This is also why Pang Xia simply put Zi Yue and Xiang Heng away.

A purple month and a constant leave PangXia and others are relieved.
The seven of them sat in situ almost immediately.
A first-class four guards took out dry food and water, and the four of them, Zhao Hong and Grandfather Sun, chewed it up together.
Yu Pangxia, he looked at the hard pie and tasteless water in his hand and directly stuffed it into Jiayi.
He took out a large bundle of dry firewood, various ingredients, drinks and drinks from his backpack in Zhao Hong’s surprised eyes.
Quickly raise the fire, Pang Xia, and take out the two white snake bodies with a faint scent, preferably two snake meat.
Simple seasoning backpack has long been prepared with wooden sticks inserted and baked.
Soon the aroma of roasted snake meat spread all over the grottoes.
Zhao Hong and others have already thrown away their tasteless dry food and stared at Pang Xia’s barbecue.
It wasn’t long before the barbecue was finished. Besides the big dumpling snake meat, there were some mutton and chicken.
One of the two big dumplings, snake meat, was distributed to four brothers.
The remaining one is divided into three parts and given to Zhao Hong and Sun Gonggong Pang Xia himself.
A crowd is still immersed in the delicious dumpling snake meat.
But soon two people, A 2 and A 3, who were seriously injured, reacted first.
They ate their share of the big dumpling snake meat and immediately felt the heat flow in their bodies.
Without saying anything, the two of them immediately sat cross-legged to absorb the aura contained in this big dumpling snake meat.
Soon armour one and armour four also sit cross-legged and exercise absorption.
And Zhao Hongsun’s father-in-law followed closely and absorbed the aura contained in it.
Yu Pangxia … has swallowed three dumplings and snake gall. He has long been resistant to these meats.
The body doesn’t absorb the aura, and Pang Xia has some nai.
But this big dumpling snake meat tastes delicious to the extreme.
Almost the most delicious meat that Pang Xia has ever eaten.
For more than an hour, Pang Xia practiced exercise for more than an hour before they slowly woke up.
Absorbed the essence of the big dumpling snake meat, and everyone gained a lot.
For example, Father-in-law Sun’s injury is very ill, and he has also made up for some hidden injuries in his body.
Zhao Hong’s background is more profound. If he wants to be promoted, he will be able to soar.
In addition to the excellent injuries, the four guards, such as Yu Jia, have also been promoted.
Generally speaking, everyone smiles and gains a lot!
Chapter 621 Face smacking
After the rest, everyone left the grottoes.
After this, Zhao Hong and his father-in-law Sun came to Qishan with four big guards and left on horses.
Pang Xia, on the other hand, said goodbye to Zhao Hong, Sun Gonggong and others, and then came to the village of Phoenix Jijia.
The old man guarding the village smiled after seeing Pang Xia and wanted to say something.
However, just as he was about to open his mouth, his eyes suddenly widened as if he saw something incredible.
"You this little you you should be promoted to the master? How long did it take for this to advance? "
Pang Xia suddenly looked like a crayon when he heard this old man’s words.
Touching the back of the head with one hand and clutching his hip with the other hand, he kept twisting and said, "Hey hey, I’m not that good."
Senior, you know there are geniuses in this world, don’t you?
A genius, I’m still under a lot of pressure. It’s normal to break through in combat every minute. "
The corners of his mouth twitched constantly. The old man looked at Pang Xia as if he were watching a lump of shit.
Waving like a fly, the old man didn’t even want to say a word to Pang Xia.
After he waved his hand, he took out a pipe and smoked beautifully from his arms.
See the old man move PangXia smiled and walked directly to the phoenix her family.
Corner glanced at leaving PangXia old man "hey hey" a thoughtful smile said to himself.
"It’s half possible to promote the grand master at such a young age and promote the grand master base in the future.
I’m afraid this kind of talent is comparable to that of the little monster of Ji Jia Ji Yao Ri and Wu Sheng Jia.
I have to say that the householder is the householder and found such a perverted little guy so quickly.
Looking at these young successors is really some feel old. "
Shook his head and took a breath again, leaning against the tree behind his back and looking at the sky, Baiyun wait for a while lost in thought.
At this time, Pang Xia walked towards the room that was previously taken by Ji Yunlan.
But just before he came to a courtyard, he was stopped by three people.
Pang Xia looked at the three men with long purple hair on the left and immediately turned white.
These three people just let the old man tell Pang Xia that they are not allowed to go to Qishan Ji’s home and Xiang’s brother.
Look at the front of these three grades and their similar JiGuHe a brother.
Pang Xia directly said, "If you are, let’s look for the emperor’s heavenly sword and find me in trouble."
Then there’s no need for you to do it again, because if you do it, you won’t. "
Pang Xia’s words fell on the younger brother Xiangnan and said with a smile, "No?
Have you given up looking for the heavenly sword of the emperor and wanted to surrender to us?
But I’m sorry even to surrender to us also want to be qualified with your root … "
Xiangnan’s words were interrupted directly by Pang Xia before they were finished.
He looked at not tight frown item south three people smiled and said "no, no, no, you misunderstood.
We have never given up the idea of looking for the emperor’s heavenly sword, and we have no intention of surrendering to you.

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