Sure enough, as soon as my words fell, I knew that I had learned from the silver company that he had bribed the silver, and he was so heroic that he said to me, "Why are you training now? You are so strong in weapons and practicing hard for a few days. Who can’t chase it? It’s still important to eat. So I’ll take out half of my rental income this month and don’t ask you all to go to Biyunxuan for dinner. Don’t report me to this head office if you eat all the meals."

Haha, it seems that this little guy is really scared to death to work there. He earns more than 50 thousand yuan a month in facade rent. Let’s eat that 25 thousand! I made a V-shaped gesture of victory against silver behind Xu Qiang’s back. As a result, the other five people responded to me with such a gesture. Even Blue Moon and I did the same. What are they happy about? Did they come by plane to eat Xu Qiang? But I looked very cool. This small local owner didn’t spend much money except playing games for several years. I don’t know how much money he has now. I’m sorry to be a brother.
And Xu Qiang also saw everyone’s gesture. He bowed his head and found nothing. The handle is in our hands. After that, the "sex" life has also been recognized
After blackmailing Xu Qiang, we personally upgraded. Because I joined six vocational departments, my level problem has been made up by experience bonus and my strong attack power. Now I hold this stick, and it feels really cool. A group of demon tigers were killed by me, which is about twice as fast as usual. It is blue water that makes a lot of quantity.
It didn’t take long for me to find out that something was wrong. Blue Moon should have stayed at the front of the team to prevent monsters from attacking her teammates behind. Now she will rush to kill monsters when she finds that there are no monsters near her, making many monsters rush in to attack the monsters behind her. If Zhang Xiaolin and Xu Qiang hadn’t tried their best to kill monsters, I would have resisted the monster that was hitting me in front to help them deal with the monsters that got in, then Sister Yin and Deep Blue would have been in danger.
A few times, everyone didn’t pay much attention to it because she was new here and didn’t know how to cooperate with us. But later, it was often found that this had to make her teammates frown. Sister Yin and Sister Shen Lan also politely asked her to pay attention. At that time, she nodded, but she would stay and see the monster. Her horse forgot, and because I brought the blue moon, she turned her eyes to me.
I didn’t think there was anything wrong with smashing monsters because I was testing the power of the new staff. It took me a long time to find out that something was wrong. Blue Moon always left the team and ran ahead to kill monsters. After Yin and Deep Blue persuaded her, she still went her own way. I felt that everyone’s eyes were on me and let me make up my mind. I was angry at that time. After killing a group of monsters in front of me, I stopped Blue Moon from trying to move on and kill monsters. After saying this, I left by myself.
I’m waiting for my teammate Blue Moon to come back one after another at the back of the city. As soon as I come back, I chirp and ask me, "Why don’t you practice?" Just now, I was killing well. Before I practiced alone, I had to be careful with you. Some people worked harder to prevent blood. I just managed to kill and drink medicine bottles, which was much faster than before. "
I stopped her from talking and said to her, "You’ll kill monsters soon, but have you thought about your teammates?" Are they safe? If you want to be a hero yourself, no one will stop you, but please don’t ask us to train later. We can’t afford to raise you, a big lady. "At the end of the day, I almost yelled at the blue moon.
Blue Moon’s eyes turned red after hearing my words, and she yelled at me in response to my words, "I’ve grown so big, and no one has spoken to me yet. What’s wrong with me helping you kill monsters?" Is this also wrong? But sneak a few monsters in. What’s the big deal? "
I suppressed my anger and said to her, "Yes, you are right. We were wrong. We sneaked in a few monsters. It is said that we are not capable enough to stop the monsters. After this, you can practice you. We can’t afford to raise you as the sixth largest lady in our small team." After that, I turned to my brother and said, "Let’s go and supplement our own training."
Sister Shen Lan stopped me at this time and then went to Blue Moon and said softly to her, "Moon, you should have been practicing by yourself before, right? Never cooperated with other teammates? " Blue Moon came to see me in such a big fire and took everyone with her. She also panicked. She always cultivated arrogance and made her realize her mistakes. Now when she heard Sister Shen Lan’s words, she couldn’t stop crying. She was very wronged and said to Sister Shen Lan, "Before I was grateful, I always practiced by myself and occasionally with some people who always followed me, but they never said that I was brave and truly chivalrous."
