Lin Ze just wanted to turn and run away, but the dark elves had grabbed his neck and pushed him against the wall. Well, it seems that Lin Ze’s wish came true before he passed out. Although this time he really didn’t meet the shadow beast, he met the more dangerous dark elves.

Hazy silver eyes finally saw the dark elf in front of them. Dazzling silver hair is scattered behind her head, but it makes people feel that there is no trace of incongruity. Chocolate skin gives people the illusion that she

The current level of treatment skills lv4 is used to treat all non-mental injuries, and the higher the level of physical fitness, the more obvious the effect (the ultimate treatment skill level lv1 cannot be upgraded, and the host consumes its own life to cure the injury, and the injury is 100% cured)

After these skills, a skill that was not enhanced before Longyou appeared. The special skills derived from the variation in the evolution process of lv1 magic hand system have unknown powerful effects. Most of these enhanced skills are gray icons,


Origami and Zhenna hold their heads at the same time and turn their heads to the right at the same time. There, he was dressed in the Self-Defense Forces, often pretending to be Captain AS, and Nibu Liao held something