Just look at this bear’s paw and you will know that the speed of this ice bear with fear of claws should be far faster than that of other druid grizzly bears, and its jumping ability should be very strong. The name of this ice bear with fear of claws is really worthy of the name. Chu Fei has been able to simulate the fighting mode of this fierce beast in his mind, and then he will take off with a huge elastic meat pad and then swing out the lethal force of this half-meter-long claw completely. Even in the face of the super monster like the siege beast of hell, he can instantly cause great damage. It is worthy of admiration to cultivate a grizzly bear into this state.

I hope there will be a monster swarm strong enough for me to see the power of this ice bear with fear of claws. Speaking of it, Chufei has always been fighting alone. I really don’t know much about other high-order job-changing fighting methods, and I rarely see other powerful job-changing summoners. Chufei’s evaluation of this ice bear with fear of claws is still very high, but the real fighting power still needs to be reflected in the battle.
"For example, Chu Fei, you personally cultivated four mutant skeleton soldiers. What do you think of this ice bear with fear of claws?" Druid Galveston next to him asked Chufei proudly that his father was the elder of the mutant ice bear with claws. Its damage and special abilities are also very rare in history.
"It’s very good and powerful. The best thing about this bear beast is that it has mutated these four bear paws, high elastic meat pads and claws half a meter long. This not only increases the powerful advantage of the bear beast to hurt, but also makes up for the disadvantages of the bear beast’s slow reaction and speed. These two superimposed strengths immediately rose a lot, and it also has the ice element to hurt quite well. The mutant summoner is worthy of being one of the seven elders!" ChuFei is sincerely the thumbs-up sign. This one doesn’t have so many advantages to cultivate this fierce beast, but it’s amazing.
"Hum, it’s quite good. Anyone who saw it before didn’t say it was a top mutant summoner. This is small and arrogant!" Next to the faint comments, most of them are condescension and evaluation of Chufei. In the eyes of others, Chufei’s two mutant skeletons are strange, but after all, they can’t compare with this ice bear with fear of claws.
"Chu Fei said that it is good to cultivate claws, meat pads and ice cubes. These are the three places I am most proud of." The Druid elder spoke and then it was quiet all around.
Hum, a group of guys who have never seen the world. If the uncle releases Bones No.1 and then manipulates it with the strongest force to form Bones No.1, then six seconds will definitely hit this ice bear with fear of claws. What’s more, adults also have a frost dragon that can fly, spew out dead frozen air and have super physical attack ability! This ice bear with fear of claws is only a claw half a meter long, but Sapphiron is a claw with a layer of pure gold coated with poison, and the long tail that was modified into a mace by Chu Fei. If you fight this ice bear with fear of claws, you can directly kill it from a distance by spitting frozen gas, or if you get close to it, you can directly smash your head with a mace. You are really nothing. I can give you a pretty good comment, even if you take care of your face!
It is estimated that the old guy must be thinking that if he encounters any battle, he will directly tear the ice bear with his own mutant skeleton mage and monster. Chufei glanced at the old man with a squint, but he was sure that this is definitely what the old man thinks at present. It is not so easy!
The roar of the hammer death has surged from a distance, and Chu Fei didn’t bother to take a look. Because there are too many such situations these days, this is the fourth day. Chu Fei probably calculated that it was only four days after going out, but he was tired and worse than the previous battle for more than ten days. Needless to say, it was naturally due to intrigue with these guys around him.
Chufei had already seen clearly that their purpose was to force themselves to summon the mutant skeleton, and then to find a way to kill the mutant skeleton directly with good intentions, but how could Chufei let them succeed? So he showed a lot of indescribable words and did not fight.
On the first day, Chufei directly hid in these people or ran away to find a place far away from the monster. It was so easy to find him. He directly pooped. This big killer always didn’t start work. You are all seniors. You have to take a look at a lot of reasons for Shenwei. The first day is over. After all, there are not many monsters at this time, and it may not be very suitable in the eyes of these bastards.