At this time, I put in a lukewarm sentence, "Those people who follow you are kissing your ass because they want to get your benefits. I don’t even know what a golden girl it is."
After listening to my lukewarm words, Sister Deep Blue immediately knew what would happen just now, so she took my words and said to Blue Moon, "What you described is not cooperation at all, but it is not allowed to kill monsters in the battle with us. It is true, but since you are with your teammates, you must be careful. Even if there are no monsters to kill in front of you, you must obey the command before you can rush."
Looking at Blue Moon, I didn’t know where I was wrong, but nodded symbolically. I tried to suppress the fire and came again. I said to her sarcastically, "Don’t nod before you realized your mistake. When I first met you, I heard you say that you didn’t have a real friend. I was alone in the game. I sympathized with you and Pei you. Later, when you saw Brother Lei, you showed that you were fascinated by him. I didn’t want you to come back with us. Your personality was really unacceptable. I also refused everything that could make you become our eldest sister-in-law. You You still want to chase our boss in your dreams. Are you chivalrous? You call that chivalry? The true chivalry is not to go to the front alone. It is only when the protagonist is described in the novel that chivalry requires good unity and cooperation and strict discipline. In the novel, the orcs all know to cooperate according to orders. A person who wants to have chivalry knows that he wants to kill the enemy alone regardless of the safety of his teammates. It would be strange if Brother Lei knew about it and didn’t scold you to death, but I don’t think Brother Lei would blame you. After all, you are not familiar with us. "
It’s also the first time for everyone to hear me say why Blue Moon joined our village. After listening to my words, they all stared at Blue Moon, and then imagined a tall and mighty big brother Lei with this petite blue moon in front of them. The image of father and daughter was a little more than that of lovers. Blue Moon laughed when she heard me tell her the secret, and everyone stared at her for no reason. The horse blushed and lowered its head, and even I forgot to refute the unkind words in my words.
Deep blue elder sister put her arms around the blue moon and smiled and said to her, "Hey! It turns out that our little moon likes our boss. No wonder they all came to our village. Giggle! " Sister Shen Lan’s words made the Blue Moon speak so hard that she dared not stretch it out in her arms.
Sister Shen Lan patted Blue Moon on the shoulder, righted her from her arms and said to Blue Moon seriously, "Since Little Moon really wants to be friends with us, she still wants to chase after our boss. That Xiaohua just said is that the so-called cooperation roots before you do not belong to the team and belong to individualism. I didn’t understand these when I first joined everyone, and later I was scolded by Brother Lei for several times. At that time, even my boyfriend didn’t help me. I also wanted to quit playing this game, but my strong personality made me stay. I tried my best. Learn how to cooperate with other teammates. When I am not sensible, I will ask Yin. In this way, I can finally help everyone while learning. Don’t blame Xiaohua for talking to him when his girlfriend just joined. Let her girlfriend help everyone as soon as possible. The method is more cruel than that of Brother Lei. "
Blue Moon heard this and couldn’t help but get in a word. Curiously, she asked Sister Deep Blue, "What’s the method of Sister Deep Blue Xiaohua? How is it more cruel than Brother Lei scolding you? Is he not good with his girlfriend? " It seems that she is not white. What could be more cruel than being scolded?
Sister Deep Blue slowly told Blue Moon how I had specially trained Xinxia. After that, she added, "Little Moon, it’s very kind of you not to ask all of us to do this. In fact, everyone’s feelings for each other transcend everything, but the group is the battlefield of the group. You can’t play anything by yourself. You can only play several times your strength if you learn to protect your teammates and cooperate with them reasonably. Do you understand now?"
