Recalling the painful experience of cracking ten years ago, the first flash in my mind was revenge. Li Yueling, with a lazy smile, appeared in front of me. The damn smelly little devil is to search all the worlds and also to crush you and crack your mind at the same time. Scan up and gather people outside the Monty Hall.

When a figure he is familiar with is now in the blink of an eye, it turns out that he is excited to make waves of strange calls. It is actually the smelly little boy who has almost disappeared. He is actually outside. Haha, God helps me.
It is said that the seven-in-one fragment of the monty charm broke the outer ban of the monty hall, including Jiang Shishi, and all the seven deities rushed to the monty hall at the first time.
Whoever goes in first can take the lead in starting this ancient magic temple, and the eye-catching monty hall will naturally sit on the throne of monty.
Everyone knows this, but they don’t know that the monty hall has been cracked and escaped ten years ago, and it has been refined. He controls the monty hall now.
Proud madman statue was the first person to approach the monty hall, who was blocked by the dark forbidden aperture outside the monty hall. He did not hesitate to urge his body strength to the peak, and a series of thunder and lightning kept beating the forbidden aperture for a while.
Today, he wants to break a gap as soon as possible and be the first to rush into the temple to get eye control.
Several other people also showed their magical powers. At that time, the magic weapon, Yin Lei Gang Qi, was rampant in the field of Monty Hall. The forbidden aperture was an instant, which gradually dissipated because Monty conformed to one another. The ancient forbidden has disappeared. It is estimated that a few more will break everyone.
And Li Yueling saw Jiang Shishi’s desire to sacrifice the blood magic knife. Suddenly, his body flashed and stopped her in front of her blood magic knife.
Poems can’t be heard by Li Yueling. This monty hall has been occupied by a chaotic devil. Anyone who rushes in will even be killed.
Although Li Yueling’s words were abrupt, Jiang Shishi had no doubt about Thaksin, so he stopped and let Li Yueling pull himself back slowly. At this time, Jiang Shishi saw that the other six magic deities were about to break the forbidden circle.
Is Yindao Yueling really not going to argue with them?
Li Yueling shook his head and laughed. They were happy to be swallowed up by the devil of chaos.
I can’t stop it. You’ll see it later. It’s just that the Temple of Monty, the Great Monty, says it’s up to them to prove it desperately. We don’t want it cheap.
Jiang Shishi’s retreat didn’t attract the attention of the other six magic deities. Now they are all working hard to break the last layer of the halo forbidden circle, and they won’t care if there is one competitor missing.
I don’t know whether it was because of arrogance, his high strength or his thundering power, but he was the first to blast through the last forbidden aperture outside the monty hall. He was determined to devote himself to it, and a green shadow went straight from the entrance of the hall and disappeared instantly.
The other five people saw that the proud crazy was robbed and forced to make efforts one after another, and there were only a few breathing things. The dragon magic statue and the snow drinking magic statue had also broken the forbidden gap and hurried to catch up.
It’s two more people who are in a hurry to die. Li Yueling doesn’t like these magic statues. It’s because of their presence that his wife, the Imperial Palace, is on the verge of being carved up. At first, Li Yueling didn’t kill them by hand, even if it was very forbearing.
Just when Yu Brutality Magic Statue and the other two big magic statues want to break the forbidden gap at the same time and rush into the temple, two figures, one white and one gold, fly from the outside like flying. They just grabbed the dragon magic statue and drank the snow before them. At this moment, they were frightened as if they had met something terrible.
The beast demon statue and others wondered what was going on. When that nasty flying dragon snow drink turned out to be both held by a huge mo-sucking force, the flying figure was suddenly dim with the light from the whole fairy armor, and then they saw a dark ink breath winding from the monty hall, and they rolled up and pulled it in.
The two of them, the magic statue, were able to vomit a word without any room for resistance, and disappeared into the depths of the dark monty hall without even a syllable.
This phenomenon makes the other three demons who want to rush into it stop. When the three people panic, Mo Ji has a series of strange smiles from the temple. A Li Yueling is very familiar with the strange line, and the smelly little time was countered by you at the end of the day. This time you are dead.
A surge of evil spirits surged from the entrance of the main hall, and instantly wrapped them in the other three magic statues. If they were returned early, they would be able to save their lives. The three of them also followed the footsteps of the arrogant dragon snow drink and became a cracked dragon, not to mention the yuan god. Even a trace of spirit was swallowed up in an instant.
Chapter four hundred and ten Enemies meet each other
Good diabolical means, but it doesn’t matter if these six demons are dead. Li Yueling is not a great good man. He was slightly surprised at the instantaneous tragic death of the six demons, but he didn’t say that he turned to his side at the moment. You three demons should go thousands of miles away first. This monty hall is now a chaotic 36-way devil, one of which is very dangerous. I need to concentrate hard to win.
Jiang Shishi already knows about Li Yueling’s life, but just now he saw that the six demons were swallowed up by the instant Yuan God, and the scene was not safe. Yue Ling, why don’t I leave the blood-melting magic knife for you in case you need it?
Li Yueling smiled and shook his head. The chaotic devil is the magic weapon that enchants blood to deal with such a devil, but the effect will be greatly reduced. What’s worse, now that the magic sword is in harmony with you, I can’t play half the power of this treasure. Stay with me for protection. No, I’m worried. Don’t forget that I have two ancient innate magic weapons around me.
See Li Yueling said very believe, and at the beginning, Jiang Shishi was also far away from the Vulcan clock when Li Yueling offered the ninth festival, showing great power, and immediately obeyed and nodded. Then my three demons are waiting for you thousands of miles away from here.
After Jiang Shishi’s small hand held Ying Ying, Li Yueling watched her three demons escape from the light and then locked her eyes on the entrance of the dark and dark magic monty hall.
Crack, crack, crack. I didn’t expect that you, an old acquaintance, would be the first one to hang in the hands of the emperor in the ten-year period of mixed magic robbery
Li Yueling today, Shuang Bao’s strength in hand repair is rising again, and he is full of confidence in killing the cracked raccoon. Even though the ghost has incarnated in human form and is not around today, Li Yueling is still full of confidence.
It is necessary to see whether the immortal body of the chaotic devil can withstand the burning of the Vulcan clock, even if it is immortal and imprisons him in kunlun mirror.
Monty hall rolling surge and magic ShaQi is the accumulation of more than ten fierce breath, even pick Jin Xian also dare not contact, but Li Yueling is not flashing, still negative hand Li Zhuo covered by the overwhelming magic ShaQi thyme.
But you can’t get close to him at all.

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