The next day, Chufei finally responded to the call to release the summoner, but he released the ordinary skeleton soldiers, which aroused suspicion because of avoidance. Chufei opened a durable aura and increased the movement speed and attack rate. These ordinary skeleton soldiers cooperated with the rebirth skills without taking out runic language, and the beasts added a fanatical aura to successfully resist those monsters. They easily won the next day’s battle and wanted to calculate Chufei’s equipment strength. On the one hand, they envied Chufei’s equipment strength, on the other hand, they made other plans.
On the third day, the mage in the team inadvertently teleported out, and then on this day, the monster was much more intense than before, which naturally increased Chufei’s release of the mutant skeleton. When the skeleton mage came out, it was bombarded for a while, and then Chufei withdrew the summoning surface. Of course, it means that the mana is not enough. Can anyone doubt this? Then there is the mutant skeleton gold, which is constantly shuttling and spreading quickly. This curse is always difficult to aim at even the 70-level Amazon.
The fourth day and the third day are almost the same, but this time, Chu Fei showed a more subtle command art, and two resurrected monsters were accidentally injured, but after all, they passed safely. This is the fifth day, which is really depressing, but his plan is almost ready, and the distance from Long Ta’s position is also close. Let’s perfunctory another day today
"Oh, I’m sorry I have to talk to the boss Harrogas. I’ll ask you all for this battle. It’s a piece of cake for you, isn’t it?" Chufei made a ha ha and spread his angel’s wings directly. He wanted to flee to heaven and endure another day, but he could really endure one day.
"My father is so cunning. It’s been four days and we haven’t let him lose a little. It’s really hateful to take out Bhutto Phil to press us this time!" Druid Galveston was angry with him. These days, all monsters were brought from other places by wizards. It was really not a big problem for them, but he was very depressed after several days of work, and his mood was naturally bad.
"Where there is no loss at all? You haven’t lost this guy now. It’s very tired now. Anyway, it’s still a long way to go. We have time to clean him up today. I’ll let him get away with it day by day." The old man insidious smile showed Chufei that he also saw it in his eyes these days. This small is really good, but the more he wants to destroy Chufei’s trust, the more he can hide it today, but the weather is still long.
"Maru Cosias, you bastard, it’s been four days. Why haven’t you finished your stupid magic circle!" Chufei cross legs sitting in the angel nuclear crystal shield will automatically block the airflow around him. He is swearing at the double-headed magic wolf of the Marquis of Hell, and all the depression is released these days.
"Don’t worry, you can get it out tonight and then you can easily transfer the curse of the dragon soul," Maru Cosias replied confidently.
The fourth volume Chapter 50 The dragon soul curse broke out
Druids in Galveston are a little strange to watch Chufei in the team. This little boy has become a little strange since today, and he doesn’t talk much. When fighting, he is simply still so cunning. For others, the suggestion is simply to promise one or two, but he just doesn’t take action. This makes the people who change jobs all around angry. Fortunately, the Druids are suspicious and feel that there seems to be something fishy inside, so they temporarily order everyone to hold back and take a closer look.
"It’s a little difficult to control this distance. Fortunately, these old guys are old enough to have lost their courage and courage. Otherwise, if they directly start work, they must have been exposed by this time." Chufei looked at him with a homemade telescope in his hand, and now he is floating in high school with a two-headed wolf and a demon spirit. That’s just him, a body double.
"This is nai, after all, the old man has reached the tenth level. If it is * closer, it may be detected, but even if it is detected, what about it? Chufei, you’re thinking too carefully. When the time comes, you will be asked to blow yourself up in body double and then use that force to urge the dragon soul curse to spread. Even if they have doubts about you, they can’t live. I can guarantee that the dragon will appear soon. "Maru Cosias, a two-headed magic wolf, despised Chufei’s caution. He was so careful that he couldn’t see it. For higher demons, it is best to enjoy the enemy’s fear and doubt. Chufei is still a human root without such high taste.