Blue Moon bowed her head and thought for a long time before she looked up and said to everyone, "I have never experienced such a thing before my friends. I am used to being alone. Now I will study hard and change myself because I really want to have my own friends and I am willing to make this ideal." After that, she came up to me and said, "Xiaohua, I’m sorry. I will study hard if I cooperate with everyone. Can you forgive me?"
I nodded my head, and now I’m surprised that this girl has changed. She can throw away her withdrawn and arrogant attitude immediately after listening to me and Sister Shen Lan, and dare to admit her mistakes. Although I don’t know whether she really wants friends or has changed because of Brother Lei, or both, I still have to admire her. This is really not easy for a young lady who has been spoiled since childhood.
Blue Moon saw me nod and forgave her mistake, and jumped up happily and said to me, "So can you continue to take me to train now?" I promise to listen to the arrangement! "
I reiterated to her that I must abide by the rules and told her that if she could abide by them, we would all treat her as a good friend in the future. I didn’t say what I would do to her if she couldn’t, because I thought she should be very white.
After she solemnly indicated that she would know what to do, I joined her in the team to supplement the necessary ammunition for training.
Chapter 53 Land for leveling
After everyone replenished their medicine again, they came to the "Mountain of Animals". This time, Blue Moon was obedient and always stayed where she should be. It was a phenomenon of killing monsters and occasionally killing more and more, but she soon found herself out of position. When the horse retired, Hu and I also slowly explained some cooperation tips to her. Although this girl was a little extreme in personality, she learned things quickly, and we slowly relieved her. When we took her slowly, we didn’t dare to go to the mountain, because Blue Moon didn’t deserve to join the mountain. Now she is so obedient, so she takes her to kill the monster elephant, the scorpion-tailed lion and the white-haired tiger. These three monsters are 9511, which can be dropped. Now the market is in great demand, and the equipment experience is good. It’s my first time to come here. In fact, it’s a bit too much for us to train these monsters with our current level. Maybe it’s my selfishness to get a good staff. Now I seem to be a lot bolder.
I took everyone halfway up the mountain, and I looked around for a better land type, but this land type was very messy. It was either the forest or the light mountain, which made me look for a long time, but I didn’t find a good place. Just when I was going to ask everyone to go, Blue Moon suddenly pointed to a place and said to all of us, "There seems to be a shadow in the depths of that forest, which looks like a cave. Is it right to go and have a look?"
I looked there carefully, but I didn’t see the cave. I asked Blue Moon if she was sure it was a cave. She definitely nodded and said that she had a good eye in the game. If it was normal, I would definitely refute that we are not strong enough now. If we got into the crevice like I did last time and met the monster group, none of us would be alive. Today, when I saw this shadow, I felt very strange. I don’t know why there was such a feeling.
I cast a malicious glance at everyone to see if there are any objections. Unfortunately, today we are all fearless, and they are already eager to try, just waiting for me to nod.
Seeing that everyone supported me so much (in fact, I was curious to support you), I took seven brothers who were not afraid of death and slowly took them into that place and walked nearby, so I really saw that it was a cave, but I was surprised that everything could be seen so close and the blue moon could be seen so far. Is it because my eyesight is faulty or the blue moon’s eyesight is too good? I can’t understand this. I told everyone this question, but they all said that they didn’t see it clearly until they got here.
Blue Moon said that she knew it was a cave far away, and she couldn’t tell the specific reason. One day she suddenly didn’t know what she could see far away. She asked if she was thinking about anything or equipment. She said that the equipment was just bought by her at that time, and three of them belonged to one set. She suddenly saw so far because several chirping birds (level 4 monsters can fly very well) attacked her that day, but she ran away as soon as she pecked her, because she was not flexible as a knight. I’m too lazy to pay attention to these birds, but they can always see her chasing her. At that time, she was thinking, if only I could see so far like this chirping bird, so that she could enjoy the original scenery at the top of the mountain. At that time, she was thinking like this, and suddenly she felt that her vision range had expanded a lot. She belonged to knights and could understand hidden skills. Later, when she returned to the city, she asked more than five knights everywhere and asked them to experiment and learn this method by themselves. Unfortunately, no one could have this skill. Seeing that she could not ask any ang, she temporarily forgot about it.
