A delicate little hand touched Ye Chen’s face. Be careful. He wiped the tears. Ye Chen opened his eyes and stared at the little guy. I didn’t expect that he heard a daughter’s voice at the last moment.

Sichen, he will hug Sichen gently around him now, and enjoy the warmth of father and daughter at the last moment, and then gently put her on Xiangxiang and said, Xiangxiang, send Sichen to Brother Chu’s cold cliff and let them take care of her for me. I will always be grateful to them.
The white world is almost fragrant, and the world is integrated here. Facing Ye Chen’s orders, she didn’t listen, but looked at Sichen in a strange way.
Dad doesn’t cry, dad, I want to save Aunt Ning Xue. Aunt Ning Xue thinks that while wiping his tears with her little hand, she sends out the sound of Linggu Qingquan. Her delicate words suddenly ring a huge thunder in Ye Chen’s heart.
Save the snow
Aunt Xiangxiang takes Dad. I want to save Aunt Ning Xue.
Before Ye Chen could ask Xiang Xiang, the white light had enveloped himself, and now the outside world is thousands of meters away from the white idol.
It was also at this time that a group of light more brilliant than light was suddenly released from Bai Xuan’s body, and that layer of light was thin but strange, but it was not covered by the strong than light around Bai Xuan’s body, but surrounded by a ring.
That’s the power of thinking.
Sichen used to help him get away from the soul. She went into a long sleep because of excessive energy consumption, and she never woke up after this sleep. Maybe she spent too much energy that time and needed such a long time to recover, or her ability had already recovered, but she was greedy in her sleep.
She once created great miracles one after another, which brought great surprises again and again. Will she still create a great miracle this time? Her dead heart suddenly revived. Ye Chen held her heart and looked at her eyes without moving for a moment.
In the pale white halo, the body trembling of Bai Xuan God suddenly stopped. At the same time, a strange solution was presented. Bai Xuan God’s body was still releasing than the huge bubble of strong light element. The ring was full of dazzling white, but there was no light element outside the halo. It seemed that Bai Xuan God released the light and was blocked in the aura, but people’s eyes could clearly see everything inside from the outside.
This is Dad.
Heart to think Merchain Ye Chen closed his eyes and gently call way, Chen.
Dad, when I was here, I had settled down. Everything was still. Bai Xuan God wouldn’t blow up the snow. Aunt wouldn’t disappear. But now I can settle down here for three hours. Dad can beat Black Xuan God and beat him. When Black Xuan God dies, Bai Xuan God will disappear. Aunt Ning Xue will be saved. The mainland will also be saved. Dad can beat him. Dad is the most powerful person in the world. Dad can beat him. Dad can beat him.
Time static
Looking at the motionless place in the distance, even the light overflowed. Ye Chen suddenly felt that his heart was swaying. When something warm filled him up, he almost spilled his face from every part of his body. Tears were evaporated by him for a moment. He smiled so warmly and happily, and from despair to sudden arrival, the miracle hope was how slim it was. How difficult it was to complete this hope, and I could never find a greater gift than this.
Sichen is waiting for me. Cher is waiting for me.
He shouted in his heart, looked up and took a long breath, saying, Xiangxiang, let’s go to the mainland of God and go to the God Emperor.
Since Xiang Xiang can come back here directly from the mainland of God, he will certainly be able to go directly to the mainland of God from here. Today, Xiang Xiang’s ability has reached a level that can span different fields. What is the limit of Xiang Xiang’s ability at this time? He has had time to think about what mysterious power he has, and his thoughts are all pointing to the black mysterious ghost continent.
Beating the black god is Si Chen’s last hope, and it is also the last hope to save Ning Xue and save everything. He hopes to defeat the black god in three hours by all means and at all costs, and his fate is finally not so cruel.
Xiang Xiang condensed enough power for a long time, and then switched the white light, which was much longer than moving in the same continent. After a long time, he finally got Xiang Xiang together in the temple. Once the temple was in the white mysterious god’s fate, the power turned into nothing. At that moment, he saw at a glance that she was floating there, whether the emperor was dressing up or her breath was imposing.
At this time, the noble and powerful God Emperor is carrying a kind of lost soul. Miyagi, the center of the mainland, has been destroyed. Even though the inferno has been fighting for so many years, it has never been hit hard by this. The gods and guards are all dead, and the palms of the gods are all dead. Miyagi has become a dead city that swings and even the buildings disappear.
Ye Chen looked at her, and at the same time, she noticed that Ye Chen’s two sharp lights were shooting at him. For her, Ye Chen was the culprit, not that he suddenly woke up in black and white, and Miyagi was under her control, and she would not be forced to make that choice that she never wanted to make.
She didn’t do anything to destroy him. At this time, she really looked at Ye Chen’s eyes and felt his every feature.
He is a mainlander from Tianchen.
Is he really an ordinary person?
It’s not the inferno who broke into the temple, but he, a Tianchen mainlander, who can break into it. Then Xingtian and others will be beheaded, the night ghost will be killed, and Qian Chong blood night will defeat him. It’s also him. What kind of person is this with such terrible strength?
With them, he can come here from the distant Tianchen mainland to defeat the strongest god. No wonder they will be dead set on him.
I don’t know what god emperor found that he didn’t hate him at all. Miyagi was destroyed because of him. The disaster was caused by him. The greatest hope of the gods was to be completely destroyed because of him. He killed the holy one. She should hate him to death, but it is right to think that he has gone through all kinds of difficulties. All this is her daughter.
She died without hesitation at the expense of her daughter, and he died regardless of life and death. How can she hate?
What’s your name? She asked Ye Chen from a long distance.

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