However, to Ribery’s surprise, Hao is no longer Wu Amon. When Ribery just switched to the right winger, Hao appeared behind him because he was very active in assisting and was eager to come back after being benefited. However, when Hao stopped pushing forward easily and turned his focus to defense, Ribery soon found that Hao, who was often blown off by himself in the training of the Oriental team, had caused a huge obstacle to his attack far beyond his imagination.

Because of his age, Gary Berry has been very strong since he came to Bayern. His physical growth is mainly due to physical confrontation experience. In fact, Hao has actually increased his physical strength. Although there is still a significant gap compared with Ribery, it is much smaller than when he was in the Oriental team. Ribery still wants to rely on strength to eat Hao. In addition, this game is still the home of Dynamo Dresden. If Ribery moves a little, he will be fouled, and his strength advantage will not be brought into play.
On the other hand, although Hao’s defense is relatively weak, he predicted that he was super familiar with Ribery, and it was not easy for him to cheat him. Although Ribery had a strong ability to protect the ball, it was not easy for Hao to try to break the ball. However, in his defense and timely cooperation with his teammates, Ribery overtook the venue with players at half-time, but he failed to create too much threat. On the contrary, because of sticking the ball, Bayern Munich’s attack became somewhat monotonous, which reduced the defense difficulty of Dynamo Dresden.
Ribery’s obsession with going it alone made the sideline coach Hitzfeld gradually dissatisfied. Although Ribery was active in suppressing Dresden’s great threat to Bayern Munich at the beginning of the game and created the key penalty on the left, Dynamo Dresden’s right side gradually became active again.
In the face of Bayern Munich, Hao Junmin’s personal ability is not enough, but his active running still makes his opponent’s defense line look like an enemy and his speed is amazing. Dynamo Dresden’s right-back Dexterstromgen even taught Bayern Munich his excellent long-range shooting ability. If goalkeeper Kahn didn’t play well, Langen almost rewritten the score again in the third minute. In that case, even Bayern Munich may find it difficult to turn the table.
After the penalty kick, Bayern Munich’s defence was even more worried when Kahn roared. Dynamo Dresden did not pose a big threat except Langen’s long-range shot and an unexpected barb attack. However, Bayern Munich’s situation was not much better. Although their possession rate was superior, the number of shots was not as good as that of their opponents, and one of them caused a threat, so that the commentator Bellarez bluntly criticized, "There is no hope for Bayern to kick like this. Can the return of the old coach Hitzfeld save this team?"
However, just after half-time, Bayern Munich further strengthened the frontcourt snatch and quick counterattack on the spot after breaking the ball. If Dynamo Dresden’s defense line was watertight, Ribery lost another very good scoring opportunity because of impatience and greed, maybe they would have equalized the score.
After ten minutes of patience, Magat finally made the first substitution in his hand. He sent Hulk, a Brazilian who didn’t really like him, to replace him. Although he worked hard, he failed to make a wonderful performance in the game.
At the time of Hulk’s game, Bayern Munich had some successors because they fought too hard at the beginning of the half-time. In this case, Hulk’s unreasonable breakthrough with the ball greatly increased the power of Bayern Munich’s left-back Ram, although he was excellent in all aspects, fell down in one-on-one time. Hulk said that he surpassed him in strength, speed and explosiveness, and even now he has reached such a high level in the Bundesliga, his skills are not bad. This is a shame that players are a bug when they are one-on-one.
Moreover, although Stano once refrigerated Hulk for a period of time, it also made him hold back his strength. Now he is finally showing his desire again. It is more natural than strong. Besides, Hulk is still quite young. At that time, his body was still developing further. Now he is stronger and more powerful than a few months ago, even if he can compare with a strong man like Lin Dejia, his strength and explosive advantage have reached a higher level, which has laid a good foundation for him to play in the field competition.
In the 5th minute, just after the game, Hulk made himself strong and took the ball, then suddenly cut it and grabbed it before Lucio came to make up the defense. The ball was almost deformed. Suddenly, the ball rolled up with a gust of grass and screamed and went straight to the goal of Bayern Munich. Although he struggled to jump up, Hulk’s shot was too fast to save the ball. Suddenly, he turned pale and heard a crunchy shot. The Hulk shot actually hit the crossbar. Bayern Munich team fortunately escaped.
Hulk’s quiz performance attracted applause from fans, but Magat on the sidelines couldn’t help cursing in his heart, "That idiot just now Gao Jun ran out of the middle of the road and he chose to shoot himself in that position!"
A few words _ The national football is really good, and Shuntian Double Star is even better! Thanks to Perrin and Lao Gao! The performance and achievements of the national football team in the Asian Cup have exceeded my expectations. If I can satisfy the results of the knockout, I still hope they can perform better!
