These monsters have appeared one after another, and there is no doubt that their grades are getting higher and higher. When those lizards appeared, Sun Sheng also asked Xiao Yan to fish in troubled waters and set a few fires, and then he started to fight monsters himself to earn some experience. However, after the emergence of "wild cats" with unknown grades, Sun Sheng never dared to fly more than 100 meters. Even so, when Mi Chong appeared in the final magnification, Sun Sheng still felt insecure and raised his height by more than 50 meters.

Bai Mi Chong looks very harmful in ordinary times, and his body makes people feel a little cute, but after magnifying it a million times, the scene is completely different. Through the telescope lens, Sun Sheng can see that Bai Mi Chong shows sharp fangs when he opens his mouth, which is not as naive as they were when they were young, and their mouth Shihou Zhang can be thicker than his body. Sun Sheng can feel the oppression faced by those monsters in Bai Mi Chong’s mouth.
When Bai Mi Chong rushed out of the desert, it aroused sand shadows all over the sky, and then sprayed tens of meters of white silk in the long-legged fish, entangled all the monsters around him who wanted to escape. Only then did he unhurriedly zoom back and forth and lean toward their prey with huge teeth and swallow them up. Although those fish monsters resisted slightly, they could not disturb the appetite of Bai Mi Chong.
Sun Sheng lamented that he had raised the height to a lot, and was entangled in the bad luck of Dabai Mi Chong spinning, while patting his chest and marveling at how high these insects were. Lizards are all at level 10, followed by "wild cats". I don’t know the level, but Sun Sheng estimates that they have to kill 130 strange fish behind them, least 100, and white Mi Chong has to be 250, otherwise white Mi Chong will not have an overwhelming advantage over the former, or it will be in a one-to-many situation.
How much experience is it to kill a monster like this ……….
Sun Sheng is more envious than in his heart, but he knows that if he goes to die purely, even if it is a small flame, the consequences are not much different.
Looking at the ground, the range of sight is clear or vaguely clear, and Mi Chong figure Sun Shengbi is glad to think that fortunately, these desert monsters are all active in the ground. Seeing that they are so abnormal, if there is an army, I am afraid there is really no way out today.
I don’t know if Sun Sheng didn’t pay attention to anything dirty when he went out today, but when he thought that there were no flying monsters in the desert, he saw that many things like mosquitoes were drilled out of the ground. Naturally, these monsters have wings on their backs …
Chapter one hundred and ten
Looking at the ground, Sun Sheng’s intuition is not good, but through the telescope, Sun Sheng also knows that if they are really a threat to himself, then if he can’t run away, it’s hard to be nervous just to stare at the ground while riding Xiaoyu leisurely. When the mosquitoes emerged from the sand, they spread their wings, and some of them were wrinkled. Then the mosquitoes on the ground flickered their wings and flew intermittently, which made Sun Sheng nervous again.
Flying floaters obviously didn’t have any interest in flying in the sky at the first time, but all flew towards Mi Chong, who was still eating, and then leaned out the straw and attached it to Dabai Mi Chong to suck their gravy …
While those white Mi Chong seem to sleep well and continue to eat their food. Sun Sheng can’t help wondering if these mosquitoes are harmless parasites? Obviously, it’s not because Mi Chong’s body is shrinking while eating. Every white Mi Chong has 20 mosquitoes lying on his back. Mi Chong seems to be consuming his life unconsciously.
They didn’t resist until Dabai Mi Chong was shrunk by half and the eating was almost over. Unfortunately, it was too late when mosquitoes besieged Dabai Mi Chong, and the huge body kept swinging and struggling on the desert surface, but the mosquitoes were as if they were nailed to them. No matter how Dabai Mi Chong rolled, mosquitoes could keep still and suck their gravy or blood.
Looking at those miserable white Mi Chong, Sun Sheng also sympathized for a while, grinning as if those mosquitoes were biting himself.
