In the main hall of the Temple of Inflammation, Moro stood with his hand in his hand. His sight was also looking at the huge light mirror of the sky, and his eyes glanced slightly in the light mirror, and finally he stopped at Huachen Xuxiu’s body

This kind of fluctuation is an alien, these two guys Moro’s eyes narrowed slightly for a moment and then slowly opened. It was already cold and cold in his eyes. He appeared in his force induction and was in the

On the other hand, at the moment, Li Yueling, who is under siege, seems to be so relaxed. Those gangsters split over and smashed the machete, and the iron bar fell in his eyes almost slowly. It is a question whether it hurts Li Yueling or not.

In this narrow hand-to-hand combat, Li Yueling resolutely gave up the powerful Shenlong Nine-way Fist. Firstly, these gangsters are not worth Li Yueling’s unique skill. Secondly, once Shenlong Nine-way Fist is used, it is bound to arouse the spirit of


Cold crazy swept to almost instantaneous is in front of her huge than blue ice shield that three magic gas horse practice collision and strength is not yet bursting, and the bullying to the extreme cold is already diffuse. Click

Recalling the painful experience of cracking ten years ago, the first flash in my mind was revenge. Li Yueling, with a lazy smile, appeared in front of me. The damn smelly little devil is to search all the worlds and also to crush you and crack your mind at the same time. Scan up and gather people outside the Monty Hall.

When a figure he is familiar with is now in the blink of an eye, it turns out that he is excited to make waves of strange calls. It is actually the smelly little boy who has almost disappeared. He