The shadow of Linghu faded a little. da ji breathed a sigh of relief. "Come on, others!"

Yan got up and let a small Qian retreat her tights to show her left shoulder and chest, so that Linghu could heal the arrow wound on her chest. Then the other four girls went forward one by one, followed by Biyun and Caiyun, and their arms and legs were bruised to varying degrees.
Seeing that the virtual shadow of Linghu is close to dissipating, "Nezha" da ji called my name "Come and take advantage of Linghu’s skill."
Before I left, I sat my legs flat in front of da ji. da ji touched my bruises and felt very warm. When her hand moved, the bruises had disappeared.
When I got up and retired, Linghu had disappeared, and da ji’s face rose with a sense of fatigue. She smiled at Shijie. "Sister and younger sister can do this because of their poor health these two days."
Shijie replied, "Thank you very much, school sister! To thank the queen. "
After we all gave thanks, da ji said, "Linghu’s healing is actually to calm down the appearance and relieve the pain. The so-called palliative surgery, after the competition, you, especially Yan, still need to rest for a while before you can recover."
At this time, Shijie said, "Today, the queen went to the usual etiquette for you to wait for healing. Remember not to sit in front of the queen like today in the future. This is a blasphemy, but you have to behead!"
We secretly spit out our tongues and da ji smiled. "Sister, don’t scare these children, but if the king is here, especially if there are old ministers sitting in the DPRK, it is really impossible to expect."
Hearing that we are short of clothes and clothes now, da ji ordered people to beat the treasury and gave each of us a set of deep dresses and gowns. I also heard that we used to wear Hu and gave each of us a set of clothes and trousers
I checked the logo of the clothing store, but I used to wear the same one, which is made of much better material. Could it be that my father specially paid tribute to the palace?
Returning to Piandian Shijie is not our root training, but getting together. The topic of hexagrams can’t be discussed again, and Mrs. da ji is noble, elegant and amazing.
23 exhibition match
Thanks to da ji’s franchise, our activities have doubled, but we still can’t reach the core of the palace, and we have no chance to see da ji and Su Fensheng again. Even Teacher Shijie has been missing the dragon all day.
However, it feels quite good to visit the palace in the gorgeous new clothes you just got or to look at the mountains and rivers outside the palace from the stylobate. Lin Ze occasionally goes in and out of its herds of elk.
It’s those ladies-in-waiting and guards who show disdain from time to time that makes me feel very uncomfortable, but it’s a relief to think about it. We girls from the border are walking in the palace. In their view, they are a group of unruly leopards. Besides, we must be as knowledgeable as these people
The next day, that is, the day before the game, the princes or envoys who lived in the sand dune inn came to the palace to see the queen. When Teacher Shijie was not there, we all ran to the palace gate to watch the excitement.
Seeing a group of girls like us around here, an enthusiastic young steward took the initiative to introduce us one by one. Where did this come from Yanzhou and where did it come from Qingzhou? I had never heard of many country names. Finally, I remembered that one of them was from Bogu and the other was from Laiyi.
A girl asked, "hasn’t Lai Yi been fighting with us?"
"Don’t play early! This time, several girls were sent to watch the game! "
And that thin aunt also sent a team to participate in the exhibition game this time.
Soon after, the fleet of solitary bamboo king also came from Xingyi, on the west coast of the mainland, where the damaged ship had been repaired and even added a lot of equipment
A large group of people came from the ship after another. We followed the steward of the palace and continued to listen to his introduction one by one. The characters in it except Gu Zhujun, Princess Motailing, Su Hou and loyal brother Yu Ji were all from Jizhou vassal countries, wearing various clothes, and the envoys from Dongyi in front of them seemed to have watched a strange national costume show.
After a while, governors and envoys from all over the world left the palace and returned to the inn. There were Gu Zhujun’s father and daughter and Su Hou’s family staying in the palace.
In the afternoon, another cruise ship stopped at the Dune Wharf under the escort of a warship. This time, many girls came from the surface. It is said that they were all members of all walks of life who participated in the exhibition. Instead of entering the palace, they went directly to the inn.
I asked the steward, "Does every official ship coming from Xingyi need a military escort?"
"Yes, Miss," the steward replied, "In the mainland, when the king of Ze is in the palace, all the old capitals are princes and princes, but there are countless islands thousands of miles away in Fiona Fang, and there are many bandits hiding in them to rob passing ships."
"Therefore, the original Xing Hou had 12 warships in Japan to protect the past official ships, and later the Su Hou Dynasty Xing Hou added 20 warships, not only official ships but also large merchant ships to send troops to protect them."
I looked at the calm water, but I didn’t expect such a crisis to be hidden in it.
When I was walking back, I chased the steward and asked the question that had been hidden in my heart, "Is there a wine pool in the sand dune palace?"
He was stupefied and then smiled and answered "I haven’t heard of this" and then left.
Is this "wine pool and meat forest" really a rumor?
On the match day, the gate of the palace was finally opened. We put the game in a gown in advance and entered the palace one after another with the distinguished guests of the participating teams, surrounded by stands and cloisters.
