Many holy lords in the Virtual Forbidden City gathered together to sacrifice holy soldiers, and constantly smashed the golden dragons. They are the top figures in today’s world, but they reacted in an instant to fight against the Virtual Forbidden City.

Su Ying strode in the virtual forbidden zone, and many golden dragons were thundered and killed. With chaos clock’s protection, it simply had no influence on him, and he still moved freely in the forbidden zone. Boom The patriarch of

First of all, look at the name of the dragon in the first dragon, and you will know how high his parents expect of him. At most, others hope that women can become adults. How good are the parents who want him to be a dragon in the dragon? But you can’t blame them for their domineering surname "Dragon"

Long Zhonglong absorbed Ji Xuan’s lesson. Instead of punching him in the end in a silly way, he came to three strokes to feint defense and ensure that he would not be beaten. Waiting for Zhang Xuan and Ouyang to

"Concentrated grenades!"

Jealous of danger, he threw a Grenade at frost wyrm while retreating. "Boom!" With a loud noise, the Grenade successfully blew frost wyrm to pieces, but the scattered falling ice chips still made the danger of jealousy into a frozen