One moment he was recruiting soldiers, the next moment he suddenly e went, and then he flashed forward and asked two leopard girls in a row.

It was not until the second Q hit the leopard girl that he reacted. At this time, he already had a land exhibition and lit it. He didn’t even think about it. He simply flashed back and turned back a dart.
This dart hit Riven who was chasing the leopard girl, but Riven took the scarlet medicine and made up the blood. He released the third Q and hit the leopard girl the farthest distance.
Over the past few days, Leopard Girl has lost more than half her blood.
Take this opportunity to Lu Zhan to block his body in front of the other soldier and show a domineering attitude that won’t let the other soldier fill in.
Leopard girl gave herself a mouthful of milk and watched Lu Zhan stand in front of the line and dare not pass.
"Good routine!" Even the top player in Riven, Xiao Shengjiang, can’t help but praise.
This wave of Lu Zhan’s second-level fight is very sudden. It is absolutely not a loss to flash yourself and replace the other party’s flash.
After this wave of fighting, the leopard girl will be afraid to recruit soldiers for a while after eating two blood bottles.
Moreover, there are two shifts in Riven, but the leopard girl has not even flashed. It will be very disadvantageous to call again.
However, Xiao Shengqiang found that Lu Zhan’s skill release was not good except for the sudden timing.
It is not so much that the land exhibition moves fast as that the other side reacts too slowly, and the root does not realize the land exhibition raid.
Lu Zhan was dissatisfied with the normal routine because of his blood volume. He should take red medicine to increase his damage before rushing to fight, but this time Lu Zhan didn’t take red medicine until after three Q.
Although the timing of the land show was wonderful, according to Xiao Shengqiang, the two singles were slow and did not reach the state that top professional players should have.
"It shouldn’t be?" Xiao Shengjiang has a question mark in his head.
He hasn’t played in the second team of the nether world, but the first team has already played. Although he is very unhappy with Lin Wankuo, he has to admit that he is a little good at it.
There’s no reason why the second team will be slow to respond now.
And let him pay more attention than the state of solo exhibition in the nether world
"This hand speed is not like the level of land exhibition!"
Chapter 461 The other tower 1v2
This hand speed is certainly not the normal level of Lu Zhan, but now Lu Zhan’s physical condition has been done perfectly
Lu Zhan, a first-class regiment, took an ambush and invaded the other side’s wild area from the triangle grass of Dalong Square, hitting the other side by surprise and finally getting a blood.
But it was Lu Zhan who asked his teammates to give it to him.
Because of this game, he has determined his own position, and his routine needs this position. He must play a strong role in the early stage and needs this blood very much.
The teammates obeyed, and no one made up the last knife to let Lu Zhan get the head.
After Lu Zhanxian, he was looking for the opportunity to consume the leopard girl. He knew that the experience of the other professional players could not be prevented when he was in the third grade, so he would do the opposite.
It’s not when I just got promoted to level 3, nor when I made a second shot, but when the other side least paid attention to it, I killed it after more than half of the second shot.
He really wants to take the red medicine and play a more beautiful blow to take away the other side.
However, the red medicine button is the number key 1, and the e skill has been adjusted to the C key by him. Now he operates the mouse and keyboard method with one hand at the same time. After pressing 1, he presses C quickly. If he presses it slowly, the other party will be aware that he has taken the red medicine.
That’s why he settled for the second best way to distribute skills.
At the speed of light QA, he secretly practiced several times before, but he didn’t learn to plan. After all, Riven is not his major hero, and the shock just now didn’t come out.
After this wave of fighting, Lu Zhan looked at the skin of the leopard girl Mulan with the line of fire. Riven usually had a white knife. Lu Zhan walked around with a big knife, and the blood volume hasn’t come back yet. The leopard girl didn’t dare to go forward.
The leopard girl just ate a blood bottle, and her blood volume is slowly rising, but it is estimated that it will be some time before she dares to fight with him.
"The red medicine must suppress the other side as much as possible in 3 minutes, otherwise the red medicine will be gone. In this case, the other side will definitely come to the middle of the road," Lu Zhan thought
He put the decorative eye in the grass of the square river, but he knew it would last for a minute and it was not difficult to ensure his safety.
"| Do you want to press the line?" Zhang Xiqing, beside Lu Zhan, finished a Xiao Ye monster and asked him. The implication was that he was considering whether to help.
"You go the other way!" Lu Zhan fruit broken command said
When he entered the game, he worked out the routine of this game. In this game, he didn’t come to output, but …
Come and hate!
After a game of competition, Lu Zhan has already understood the routine of the other side, and the other side struggled all the way, which eventually led to the mid-term collapse of RG. This time, Lu Zhan does not intend to let the other side get such an opportunity.
Because of this game, he wants to attract the other side’s hatred.
In this way, both Li Juntao and single soldier can get their own development opportunities.
In other words, he wanted to treat himself like a loser in this game.
Since the game is so fierce, it is necessary to attract the wild and let Zhang Xi keep the waves in the middle.
Sure enough, as Lu Zhan expected, within 4 seconds, the other side was exposed in the middle of the road.
The leopard girl should have seen Lu Zhan’s eye-catching movement, and the other party’s wild play appeared from the grass.
In this game, the other side is still mantis fighting wild. At this time, mantis has a second-class fighting capacity and is not strong enough. Lu Zhan has been relying on the side with eyes to make mantis unable to find a chance.
As a last resort, mantis has to show himself to Lu Zhan first.
Mantis took two steps forward and shook his wings. He once flew to Lu Zhan.
Lu Zhan, on the other hand, separated a finger from the left hand holding the mouse and pressed the C key while the other fingers selected the moving direction.
He is C and E. Riven controls the land exhibition and goes straight to the other leopard girl.
"It is worthy that lspl has the most dominant ability. In the case of being beaten in the wild, RG gank Wind actually chose to kill the leopard girl first!"
Abortion is obviously satisfied with Lu Zhancao. It’s not the first time that Lu Zhancao has been in lspl to think about the killing routine after being gank.
"The most dominant single? Well, that’s right. RG has really occupied the MVP and KDA lists for a long time. I don’t know if there are any teams that can beat them before the end of lspl! " Liker also acquiesced in abortion that sentence.
There is a support rate bar on the side of their screen. Black is ghost, red is RG.
Just after the second game, RG’s support rate has risen to 100%.
All this is due to the amazing performance of the angel in the land exhibition, which is also the focus of everyone’s attention
His Riven E just offset the mantis E’s injury. Mantis landed and chased Riven Q. But Riven had an E skill shield and didn’t lose much blood.
Riven’s Q skill rushed to the second period of Q, and she had already hit the leopard girl who didn’t react.
Just now, the leopard girl’s blood volume has recovered to about 100%. Of course, she will go to help when she sees mantis. Who would have thought that Lu Zhan would kill him in turn?
In the early days, Lu Zhan was frightened by a wave of injuries. He didn’t dare to fight hard with Lu Zhan, so he didn’t even come to throw darts and retreated directly.
"At this time, staying and playing should be able to replace Riven. This leopard girl can’t escape without flashing her roots!" Liker shook his head and couldn’t understand the leopard girl’s position.
The leopard girl was stunned by Riven’s pursuit of W Aurora, and she was reorganized by the tattoo, the person and the house.
Riven cut a knife, and when the leopard girl just woke up, it was the third q, which knocked him up and then another knife.
The effect of Riven red medicine has not subsided. These dozens hurt. He rushed to the tower.
Riven chased after another knife to cut the leopard girl’s blood loss by half, and went straight to 2% blood and ran into the defense tower.

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