Da ji sits in the chief wearing a white feather coat, which must have been sent by Gu Zhujun. It is still a simple but elegant white coat, but the style is different the day before, except for the face and hands, which never show an inch of skin.
In the second seat, sitting alone with Zhu Jun, next to Princess Mo Ziling, and on the other side, Su Hou and Fensheng Gong, there are also three princes and fifteen envoys, and the first is the referee’s seat. It is said that five women and three men are all from Chaoge.
Teacher shiji didn’t sit in the VIP table, but we sat in the cloister together.
There are seven teams participating in the team exhibition competition. Wu Shijie told me and "See the girl in red opposite?" She is the granddaughter of general Dou Rong, a wandering soul. Dou Wan is just fourteen years old this year. She may be your opponent! "
Speaking, we saw a young woman around Dou Wan smiling at Shijie, and Shijie returned the gift.
"Teacher, who is that?" Xiaoqian asked, "Is it Teacher Dou Wan?"
"Yes, she is from the Biyou Outer Court of Jin Ao Island in the East China Sea, and her name is Zhu Peier and Shi, which can also be regarded as the same door."
"Oh that other …"
Shijie interrupted us. "You don’t have to care about others. None of your other main rivals will appear in today’s game."
Next, the first five girls of the wandering souls group came out in the competition. All five girls were wearing tights. Dou Wan was red, and the other girls were black. Dou Wan controlled the three beads by himself. Except that the number of people and magic weapons were not as good as ours, I felt that the overall cooperation was not inferior to ours.
Shijie said to us, "Take off your skirts and gowns! Another one is us. "
The second appearance was a four-person group from the ancient country of Tangyi. Although the girls wore blue dresses to manipulate two long white silks, they felt quite elegant, but the long silks were far less easy to manipulate than colored beads, and there were still some mistakes in the manipulation.
Then we came out, and our colorful and beautiful gymnastics alone caused a little commotion. Although there was no serious training for two days, the seven of us cooperated quite tacitly. Xiaoqian and I manipulated seven colored beads to fly back and forth among us, which was even more perfect.
We went back to our seats, put on our skirts and gowns, and a group was already present.
"Wow, there are so many people!" This group of girls came from Lebanon, which was swept by Xibo in the Northern Lebanon Revolution. They were all wearing tights. I counted ten people.
Their magic weapon is five rings with different colors, which reminds me of the five rings.
"Teacher," a girl asked, "Do we wear open-legged gymnastics?"
"How?" Shijie replied, "I won’t force you to wear it if everyone doesn’t wear it."
The fifth appearance is from the five-person group of Bogucheng. Their appearance makes people shine at once. They all wear long-sleeved high-fork gymnastics magic weapons from pink to dark green, and the magic weapon is a bead, a silk and a circle. Although the total number of magic weapons is less than ours, the performance is no less wonderful than ours.
"Is there no coach in Bogucheng?" Xiaoqian noticed that the team in Bogucheng was seated at the back of the field.
Shijie replied, "Look at the Leyi team next to them. They are the same coach as the Bogucheng team."
Over there, the girls in Leyi are already changing clothes. Behind the girls, there is a woman wearing Tsing Yi with a hairstyle I don’t know where I have seen.
Followed by Leyi’s six girls, three of them hold colored beads, three balls and three laps? I can’t help but think that the key to this project in past life memory is a magic weapon for each of the six people, and team cooperation has exceeded our level.
There are already girls among us who are worried that Shi Ji’s teacher doesn’t care. "Just try your best and care about the ranking." Have you seen their coach? " Shi Ji said, "She is not a foreigner, but from Fusang. I’m afraid she is more authentic than the teacher in the teaching of smart projects."
The last team came from Jiyi, near Tang Yi, which is said to be the fief of Prince Jiyi. The same four-person group decorated Tang Yi with almost three pearls as a magic weapon.
I found that the three teams wearing long-sleeved high-fork gymnastics, including us, Bo Gu and Lai Yi, came from Bohai Bay. It’s not that we are more relaxed than they are. It’s easier to buy clothes from Donghai Dragon Firm because they are at the seaside.
At the end of the group performance competition, the judges are counting the final scores. Although Mr. Shijie told us not to worry about it, we still felt very nervous.
However, I seem to understand the confidence of Shijie. Our appearance order has been carefully arranged, which allows us to take the lead in scoring. Although we are confident that we have the strength to win the championship, we can’t say that there is no shady.
After discussion, the referee reported the results to da ji, da ji, holding a jade slip, and announced on the spot that Bogu City, a wandering soul, tied for the third place, Laiyi was the second and we were the first.
We are in high spirits here, and the girl in Bogucheng is depressed, but the girl from Fusang is very graceful and took the initiative to congratulate Shijie and said a lot of words that we didn’t understand.
When the party was over, Shijie left me behind and took me to the front of da ji at the door after everyone had gone away.
"Nezha" da ji asked softly, "I heard that you have foresight?"

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