After all, the struggle of Dabai Mi Chong gradually weakened and stopped when the body became a quarter of its original size, saying that the action was to stay where it was and wait for death.
Sun Sheng can’t see their level of health, so he’s not sure whether they’re dead or not, and those mosquitoes are still wandering around Dabai Mi Chong’s body, and Sun Sheng hasn’t had a chance to go, otherwise he’d like to have an autopsy on Dabai Mi Chong’s body and scrape some baby.
Mi Chong is dead, and his body is getting weak in the buzz of mosquitoes, but Sun Sheng was pleasantly surprised to find that some white Mi Chong explosives were left on the ground! But I didn’t have the guts to look at it. Who knows if those mosquitoes will be interested in themselves? Although Sun Sheng feels that his body is much smaller than those in Mi Chong, who knows if those mosquitoes like to have a snack after dinner?
Sun Sheng didn’t look for mosquitoes wandering around the ground, but he saw high school flying. When he and Xiaoyu were flying, there was a lot of noise. When Sun Sheng was flying, his wings were faster and his power was louder. These mosquitoes just didn’t know what to do. They soon found it.
I don’t know which leading Sun Shengshen dozens of mosquitoes flew towards the sky Sun Shengfei.
Sun Sheng is still looking at these mosquitoes in the telescope. Sun Sheng was surprised and quickly let Xiaoyu fly away.
However, although the mosquito’s body has become larger, its speed has become faster, perhaps because its body is streamlined. The mosquito’s speed is amazing, even if Xiaoyu’s speed and strength are blinking, the distance between the two sides has been shortened by almost half, which makes Sun Sheng extremely disappointed.
"It’s hard for me to fly here, so I won’t be sucked into adulthood by several mosquitoes, will I?" Sun Sheng shouted loudly but couldn’t scare off the chasing mosquitoes.
Sun Sheng thought of the line for the first time, but he told me that he couldn’t line it in battle! This made him want to cry and thought that neither of us had lost blood, so why judge that we were fighting? Tong won’t listen to Sun Sheng complaining that mosquito chasing continues.
Another way is to send the village chief’s collar back to the bamboo forest, but Sun Sheng is unwilling to leave for almost a day and a night to get here. It is really unwilling to give up like this.
"This is not to force me? Now, it’s a long way to go … huh? Into the ground? "
Sun Sheng’s eyes are not as fast as mosquitoes, and he will be caught by them sooner or later. What if he finds a place to hide? So Sun Sheng stare big eyes to find a trace of rocks in the desert.
"Come to a mountain, don’t want a cave! !” Sun Sheng almost sweated and listened to the wind blowing in his ear. His specialty was constantly looking for the telescope in four places.
But four, where are the rocks except sand or sand, and then those huge cacti come out in the evening? At this time, the cacti are all beautiful.
Seeing that mosquitoes are about to chase Sun Sheng’s whim-or simply hide in those cacti.
This idea seems crazy and unrealistic, but Sun Sheng has no other way to go now.
"Try it first anyway." Sun Sheng gritted his teeth and let Xiaoyu turn around and fly to a huge cactus near the ground without mosquitoes.
Don’t turn around, I don’t know. When I turned around, I was shocked and turned around. When I saw that mosquitoes were chasing behind me, it was so dense that the whole day formed a veritable mosquito wall. I’m afraid there are not three thousand.
"Can a mosquito suck me up and make me so excited?"
One is coming, three thousand is coming, and the number is different, but the result is the same. Sun Sheng has to flee for his life.
Soon Sun Sheng came to a cactus next to Xiaoyu, who was still flying, and Sun Sheng took it back directly, while himself fell directly to the desert mountain. Anyway, it didn’t hurt that sand fell from a place four or five meters high.
Although the cactus thorn looks scary, it is not very dense. Sun Sheng can still draw a gap in the cactus if he uses a sword.
