"Concentrated grenades!"

Jealous of danger, he threw a Grenade at frost wyrm while retreating. "Boom!" With a loud noise, the Grenade successfully blew frost wyrm to pieces, but the scattered falling ice chips still made the danger of jealousy into a frozen

This game also made Gasol vaguely feel the suffering days in the Grizzlies, but now the Grizzlies have a bright future, but the Lakers are getting worse every day. At first, they said that they would teach themselves to win the championship, and now they have gone to teach Ross to win the championship. The abandoned sister-in-law has nowhere to say!

Chapter seven hundred and seventeen Single quarter five frontcourt rebounds The clippers’ first victory was easy and enjoyable. The next day, the game between the Nets and the Pacers was not as easy as the fans expected. On April 1st,

Ji Guoqiu also said, "The tonnage of Yao and O ‘Neill makes it difficult for me to resist them. I believe that big shark will make it difficult for me to defend when I was young, but Duncan Spurs have defeated them many times. I don’t think I can’t do it."

O’ Neill did well today, but his interest was not high after the game. Because Kobe couldn’t get the fourth championship ring, O’ Neill’s desire for his fifth ring was not high. However, O’ Neill complimented Ji Guoqiu when he