"Now there is still a distance from Long Ta. When you go a little further, you must do this kind of thing in case of loss. I don’t want to make any mistakes. Our strength is not comparable and strong. In case of any accident, it will be extremely unlucky." Chufei is too lazy to pay attention to the two-headed magic wolf. Your ya is proud, but the result has not been beaten and the soul has finally escaped. Now he has just gained a new body and is arrogant. It is really an idiot.
Chufei and the two-headed demon wolf scolded each other for being an idiot, but the demon spirit flew out directly. At this time, there is no need to worry about being the best detection candidate. For this plan, the demon spirit root has no participation and is too lazy to participate in the quarrel between Chufei and Malu Cosias. What she needs to detect is the movement of Long Ta = = =
In fact, as early as after the Fire River learned about the great conspiracy in hell, Chufei thought about how to deal with this dragon soul curse, which was a great threat to him. Since he wanted to return to the dragon active Harrogas, he simply transferred the dragon soul curse to the busy place and let it go to its own devices. Well, body double was running out at that time.
However, there is still a flaw in it. Although the murder weapon can be thrown to another person, it can be rid of it. Especially if the other person is still extremely arrogant, but the IQ is not human. If Chufei throws out a body double, it is very likely that the dragon will not only refuse to believe it, but also find Chufei through body double, which makes him a little headache. It is unfortunate that this dragon soul curse can be eliminated if it is transferred to others, but it will take nearly a hundred years at least. That is really more depressing than that.
At this time, I didn’t expect to meet the druid elders head-on in Harrogas job transfer association and be forced to join his team by the old guy. After a period of consternation, Chufei’s first reaction was that the opportunity came. Since the old guy wanted to calculate the adults, don’t blame the adults for calculating the plan and planting it. After enduring more than four days of various calculations, Marquis de Hell, the two-headed magic wolf Maru Cosias finally completed the magic circle and turned the curse of the dragon soul in Chufei’s spiritual world perfectly. Moved to body double, when the time comes, body double will be detonated, so the curse of the dragon soul will be expanded ten times by the increase of instantaneous energy. If the dragon in Long Ta can’t feel it, then it really should go to die!
The characteristic of the Dragon Soul Curse is to trace it, because body double can be transferred by Chu Fei’s soul projection, but once body double dies, the Dragon Soul Curse will once again chase after Chu Fei to escape from it. But this time, the double-headed demon wolf of the Marquis of Hell has used an ingenious method, that is, the dragon soul curse will increase to the strongest degree, and then there will be no power to return, so that Chu Fei can also get rid of the dragon soul curse aboveboard and kill two birds with one stone.
Alas, the sadness in my heart is not because of body double, but because of body double’s wearing that outfit, which makes body double close to his own strength. Those extremely equipped Chufei just took one. Wait a minute, such as direct self-explosion. Then these Chufei’s hard-earned equipment will disappear and say that they don’t feel bad. It’s a fake * * * body double’s ground equipment. If you take it out and sell it, it will be millions of gold coins, but it will be more beneficial. Let’s be patient for the time being. Chufei’s heart soothes himself.
"You don’t want to see our real strength, so I’ll give you an eye addiction now!" The old man who hired the rifleman received the eye command from the elder Druid, and suddenly he took out a pike from the suitcase, and then a canopy of ice and snow bloomed like a cold wave, freezing up the monster department in front.
"Oh, this old guy has lived for so long, and there are really two." Sincerity and body double have a spiritual link. Chufei closed his eyes and sighed with emotion. This old guy has a halo of sacred freezing, but now he can manipulate the halo to produce freezing damage. Controlling these frosts into actionable shapes is very effective in combat.
These old guys really underestimate it. After all, it’s a great strength to be alive after so many battles. What’s worse, it’s life and death! Chufei can now be seen as a mercenary qualification, which can actually raise the level to seventy. Although the level of mercenary is weaker than that of changing jobs, it is also a rare miracle in history.
