The two ghosts standing beside me, Wang Haowen, looked around with a slight frown as they passed by us.

"Xiao Ran, do you feel anything strange?" Wang Haowen asked me in a low voice.
I shook my head and stared at the two ghosts. At this moment, the two ghosts have respectively possessed the bride and groom.
After the ghost possessed into the bride and groom’s body, it continued to spread along the bride and groom’s body.
I’m not surprised that ghosts continue to show rest after they possess the human body.
Ghosts who have never smoked the sun’s spirit will have a result after they show the sun, that is, they are stunned.
No matter whether the ghost later hides in the shadows or is possessed by others, there is no way to stop the ghost from dissipating to the final daylights out.
The bride’s expression is instantaneous, ferocious and stiff, and a fist is severely waved to the groom’s face, and then her head is stiff, and her eyes are turned to the lip corner of the long knife that is going to cut the cake on the high table.
The groom was staggered by the bride’s punch and fell to the ground. The people who took up the auditorium exclaimed.
Such a change happened, Wang Haowen rushed to the high platform, and I quickly followed
Crystal high-heeled shoes was too unaccustomed to running. I dumped my shoes and followed Wang Hao barefoot.
Look at the attention and expression of the possessed bride, I can clearly judge that the ghost is not simply a spoiler, but a killer.
No matter which target they are wronged, one of the bride and groom is always Gu.
After boxing the groom, the bride slowly reached out and held a long knife, slowly approaching the groom without resistance, and her eyes were full of hatred.
The situation further developed, and the people in the auditorium exclaimed and turned into a panic. Even the master of ceremonies on the high platform immediately hid away from the bride holding the long knife.
The ghost has just realized that the skillful control of the person’s body is possessed by the bride and groom, which just gives Hao Wenwen and I the opportunity to save the bride and groom’s life
A short distance, Wang Haowen and I arrived soon.
Wang Hao Wenchong tried to snatch the long knife from the bride, who waved it to stop Hao-wen wang from approaching.
However, it is because Wang Haowen stopped the bride and groom from moving closer to each other, and the groom was entangled in Wang Haowen for a while to get away.
I think the possessed groom got up from the ground and prepared to step closer to the bride. He kicked his knee in front of the groom and the groom should fall to the ground again, holding his face twisted where he was kicked.
I want to kick the possessed groom’s abdomen and lift his foot. I temporarily change the direction of kicking and choose to kick the groom’s knee.
I am so urgent to myself that I can also consider that the groom is too tall, and my kicking posture may show my dew point, which means that I praise him silently.
After my foot went away, I clearly heard the bone fracture sound from the groom’s knee.
"Xiao Ran, flash away." At this time, I came behind Hao Wenwen to scream.
I turned around and saw the bride coming at me with a long knife.
Chapter two hundred and thirty To collaborate
Holy shit, I saw that the bride was already flexible in a short time. I quickly dodged and let the bride cut me down.
That is, I dodged the bride and once again approached the groom. Wang Haowen chased the bride from behind and pulled the bride after a long wedding, dragging the unguarded bride to the bride’s hand. The long knife fell to one side with the fall.
I quickly picked up the long knife and the bride had to get it again.
The groom who fell to the ground got up because of the broken leg. At the moment, he actually punched himself and punched his face quickly. Soon, his face was black and blue and his nose was bleeding.
Hao-wen wang and I joined the battle, and people in the auditorium came to help us drag the bride and groom to both sides of the platform.
It took only a few minutes from me and Wang Haowen running towards the high platform to the situation being controlled, but the wedding scene has become a mess.
The table should be placed on the high platform and pushed to the ground. Fresh milk is everywhere.
The wide screens on both sides of the high platform still play the sweet wedding photos of the bride and groom repeatedly, and the warm music still reverberates in the auditorium.
Wang Hao: After the bride and groom were arrested, they took out their mobile phones and made a call. I heard him quickly tell the mobile phone that something was wrong in the auditorium and asked the other party to bring things over as soon as possible.
After Wang Haowen hung up, he called again to listen to the speech. It should be explained that the gift shop immediately sent a wedding dress again. The size is the size of the wedding dress that the gift shop took.