Ps by the way, the Football Association (and the Foot Management Center) really dragged their feet professionally. When the group stage was pessimistic, they didn’t see their figure. Now they just went out and said that they would come to the mobilization meeting before the knockout. Isn’t it enough to harm the national football team? to be continued
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Still in progress
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However, the two commentators were excited by Hulk’s performance. The Bundesliga paid more attention to tactical coordination and had the ability to go all the way to complete the attack with Hulk’s personal ability just now. Moreover, Hulk’s breakthrough with the ball with a sense of strength can stimulate the fans’ enthusiasm more than the delicate technical flow, so it’s no wonder that Bellarez suddenly shouted excitedly, "Wow, wow, it’s just like Adriano on the wing. I didn’t expect Dynamo Dresden to have such a secret weapon!"
And his partner Marcel Leif, although not as excited as him, actually gave a higher evaluation. "If his performance just now was not accidental, if he can continue to perform like this, then his value will exceed 150,000 euros after the season! Compared with team players, players who can crush on their own abilities have always been more popular in the transfer market. Dynamo Dresden’s limited financial resources are afraid that it will soon be impossible to keep him. "
Although Magat was a little dissatisfied with Hulk’s greed, he admitted that this guy did create a great threat after the game, so he didn’t say much. The players consciously turned the offensive to the right and almost succeeded in the first attack. Hulk’s terrible impact became more and more fierce after gaining more support from his teammates, which not only pushed Bayern’s giant left back, but also forced Bayern’s giant central defender Van Bitten to come out from time to time to help defend. Seeing this scene, Magat suddenly set his eyes on the game and showed his high army except scoring a penalty.
In the 65th minute, Dynamo Dresden launched an offensive on the right continuously. Suddenly, the spearhead turned to the virtual middle road of Bayern Munich. After receiving the ball from his teammate, Mark Wagfeld sent a straight kick without adjustment. After the game was silent for half a day, Gao Jun suddenly started two steps to chase the football and then conveniently entered the restricted area of Bayern Munich.
Brazilian international Lucio, who once made Gao Jun suffer a lot, has been waiting for the sudden outbreak of Gao Jun, but without Yu Hai’s help, he dare not take any more risks. He can wait behind the defense line until Gao Jun cuts in before stopping him. But at this time, he started to sue Lin almost at the same time, but quickly posted it, which seriously interfered with Lucio’s acceleration. By the time he got rid of the accusation, Gao Jun had formed a single-handedly facing Bayern goalkeeper Kahn.
"You can’t shoot!" Kahn, a tall man, roared and opened his body to block the angle as much as possible to prevent Gao Jun from having a shooting line, but Gao Jun still shot. He rubbed a ball with a strong curve on his left foot and spun around Kahn’s fingertip into the net.
"Is it actually a curveball?" Kahn was a little surprised to lose his way. In his impression, Gao Jun was more accurate than the straight shot, and the reliability of the one-step arc ball and the deciduous ball ball was relatively poor. It was always unexpected that he would come out in the first sports game in the field.
"This shot is really high-standard, and Gao Jun dares to shoot a curveball at such a critical moment, saying that he has already gained considerable confidence in his curveball shooting, and he has made progress." Bellaretz’s face is pensive. "I remember that after the World Cup, many famous football players said that Gao Jun’s shooting was perfect, so there was no progress. However, judging from Gao Jun’s performance just now, he continued to work hard to improve his shooting technical accuracy, and then increased shooting methods to make his opponents more difficult. It’s hard to prevent yourself from further increasing the threat to the goal by increasing the number of shots in the game. He’s a great guy, and I really hope to see his performance as soon as he grows up. "
"Kahn’s aggressive attack is feared by many world-class strikers, but Gao Jun just seems to have not been affected at all. His psychological quality is really terrible, which may be even more rare than shooting skills." Another commentator, Marcel Leif, praised Gao Jun from another angle
"In any case, Dynamo Dresden is now 2 ahead of Bayern Munich, but Dynamo Dresden is quick to fight back, but if Bayern Munich pushes out the attack, it is likely to continue to concede goals and suffer a fiasco, and if it continues to play in this step-by-step way, it is difficult to have an equalizer. What will Hitzfeld do? Will he be willing to give up in front of Magat? " Bellarez smiled expectantly. For these commentators, all the factors that can make the game more exciting are gratifying.
Hitzfeld, of course, didn’t want to admit defeat. In the prolonged applause and cheers of home fans, he sent Iranian karimi to replace veteran Ma Kai, who had been fighting for the first half of the game. Speaking of it, Bayern Munich is really in a low tide now. karimi, an Iranian player, is actually the best individual breakthrough player in this giant team. Hitzfeld’s Pekari rice field is obviously inspired by Hu Erke, the former faction of Magat, and wants to benefit karimi’s superb personal skills to turn the game around. However, after joining Bayern Munich, he has never been fully integrated into the team, but everyone who has seen karimi play football can feel his extraordinary football talent. Even if he dances alone, he may change the direction of the game.
