also saw the culture sample, and he was quite impressed by it. But he also saw that Su Hao and others were also very fond of it, and then he thought that the two arrests of Godzilla and Blood Phoenix were all a lot of efforts. He hesitated and said, "Then you’d better put it away. After all, we are not familiar with it. Maybe we can ask Dr. Lager for a better solution."
Su Hao nodded. "Now that we have all the virus samples, we’d better get back as soon as possible."
And Xiao Bai said "wait a minute"
Su Hao turned his head and wondered, "What’s the matter?"
Small white bent down to pick up a huge J: ng beautiful sapphire and said with a slight smile, "These things can’t wave." Say that finish, it is to pocket the gem.
Look at that, it’s quite like an angel falling into the dust.
Lothar looked around at a piece of neatly arranged gem display cases, all of which were smashed by blood phoenix, and those precious jewels were also spilled in a large area. Looking around, they were shining and beautiful.
Su Hao’s throat shook and he said, "Is the whole Tiffany jewelry store really lying in front of me?"
Lothar immediately said, "What are you thinking? Why don’t you pick it up quickly This Nima is jewelry designed by Tiffany Company! "
So three people act together.
Even the destroying flowers took action, and 16 vines ran around like pythons, picking all those precious stone necklaces into a bag.
Quite like locusts crossing the border and leaving no feeling.
Alex looked at this group of people "hungry" and shook his head. "Even the goddess Hector can play Holly and look at those gems through the window. I didn’t expect it to be cheaper for you guys … to sigh."
Soon after an hour of "battlefield cleaning", Su Hao and Lothar finally showed a satisfied expression, while Xiaobai was humble and quietly admiring a piece of J and jīng beautiful sapphire with a smile on her mouth.
Although Xiao Bai hasn’t grown up yet, she has shown the best of women.
Women are very sensitive to shiny things, especially precious stones.
After cleaning the battlefield, the people returned to their homes.
At this time, Laguerre was already sitting in the chair waiting for them. Looking at Dana knocking on the door, Alex and other four people pushed the door and asked, "What? Is the matter solved? "
Alex took out two bottles and said, "I’ve got all of them, but the day before, I’m going to trouble you."
Lager theory got up and stretched himself. "Now that the samples have been collected, you can configure them, but it will take a long time to configure them. I’m afraid it will take a whole day."
At this time, Su Hao also took out the "blood phoenix parasitic culture sample" and handed it to Dr. Lager. "Although I am a little embarrassed, please also identify this culture sample after completing the preparation of the medicine."
Lager took the sample and Nye replied, "This is no problem, but it’s a pity for me."
Then he entered the door with all those samples.
At this time, Dana hit another door and said, "Come in first. I found some information on the Internet."
Everyone sat around the brain and Dana said, "I got some key news by invading the black se watch network. Look."

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