Ordinary sacred freezing is to inflict freezing damage through cold, but in the hands of this old hired gunner, the cold directly freezes water or snowflakes, which directly transforms them into physical and elemental damage at the same time, and the effect is several times higher.
"Are you ready? Does the old man seem to want to start work?" Cosias, a two-headed demon wolf, has much better eyesight than Chufei. He observed the expression of an old man who hired a gunman and made a conclusion that human emotions are easy to be cracked, especially for demons who are good at playing with people’s hearts.
"Well, I see. I’ll implement the plan when he does it. By the way, hasn’t this guy returned yet? Why is this guy so slow?" ChuFei heart secretly alert body double explosive to command through him.
Once again, I turned to body double to hire a rifleman, and then suddenly exclaimed, "It’s a pity that I can’t control it freely. Be careful, Chufei." This guy turned around and put a pendulum to burst into a cold current from the pike, directly forming an ice channel freezing force, so that body double was frozen up without even reacting, and then was directly pushed by the mercenary, and slipped into the monster group along the ice channel.
The old man made a surprise attack, first frozen himself to avoid spreading his wings and escaping, and then pushed himself directly into the monster group. You know, the monster group was just punched by him, and once body double entered, it was immediately surrounded. The best way, of course, was to immediately release steel, stone monsters and mutant skeletons to resist for a while. This wishful thinking was very good and loud. Chu Fei can clearly see many people’s smug expressions around him through body double, especially the ice bear with fear claws has jumped over and seems to release the mutant skeleton himself. Then this ice bear with fear claws will be accidentally injured. After all, it is a beast that has really achieved results
Then detonate it! Chufei’s mental consciousness gradually entered body double’s mind with a boom, which was similar to the summoning explosion. In general, 30% of body double’s life was hurt and the remaining 70% of the fuel was forcibly given to the dragon soul curse. The dragon soul curse was scattered and the mental fluctuation expanded dozens of times. Chufei’s skin tightened up in such a high sky. This intensity is absolutely enough for the nearby dragon to feel it so quickly. Frost dragon, please appear quickly!
"What’s wrong? What’s wrong!" A huge explosion suddenly appeared in the monster group, and then there was a very sharp mental fluctuation. Their bodies were all moved in an instant by the impact method. Druigal was the closest, but the explosion made the snow and dust rise, and they couldn’t see what was happening inside, but they were dull and white again. This was caused by Chu Fei.
"Did he make the resin explosion? What’s going on here? Cyclone Gale blows those monsters. I want to see with my own eyes what’s going on inside. "The old man woke up and it was so weird. After years of hard work, he learned his sixth sense to tell him exactly what’s going on here!
"It’s father " Druidigar promised, and then immediately released two cyclones and blew them into the chaos, where the monster was almost made by body double’s self-explosion. Now it was attacked by the advanced Druidic elemental spell and disappeared immediately, showing everyone that there was nothing on the spot.
"Where did the little boy go? I pushed him in just now. Is this guy sending equipment again? But it’s impossible for the necromancer not to feel it!" Hired marines always cried out in surprise. How could the tactile sensation of pushing ChuFei just now disappear in an instant?
"Unless that little necromancer can pass me, I can’t help but feel it. But is that possible? I’m a seventy-five mage. How could I be passed by a necromancer who hasn’t reached sixty yet?" The mage in the team is excited. This is definitely a legal acceptance. How can you accept it?
"Don’t panic, everyone. Let’s calm down first. If I didn’t guess wrong, we seem to have been calculated by that little guy." The Druid Elder is worthy of being the highest rank, the strongest strength and the oldest pillar in this group of guys, and he quickly reacted.
"This old man is not bad, but this guy should not guess that he is not only planning them to escape directly, but also giving them a huge gift!" Chufei couldn’t help laughing. He looked at those guys and put on a defensive alert. He couldn’t help but shout.
"It’s interesting to come here." The magic spirit turned into a streamer flying here, passing the message through the information of mental fluctuation. The dragon in Long Ta has already detected the resentment of the dragon soul, and now there are dragons appearing and coming here to see a good show.

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