"Yes, that’s it."

Qing Liu nodded with a smile.
"That’s not much."
Liu Gang smacked his lips. Otherwise, his hotel can earn four or five thousand dollars a month. This is not as easy as an honest hotel!
"That was the first delivery."
Qing Liu explained that "this time there are more than before."
"How many can there be?"
Liu Gang casually said, "Three thousand pieces?"
Qing Liu smiled and said, "More than ten thousand pieces."
Thud into one
Liu gang’s body shook his butt chair and fell down. He got up without pain and looked at Qing Liu dumbfounded. "How much did you say? More than 10,000 pieces? " He wondered if he had heard wrong!
Wang Guilan is also stunned. Looking at Qing Liu, I am stunned. God didn’t listen to me wrong, did he? More than ten thousand pieces?
That is to say, if a product earns one dollar, this single business can make them earn more than ten thousand dollars?
Wang Gui Lan, who earns more than ten thousand yuan a month, feels a little dizzy when he thinks about it.
But immediately, Wang Guilan mentally calculated a Qing Liu perfume. According to the villagers, a bottle sold for 666 yuan and the price was more than 10,000 bottles of perfume?
Honey, how much is this?
At this moment, Wang Guilan looked at Qing Liu and his eyes became more respectful.
Although she knows that Qing Liu is different from Qing Liu when she ran the farm before, she doesn’t know how much money Qing Liu can earn. She finally has an intuitive understanding!
Besides, it’s just perfume. There are medicated chicken, canned sugar orange, drinks and so on in Qing Liu.
Seeing Qing Liu Liu Gang nodding with a smile and slapping his thigh mercilessly, he didn’t feel pain and said, "This is more than making a hotel for a year!"
Liu Qingxiao smiled and said, "If you don’t lose the hotel here, just hire two employees. It’s just more manual sales, but later I think this hotel is still promising."
"I will listen to you to hire people!"
Liu Gangli nodded
"Qing Liu, how many people do you think we need to hire for express delivery?"
Wang Guilan return to absolute being hurriedly asked 1 more than ten thousand pieces of goods, if they do it by themselves, I don’t know how long it will take to send these goods away. Since Qing Liu let himself do this, he must have some plans in his heart.
"Five people will be enough."
Qing Liu said, "I will ask the sales staff of the company to help. In addition, if there is a large shipment, you can also ask the express company in the county to send someone to help. After all, they also make money!"
"Fine, then hire five hands and feet."
Wang Guilan nodded cheerfully and immediately asked, "Which courier do you think is better for us to join?"
"shentong bar"
Qing Liu thought for a moment and said, "The size of Shentong Express County is relatively large. By the way, I have asked them to send someone to pick up the goods. The franchise agents in their county area will also come to talk to him about joining."
Wang Guilan nodded again and again and then said with some worry, "Aunt Qing Liu also wants to ask what if they don’t agree to let us join? For example, wouldn’t setting up a point in their own village save this procedure and earn more money? "
"Auntie, don’t worry about that."
Liu Qingxiao said with an understatement, "If you don’t, talk to their person in charge. If they don’t agree with you, tell them that Shenlong Express won’t take Shentong Express instead of other companies’ express delivery. It’s not like they are the Shentong family in this express delivery industry!"
Wang Guilan cried that she felt hard and emboldened. She understood the subtext of Qing Liu’s sentence.
Qing Liu’s meaning is very simple. The joining of Yulong Village must be done by the two of them. If you don’t agree, hehe, then I’m sorry, even if you get 100 receiving points here in Shentong, it’s no use …
Chapter four hundred Residential building completed
Wang Guilan joined Shentong Express and it was settled smoothly.
The regional agent in charge of Wenchang County is not stupid to inquire from the side. After learning that Wang Guilan is aunt Qing Liu, the general manager of Shenlong Company, he immediately agreed without saying anything.
For him, there is really no loss. If there is no agent from Wang Guilan to join him, he will also set up an express delivery point in Yulong Village, and it is said that his peers, such as Yuantong Express, have set their sights on Shenlong Company, the express delivery company.

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