"You aiding and abetting things, he is an executioner, but you still help him one by one. Are you blind?" The bride was imprisoned and twisted wildly in an attempt to earn imprisonment and tore her heart out.
The wedding dress has been pulled by Wang Haowen just now, and the first half of the hairstyle crown has been tilted to one side, and the hair is crumbling.
"For me, this body is a beast with a human face. God is unfair. There are so many people to help him." The groom also made a sound of grief and indignation at the moment
Hearing the words of the bride and groom, I knew that a couple of newlyweds were killed the day before their wedding. The murderer was the groom.
Looking at the haunting spirit overflowing from the possessed bride and groom’s body, I know that the two ghosts are in a state of amusement.
Everyone joined forces to control the situation, but my mood was not easy.
Am I aiding the abuse? I should do it correctly. I should let the two ghosts have revenge and complain, right?
Just now, when I saw the ghost of the bride possessed by me, my first thought was that I couldn’t let the ghost hurt Gu, but at that time, I didn’t even think about the ghost. So I decided to come to the auditorium, and the price they paid was that they lost their wits and found a so-called murderer to pay for their lives.
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I personally crushed their last wish and made them regret their death when they couldn’t even do ghosts.
I clenched my hands, and Yin Zhu and Xiaoyu Hulu pursed their lips. Listen carefully to the bride and groom’s words, and what clues can I get, so as to find out the facts of the groom’s crime and find a chance to make up for my mistakes.
It is possessed by the bride and groom. Although the two ghosts have been staring at each other, I have angered the groom, but the words in the words are not practical except that the groom is an executioner.
Seeing that something fishy is getting weaker and weaker from the bride and groom’s body, I secretly worry that they can’t talk to each other and vomit blood.
Just as I was about to induce an emotional bride and groom, Yang Yuanzhao came in a hurry with several people.
Hao-Wen Wang’s tower waved to several people entering the auditorium. Yang Yuanzhao kept turning his fingers in the direction of the groom and confessed that he was going straight in the direction of the bride.
Yang Yuanzhao walked up to the bride, took out a small glass dish from his pocket, aimed it at the bride’s forehead and then quickly pinched it with his left hand. With a word, the ghost of the bride’s body was instantly forcibly pulled out from the bride’s forehead and heart.
This is the first time I have seen Yang Yuanzhao’s hand. I am surprised that Yang Yuanzhao can forcibly pull the ghost of the possessed bride out of the body so quickly.
The ghost who is forcibly pulled out of the bride’s forehead cries out in pain when the sun shines from outside the auditorium, and it is so haunting that the female ghost breathes away in front of me.
Walking up to the groom, a few people are busy chanting spells.
Yang Yuanzhao forcibly pulled the female ghost out of the bride’s forehead and then went to the groom to do the same thing, and the male ghost was also stunned.
Yang Yuanzhao put the coloured glaze platter back into his pocket and told Hao-wen wang that it had been handled.
Wang Haowen respectfully said to Yang Yuanzhao, thank you, brother Yang Yuanzhao. He waved his hand and said that he happened to pass by with a few people.
Speaking of which, Yang Yuanzhao glanced at me and nodded at me.
"Yang Gehao" has been seen. I lifted my foot and walked to Yang Yuanzhao.
"Little Ran, good ah, these shoes." Yang Yuanzhao looked down at my feet and turned to ask Hao-wen wang a little in stitches.
"It was an emergency just now. Xiao Ran dumped her shoes. Here’s one." Wang Haowen answered Yang Yuanzhao’s inquiry, pointing to the red carpet from the entrance of the auditorium to the high platform.
I looked in the direction of Hao-Wen Wang’s fingers. At the moment, everyone in the auditorium was surrounded by the red carpet on both sides of the platform, and there was a crystal high-heeled shoes falling.
"Haha, Xiao Ran is also straightforward. I like Xiao Ran’s personality. Awen should cherish it." Yang Yuanzhao smiled when he saw the shoes.
Laughing like this is a mess at the moment. The auditorium looks out of place. Everyone looks at Yang Yuanzhao, unable to hide his displeasure and awe at the same time.
Yang Yuanzhao’s hand just now was really a surprise, and the people at the scene were either rich or expensive. I believe many people also know Yang Yuanzhao, and I fully understand the emotions in everyone’s eyes

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