After listening to Blue Moon’s description, I’m sure she is the same as Brother Ye. The problem lies in the equipment. After I answered her questions, I told her and asked her to take off all the equipment temporarily and put it in her belt. After all this, I’ll try to see if I can see it so far.
Blue Moon really found her eyesight back before she believed me, and then she was happy to say that she must get this set straight so that she could see further. I wanted to laugh. Did she see Brother Lei and later thought that it was better to joke with this girl less when it was leveling?
After explaining the problem of blue moon’s eyesight, I asked everyone to light a big torch. The soldiers and knights all temporarily increased HP skills. "Strong skills" were supplemented by silver and dark blue sisters. First, the soldiers and knights entered the cave. When Hu and them approached the cave, a golden light flashed at the door of the cave and they disappeared. As soon as I saw this situation, I was anxious and went in. My idea was to die with my brothers.
That light seems to have put me into the hole. As soon as I entered, I saw Hu and the three of them killing each other with a few demon wolf kings (level 9 is not BOSS). I quickly joined the battlefield. At this time, Xu Qiang and others came in one after another. I didn’t think much about this situation. Fortunately, the monster took a few minutes to get rid of these guys.
After killing the monster at the mouth of the cave, I tried to look everywhere near where we just landed to see if there was anything to send us out, but I didn’t find it for a long time. It seems that this place can’t get in and out. Now that we have come in and have a return ticket, why not just look at it?
The individual slowly walked into the hole. It is strange that the area of the hole is getting bigger and bigger, and the monster is never seen again. At this time, a platform-like building appeared on our left. There is a staircase to go to the platform, which is about 4 or 5 meters from the ground. The stairs can walk side by side. Because of the angle problem, three people can’t see anything on the platform. I know that the platform can go inside.
I want everyone to slowly approach the platform to see what is on that surface. Just when we are more than 3 meters away from the platform, I don’t know who caused a trap. After a loud noise, there are several monsters around us, all of which are not in the unified data. I immediately told everyone to go back to the city, but this time, as when I rescued Sister Juan, it showed "Here is the method to return to the city"
Looking at more and more monsters, I quickly made a decision to ask everyone to rush to the platform. When we rushed to the platform, the monsters behind us had followed. I quickly took a look at the platform. It was lucky that I didn’t brush the monsters. I quickly asked the soldiers and the blue moon to block the stairs and set fire to the stairs.
I soon found that this is an excellent place to train. Most of these monsters are close-range attack monsters, and a few monsters are close-range attack monsters. They are called iron-toothed beasts, bronze-toothed beasts and silver-toothed beasts. They can attack both near and far, and the attack power is extremely strong. Because of the small number, at most, only two can attack the three meat shields in front of us at the same time. If you find them attacking our meat shields, silver and deep blue sisters, you can still resist these monsters with good experience, especially the gold-toothed beasts, which are less than 14 monsters. It is no wonder that their
Monsters kept dying and refreshing the experience, so that we all laughed from ear to ear. I asked them about their drugs and calculated how long they could last. After that, I made a decision. I said to everyone, "After I decided, let’s take this place. Let’s call several brothers to the Magic Circle. We implement the shift system. It’s so cool to kill here! Master, my God! " After listening to me, everyone agrees with me very much. Let me set up the magic circle now, call a few brothers and call two or three more senior wizards.
I set up the magic circle and left myself a bundle of red and blue, plus a box of Taihō and Dan. After throwing the rest on the ground and adding oil to everyone’s morale, I pinched a village return scroll in my hand and entered the magic circle. As soon as I appeared on the other side of the array, I immediately smashed the village return scroll to the ground. I was scared this time. If it wasn’t so cool, I really wouldn’t dare to set one up and send it.
After throwing the village roll back to the city, I went back to the village and saw Walter WANG looking at me like a fool. I said hello to him and ran to find Brother Lei before he could react. When I ran, I heard Walter WANG shouting at the back, "Don’t make two rolls back to the village. That’s too waves."

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