As soon as Xuan withered away, Su Yu knew that she could not be fought by wheels again.

Unified exchange for a 【 Great Self-Elixir 】 Swallows the body and recovers the vigorous spirit. Su Yu stands proudly, and the momentum of holding double swords by one person remains unabated.
There is nothing to say in the face of aliens!
Anyway, this group of aliens won’t let me go today. It’s better to kill more people before dying!
Especially since this Xuan Ming aggressive Su Yu must also won’t easily let him comfortable!
He has never been relaxed and has been struggling along this way. Until today, Su Yu still has no regrets!
I’ll drag you with me even if I die!
At this time, Su Yu has long been determined to die.
I am proud of myself!
Even if you die physically, you will die with the Terran style!
Xuan Ming was angry at this time. When he saw Su Yu’s call, he immediately became angry and laughed. "I dare to challenge me. It’s really unworthy that the Terran aborigines really don’t know how to be good. Wait and retreat to kill this person in person!"
Lin Qianyi didn’t expect Su Yu to directly leapfrog the top saints.
Xuan Ming is not only famous for a long time, but also has a lot of spiritual treasures, and the top saints are the same as the quasi-saints.
If you fight alone, Su Yu may not be better than Xuan Ming.
"I’m a darling this Terran indigenous is crazy? Quasi-saints and saints are the difference between heaven and earth. "
"Hum, it’s just a desperate struggle. It’s not mysterious for Xuan Ming to step into the top holy number."
"Even so, the Terran aborigines have many magic pills, and his breath has returned to its peak."
"It’s really a waste of time to buy such an expensive Dan medicine."
The guardians secretly recovered and were happy to be the audience at leisure.
Seeing Su Yu’s good things emerge in an endless stream, many guardians are jealous and distressed, and secretly scold Su Yu for losing his family.
Xuan Ming directly incarnates the wolf clan, and tears his hands in an instant. In front of Su Yu, a claw directly injured Su Yu.
Top saints and quasi-saints are a huge watershed. Su Yu may not be able to beat Xuan Ming even if he has great ability
One mouthful blood gushed out Su Yu’s momentum and suddenly it weakened by half.
Xuan Ming Wolf orders a malicious wave and then sends out a claw of energy mixed with storms and visible to the naked eye. Five wolf claws quickly roared towards Su Yu.
The place where the rapid movement passes is full of subsidence, and thousands of meters of land is actually intact.
Such power is only a claw of the top saints.
"sin! Penalty! "
The two archaic characters imply that the way of heaven and earth runs and has the potential to devour all things.
Su Yu raised the true imperial sword again with a wave of his hand.
Air billow, with a violent breath, then rushed towards Su Yu and came at a rapid pace with five wolf claws.
Facing the top sage Su Yu, move the cards directly without hiding anything! At the same time, waving the real imperial sword that has never been touched!
Listen to a loud noise, the mountains shake the ground, the rivers surge in the distance, and the tsunami leaps!
The huge sword spirit waves hit the wolf’s paw strength and ran away strongly towards Xuan Ming.
At the beginning, the shelter built by Tianwai Xuantie, which can withstand several impacts, was also left a trace by Su Yu with a flick of his hand.
Now try your best to wave his hand, even in the face of top saints, he has a fighting force!
"Hush, the Terran aborigines were really scared, and that move actually stirred the forces of heaven and earth!"
"no! This is not the force of heaven and earth, but much like the source of the universe! He can actually communicate with the universe! "
"I can’t believe that a low-level Terran native has such a chance. It’s no wonder that even the venerable one is willing to speak regardless of his identity."
"This sword over XianJian more severe! It’ s a lot of money! "
"Even so, Xuan Ming may not lose."
The guardians are not wolves. Although their words and expressions are shocking, their words are fair.
This Su Yu’s two swords are really awesome!
Chapter 731 Su Yu witchcraft!
Xuan Ming didn’t expect Su Yu to be able to move the soil fertility!
That’s the honour person who can control the avatar!
He didn’t dare to take it hard, but there were thousands of troops behind him!
But if he doesn’t pick up the hordes behind him, he will surely kill more than half of them!
Lin Qianyi clenched his fist and watched Xuan Ming and Su Yu fight intently.
"double throne"
Su Yu’s mind is linked to the heart of the double throne, and the instantaneous opening of the golden light shields the sight of many foreigners.
On the real strength, he can’t beat Xuan Ming.
But he has a golden body, but when the enemy is unprepared, it is fascinating!
I can suck you to death even if I can’t kill you!
If not, Xuan Ming didn’t notice Su Yu’s movements to guard against crime and punishment.
By the time he came to his senses, Su Yu was behind him.
"A sword is light and an sword is tilted to the sky!"
Su Yu suddenly binge drinking a recruit to the sword body sword meaning suddenly didn’t enter the Xuan Ming body.
The sword carried by the Real Emperor Sword is light, safe and complete, and Su Yu’s strength is poured into it!
This sword trick contains the vigorous strength of Su Yu’s department, and vigorous practice has reached its peak! Ordinary top saints don’t want more!
Even if Xuan Ming is a top saint, he will be seriously injured if he is connected!
Xuan Ming discovered that Su Yu did not know when he had arrived behind him. He was about to make moves, but Su Yu suddenly took out the blood of the real imperial sword and poured out.

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