"In this situation, I can believe in the power of genius. karimi is such a genius. If he is not an Iranian but a German who has not been delayed by the poor youth training and low-level league, karimi should have been the world footballer by now, but even now karimi, I believe he can bring changes to the team." Hitzfeld spoke highly of karimi’s skills, although it was more like cheering himself up to some extent.
Even Gao Jun can’t help but slightly change his color when he saw the karimi Stadium. karimi and mahdavikia made the China team hate their teeth. Perhaps it is because they rely more on their physical fitness to eat. mahdavikia has slipped but is younger after the 26 th World Cup, and karimi is in the golden age. It is absolutely impossible to get around this person who wants to end the national football "fear of Iraq".
However, Gao Jun is not particularly worried that Dynamo Dresden’s strength is much stronger than that of the national football team, especially in defense, which is far better than that of the national football team’s shoddy defense line. Even karimi can’t break through the time like it did in those two China-Iraq wars, and if Bayern Munich wants to strengthen its attack, Dynamo Dresden will have more opportunities for quick counterattack, which is not a bad thing.
However, it was karimi who made a threat after the game. In the 67th minute, just after karimi scored the ball, he benefited himself from his incredible football skills. After continuously shaking off Yang Hao and Hummels, he broke into the penalty area, and more than 20,000 Dresden fans in the stands were shocked. However, karimi’s last shot was a big loss, and he directly blew the ball into the stands. He wanted to save Neuer and stood in front of the door for a long time. On the sidelines, Hitzfeld could not help but hide his face and lament that karimi youth training coach was so beautiful that it was not bad to say that the ball was shot from the penalty area
However, Belarez, the host of the live broadcast program of German TV 2, gave karimi a high evaluation. "It’s incredible that two people passed away without relying on body and speed and purely relying on technology. I just saw Ronaldinho. I really didn’t expect that there are such outstanding players in Asia. Unfortunately, there are obvious problems in the training direction in his youth, otherwise he must be much more powerful than now. Sure enough, those underdeveloped football areas are not without football geniuses, but they lack a good environment for football geniuses to thrive!"
Wave opportunity is to be punished, perhaps stimulated by karimi. Dario Conca, the best individual skill of Dynamo Dresden, suddenly cut his trademark ball after receiving the ball from his teammate on the left, and crossed the right back of Bayern Munich, Sagnol, into the penalty area. Crazy Kahn abandoned the door and attacked again, but Conca didn’t take credit for it, but privately pushed the ball to the middle. At this time, teammates Gao Jun and Hu Erke on the right had formed a three-point flank, and finally told Lin from the far left that "the advantage is the first month" in the small penalty area. Lucio, on the other hand, was caught between the defendant Lin and Gao Jun, and his main energy was caught in Gao Jun’s body, so he could sit back and tell Lin to score.
Although he didn’t score himself, Gao Jun was still very happy. After Gao Lin scored the goal, he immediately looked excited and cheered. Then he rushed to the sidelines and told Lin to pat him on the shoulder and encouraged him, "Good shot! That’s it! World-class goalkeepers don’t care if they shoot the ball or score! " to be continued
Chapter one hundred and ten The shoo-in
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"Bayern’s difficult game is more terrible than the unfavorable situation of falling behind by three goals. The goal at the beginning of the season is easier than eating. Dynamo Dresden seems to be resurrected," Bellarez sighed with some sighs.
While his partner Marcel Leif praised Conca’s performance that "Dynamo Dresden’s No.1 player has proved that he has the ability to break through in karimi and I can’t see those fatal defects in karimi in him. This player has a limited future."
"That’s right. It’s strange that such excellent players were not selected for Argentina’s junior team and national youth team. I knew they had many young talents, but I didn’t expect so many." Bellarez sighed deeply. Obviously, he remembered the current situation that German football is still in a low tide.
Marcel Leif quickly comforted him, "In fact, many young talents have emerged in German football in the past two years, and our youth training level is much higher than that in Latin America. I believe that the future of German football will be bright. Look, Dynamo Dresden goalkeeper Neuer is not yet 21 years old, but he is about to secure the position of No.1 national gate. This is the hope of German football!"
After a three-goal lead, Magat’s face has been tightened, and finally he has a relaxed smile. However, in case he still asks Mark Wagfield to retreat to the back position to ensure that the defense is stable and not give Bayern Munich a chance to turn over.
At this time, the old coach Hitzfeld was livid. He never thought that he would have to suffer a 3-0 defeat twice in three consecutive games. But Bayern Munich, the strongest Bundesliga club, how could he have fallen to this point? But at this time, Hitzfeld has already played cards, and he can pin all his hopes on Bayern players present.

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