Tianyang received a notice to find Liang Sen.

Captain Gao Shan Ying patted him on the shoulder and said, "Junior has an order for you to report to the nest entrance." Tianyang Zheng pointed to his nose. "Just me?" Liang Sen nodded. "Right, let’s go now and find

Lin Ze just wanted to turn and run away, but the dark elves had grabbed his neck and pushed him against the wall. Well, it seems that Lin Ze’s wish came true before he passed out. Although this time he really didn’t meet the shadow beast, he met the more dangerous dark elves.

Hazy silver eyes finally saw the dark elf in front of them. Dazzling silver hair is scattered behind her head, but it makes people feel that there is no trace of incongruity. Chocolate skin gives people the illusion that she

The next day, Zhang Chengyuan woke up at the twilight of cesium. He still remembered that he said last night that he would be responsible for waking Jessica up and sending her back to the dormitory. She missed her notice, and even though he had no trip today, he got up early.

It’s too early to see you when you get up. He’s not in a hurry to wake Jessica up. Instead, he goes to the kitchen to make breakfast so that she and Crystal can sleep more. Twenty minutes later, he