Take out your own monster and explode a long sword. Sun Sheng digs a hole in cactus. Although the attribute of the sword is not for himself, it is not buried to dig a hole in cactus now.
It’s not much time to chase Sun Sheng mosquitoes, who soon approached this cactus. Sun Shenghao let Xiaoyan turn into a phoenix to attract their attention first. It’s a big deal to take Xiaoyan back directly after hiding. Although it’s not as high as those mosquitoes, it’s not necessarily much slower than them, and it may even be faster. It should not be a problem to deal with them for a while.
Watching the small flame and the gorgeous fire shadow lead thousands of buzzing mosquitoes to fly over Sun Sheng. Fortunately, the mosquitoes’ eyesight is obviously not good. They are more interested in the bright and conspicuous small flame in the sky than Sun Sheng.
Looking at the mosquito Sun Sheng who followed the small flame, he tried again whether he could line it or not. As a result, the pet was still in a fighting state, which obviously implicated Sun Sheng, and Sun Shenghao could not continue in the cactus cave.
Sun Sheng said it was a cave, but he wanted to go further. He wanted to buckle a piece from the cactus as a door, and then put the "door" inside, so that it could be installed. This made it more difficult. Fortunately, the long sword in his hand was sharp enough, but the cactus was quickly pulled out after cutting with a long sword, and then Sun Sheng pulled out a hole inside.
While hiding inside, try to take Sun Sheng with the "door" and let Xiaoyan give up pestering mosquitoes and come back to her.
In fact, at this time, Xiaoyan can’t persist because when she transforms, Xiaoyan has recovered to the appearance of harming birds and attracting mosquitoes’ attention.
After the small flame ran into the cactus hole, Sun Sheng quickly closed the "door" and lost the target. Mosquitoes were hanging around outside. Sun Sheng looked at the situation outside through the small hole in the door and found that mosquitoes were determined when they lost their target and flew around.
But then a diamond-shaped long thorn slammed into Sun Sheng’s cactus cave, and the long thorn crossed Sun Sheng’s head. Sun Sheng took a step back and posted it on the cave wall.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Cities in the desert
It can be seen that this diamond-shaped thorn is a mosquito straw at such a distance. Sun Sheng can see that the front port of the straw is closely followed by this, and then four or five mosquitoes absorb light through the "door" and plunge into Sun Sheng’s small hole. Fortunately, Sun Sheng’s hole is not small, and mosquitoes force themselves to enter again after putting the straw through the cactus skin, otherwise Sun Sheng will be more than just frightened.
A total of six mosquitoes stuck straws in, but I don’t know why. Although these straws didn’t hit the target, they swayed from side to side without pulling them out.
Sun Shenggang was really scared, and now he is panting to calm his excitement. Looking at several straws in front of him that seem to be very sharp and hard, Sun Sheng can’t help but reach out and touch the tentacles. The water chestnut is as cold as expected, and it feels very sharp.
Sun Sheng swallowed a mouthful of saliva and really wanted to draw out a sword to face each other, but he was cruel and cruel. In the end, he didn’t come to Sun Sheng’s comfort. "Without me, this is a noble person who won’t attack me. I won’t commit crimes. Although you chased me miserably, in the end, I didn’t lose a hair, so I won’t haggle with you."
So mosquitoes don’t move, Sun Sheng doesn’t move, and the two sides are deadlocked.
For the time being, I can’t always stay on the line, and it’s boring to watch the mosquito straws gradually quiet down. Sun Sheng suddenly dreamed of trying to catch these mosquitoes. Although it is said that some of these mosquitoes may not be able to be pets, although it is said that the greater the grade gap, the lower the success rate of catching, but who dares to say that it will not succeed without trying?
There are still three or four hours before dawn, and there are five seconds when a capture technique is cast. Even if there is a pause, this time is enough for Sun Sheng to make thousands of captures.
Sun Sheng took pains over and over again to take turns in front of him. In the early hours of the morning, Sun Sheng finally got what he wanted.

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