On the other hand, at the moment, Li Yueling, who is under siege, seems to be so relaxed. Those gangsters split over and smashed the machete, and the iron bar fell in his eyes almost slowly. It is a question whether it hurts Li Yueling or not.

In this narrow hand-to-hand combat, Li Yueling resolutely gave up the powerful Shenlong Nine-way Fist. Firstly, these gangsters are not worth Li Yueling’s unique skill. Secondly, once Shenlong Nine-way Fist is used, it is bound to arouse the spirit of heaven to release the tremendous destructive power. But Li Yueling has tried it personally, and even the least powerful trick can blow a cement slab half a meter thick to pieces. Presumably, those gangsters can’t be stronger than the cement slab. Li Yueling doesn’t want to bear a murder charge.
Li Yueling finally chose the simplest attack method, which is the routine he used to come to in the martial arts academy. It is most suitable in this situation. Before he had a profound heaven and qi, this set of tricks was just a slap in the face of embroidered pillows, but it was difficult to play it. But now it is completely different. Li Yueling used the heaven and qi as a backing, and his speed was fast and his strength was heavy. In less than a moment, Li Yueling put down the six gangsters who were close to his side. None of these recruited gangsters lost their ability to act. This is also what Li Yueling wanted to knot.
Moreover, Li Yueling was addicted to it because he found that the effect was very good after using a few tricks. Before the gangsters rushed to the melee, they actually took the initiative to meet the body and interspersed with their hands. The big thugs screamed one after another. Anyone who was detained by Li Yueling’s hands was either dislocated or his wrist was broken, and then he was kicked to the ground by Li Yueling’s extra foot.
If you talk condescendingly at the moment, you will find a very interesting phenomenon, that is, Li Yueling seems to have negotiated with the gangsters around him, and the sense of rhythm is extremely strong. However, the root cause of this situation is that Li Yueling’s acute body reacts to the nerve and body, which is too explosive than ordinary people. Li Yueling can always avoid being attacked by the group and then easily put down an opponent who is isolated in front of himself.
In this way, there are more and more gangsters. In less than ten minutes, nearly a hundred gangsters have fallen down. After this period, Li Yueling’s grasping technique has become more and more proficient. She can play this color only after cutting her shoulders and grabbing her legs and locking her back.
Now Li Yueling can’t understand why I think that Chinese martial arts is profound and profound, but it is actually defeated by those Taekwondo players. This key is that because Chinese martial arts can be combined and practiced today, people pay attention to external practice and ignore the practice, which leads to the decline of Chinese martial arts for thousands of years.
It can be said that all kinds of boxing methods are a lot of tricks, because the ancestors came to martial arts because they were the foundation of their achievements. If they didn’t practice martial arts, would they be able to exert their power? It’s like the same trick. If the unsuccessful people can’t achieve the most basic requirements in speed or strength, they will change their minds. It’s another matter that Li Yueling will be able to exert his true power in actual combat.
After understanding this layer of Tao, Li Yueling experimented to see if those routines that came in the martial arts academy could exert their real power before they got the basic skills. Suddenly, the bar seemed to be performing a personal martial arts demonstration of Li Yueling, which seemed to be from the grand master to Nanquan, from Xingyiquan to Mianzhang to Gua. These former Li Yueling recognized that they were nothing but flowery and embroidered routines. Although the tricks and changes were based on the true qi of heaven, these were once distinguished by Daniel lee. I don’t see the moves in the spirit recognition, but they are not sharp to the extreme. Unfortunately, those who waved iron bars and machetes helped Huaxing gang to be beaten by Li Yueling. At the same time, Li Yueling shouted and had a good time. At the same time, some gangsters fell asleep and pretended to be dead.
Gangster A, this guy is not a fucking human being, but a monster. Up to now, no one has touched his skirts. This one can’t work. It’s always smart people playing dead.
Gangster B depends on Zhang Sanfeng. Today, I’ve seen that it’s stronger than watching Hong Kong-made martial arts movies. It’s not necessary to wait until one hand and a half feet are broken before falling to the ground heroically.
Gangster C pretended to be sick at home when he knew that he would hit such a crazy scene today. Mom can’t get a few children for a month. There’s no need to work so hard. It’s not cheap to get it now. What’s the name? By the way, Junjie has only a dozen brothers left. It’s too conspicuous to pour words later. Take advantage of it early.
As the last gangster was hit by Li Yueling, the large dance floor three meters away could still speak straight, leaving Li Yueling still holding his face from barbarian king.
I’m still unfinished. Li Yueling slowly approached barbarian king and paused three steps apart. Now you still think I’m not qualified for debt collection?
Now barbarian king Zhang suspected that he was in a dream, but it was only after he pinched his thigh more than once that he realized that he had really become a chopping block this time. Although barbarian king Zhang was also a handyman, it seemed meaningless for Li Yueling to be able to put down nearly 100 people in fifteen minutes.
Who sent you? What can we discuss?
Discuss that when you beat my brother, you can discuss it with him in advance. Have you finished talking nonsense about this person, Li Yueling? Even today, I didn’t bother to find him here because I didn’t say anything. Then I heard several crisp fractures, followed by barbarian king Zhang’s high-decibel miserable shout
In Li Yueling’s hand with a grudge, barbarian king Zhang Genlian didn’t even have a chance to react. His limbs have been broken by Li Yueling’s ruthless capture technique. It is no wonder that barbarian king Zhang is so miserable that he eats people at the knife edge.
Hum, don’t worry, I won’t kill you. On the whole, I’m a law-abiding person. It’s better for the police to solve this kind of thing, don’t you think? After a little relief, Li Yueling sweated in pain. barbarian king sneered
Then Li Yueling fished out a business card from his pocket, which was handed by the fat director Sun when he left Huangpu Branch that day, and now he can arrive.
Hello, Director Sun? This is Li Yueling. Do you remember me?
Yue Ling, don’t be so raw. If you don’t dislike calling me a Sun Shu, Director Sun will be polite as soon as he hears Li Yueling’s identity. After a storm, Director Sun knows that Li Yueling’s multiple weights are back in Huangpu Branch and he didn’t seize the opportunity to get close. Now that people have called, it must be something. How can he not take this opportunity to get closer?
Li Yueling smiled unkindly, and then said, Sun Shu’s nephew, I’m welcome. I’m now in a bar near South China Road. The name of the bar is Tian Bar, and the black people in it will be bad for me. I want Sun Bureau to send some people to cure me.
What is so bold, nephew Yue Ling? Don’t worry, our people will arrive in five minutes, and I will come later. You should be careful.
Don’t worry, Uncle Sun, I can handle it. Send more people here. It seems to be a black gang camp.
Chapter 35 Pick up the pieces
A series of police car horns will wake up the sleeping residents living near South China Road from their dreams. Some residents will stick their heads out of the window and have a look. They have never seen such a big fight before cracking down. What’s the big deal? More than 20 police cars came at once.
After seeing several police cars stop, many residents secretly wondered. Those people were all wrapped up and took a big glass shield. It must be a big situation.
Wang Chu, the door of this bar is locked from the inside. Shall we?
Of course, you must pry the door for me at once, and you must get everything done before Sun Bureau comes over. When you think that Sun Bureau called five minutes ago, Director Wang can’t help but be worried. This area is the real scene of the bar on this day, and it is also the clearest one. In case Sun Bureau says that he must not lose half a finger on the character, it is estimated that he will really get more than one bargained for.
One day, the iron gate of the bar was finally hit, but now the scene before us is to surprise hundreds of policemen who are waiting for the battle.
Seeing nearly a hundred gangsters rolling around in pain and whining, there are machetes, iron bars and other murder weapons scattered around them. Throughout a bar, the only one who is not wearing a lazy smile is Li Yueling. Who else?

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